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  1. They did knock money off for me not putting the correct mileage down for valuation(i put 111K instead of 111579).Also they charge £74 for the transaction. I went for the 4 day option of payment as it,s free. Paid next day £29 charge Paid in 2 days £24 charge.They already had enough out of me.I will be paid on Monday. They do check it thorough.Start at the front bumper,bonnetheadlights,wings then sides and the doors(also the door edges for chips) then rear quarters,rear bumper and tailgate.They look under the bonnet and then check the VIN number(which isn,t their haha)Didn,t check inside though or look at the wheels/tyres. They ask you straight away for the V5 and your license for ID and matching addresses. Then they will give you the valuation for you to accept or decline but you can,t haggle with them as it,s all done on an ipad(guy before me obviously wasn,t happy with his offer for his 16 reg Civic as he sped of quickly). If you accept they ask for the keys and you sign on the ipad and they will text and email you the invoice. Took about 30 minutes in total. Then arrive home and have a good cry haha.
  2. If anybody would like these as i,ve never used them and they are new. If you can just send me £3 for postage i will send them to you. ** NOW GONE **
  3. I have mine for sale but sadly its going to WBAC tommorow afternoon.
  4. I actually have an appointment with them at 4pm Tuesday and they,re only about a mile from where i live so not too far to walk back.I have said it only has 5 weeks MOT left so they knocked off £50 so can,t complain really as i,m getting way over retail for it and the rest of the car is immaculate with full Lexus service history. Sad really to see it go but it,s not being used very much now.
  5. Yes i don,t know how they can do it as they,re offering way over it,s retail value for it but i,m not going to grumble with that.
  6. Lexus gave me the worst value for my CT at a measly £4500 and said they would retail it at £6K.The value has just gone up again with WBAC for it so i think i,ll let them have it as i will never get that figure selling privately.Its a shame it will go into the hands of BCA,Cinch etc as its just too good for them but oh well.
  7. Yes WBAC have quoted me £6370 today from the previously quoted £6190.Trouble is you need a minimum of 6 months MOT that,s why i have to wait until October to sell with a 12 month MOT but hopefully not to them. Luckily mine has a Lexus Catloc fitted to it.Sorry to hear about yours being stolen.
  8. Yeah this is true i will really miss it.
  9. I,m selling my CT next month but not for £5K(sorry).
  10. I,m going to be selling my CT in October sadly.It,s not being used as i,ve got the wife a brand new Toyota Aygo and we use that all the time as it,s much easier around gridlocked Bournemouth. I,ve owned the CT for 6 years and it has been faultless the whole time and every MOT it has passed advisory free.I,ve had it serviced annually at Lexus to keep the extended warranty valid,which it has another year yet on it. The reason i,m selling in October is that it,s MOT is due then and it,s annual service so the next owner can have another advisory free years MOT and the last year of it,s extended warranty which is transferable.Also 1 years Lexus breakdown cover (which is the AA and transferable). It,s a 2011 SE L Premier with 111K miles in Arctic Pearlescent White with Levinson sound system (awesome).When i got it it had 62K miles and it still drives like a new car now.I have had an excellent quote from the dreaded WBAC as hybrids are in big demand now but i don,t want it to end up at BCA/Cinch.I would rather a Lexus enthusiast have it to enjoy. Anyway i shall be putting it in the Lexus cars for sale section next month amongst other places too.Sad times.
  11. U0164 Lost Communication With HVAC Control Module (
  12. You don,t have to worry about this as it only senses the tyre pressure and not whereabouts on the car that the wheel is.If you rotated them it wouldn,t affect them at all so no resetting needed.
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