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  1. The blue one is showing as 1st registered on 28/12/11 so in theory you can get a warranty on it until midnight of 27/12/21 (I did the same on my old 58 plate ISF)
  2. Thanks. Cool. I don't have that problem with a "Championship White" Civic Type R as I can just use Tipex 😉
  3. Assume same colour although I thought USB/AB were different colours.
  4. It certainly was. I started in Dec 97 as IT Support for what was UK Retail and UK Corporate Banking.
  5. Someone somewhere is googling racist insurance companies and getting directed to a Lexus forum 😉
  6. Get the same interest rate if you keep it under your pillow as well 😉
  7. Now is the time to mention... Before working in insurance (Although I was at Fitness First for a year in between) I worked for Barclays for 14 years... 😉 They certainly had some interesting ethics 😉
  8. Never thought I would type this in this thread but to be honest, you do make some good points and it isn't as black and white as it should/would appear. Yep, auditors don't always have a great track record and I question who audits the auditors but then you could go on forever. 3 non fault accidents will count against you. I agree that is unfair. My wife had her car hit while she was parked up (legally I might add) which ended up as a hit and run and her premiums rose because of it (even with staff discount 😉 ) Unfortunately it's a necessary evil and as I mentioned before, you wouldn't want to be paying out for continued care if you hit a cyclist or pedestrian. As someone said to me years ago which I remind myself of from time to time... "The sooner you accept that life and work isn't fair, then the happier you will be" 🙂
  9. The regulations are enforceable by external auditors such as PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) before you accuse me of throwing acronyms at you) who are appointed by PRA and FCA do check what the companies are up to. I work for an Insurance company that isn't UK based but owns several other insurance companies in the UK and globally. I manage a load of techies who implement software changes to react to regulation changes/standards such as gender neutral, solvency II, GDPR. I know these changes go in. Actuaries create risk profiles for underwriters. In terms of differing insurance companies and how they create their end price after matching someone up to one of 100's if not 1000's of risk profiles can come down to a lot of different things. The 1st thing the company will/should do is a credit check. That is the first part of the puzzle for a risk profile and it goes from there. Most insurers only view up to 9 years NCB (ours is set to 9 as I type this) so you could have 25 years + NCB and it won't be any cheaper than having 9. I think some only recognise 7 as the maximum NCB they will apply to your policy. I don't know your own personal circumstances, where you live, what you do, how old you are or what car you currently driver other than I assume it's not an LFA. I saw you mentioned earlier in the thread that you drive "like a nutter". That probably doesn't help your case for cheap car insurance 😉 There is probably some stuff going on that is underhand as in most industries. I am sure that there are big bosses all sat having a beer somewhere deciding when they should all bump their prices up or reduce them regardless of anti competition laws because people talk. Insurance companies are far from perfect and I liken it to working in technology. If everything is working people ask "what are we paying for for" or if something blows up you get asked "what are we paying you for" but in the case of insurance, you are best having it and not needing it than needing it and not having it. There was a customer a few years ago who sadly injured young cyclist and the company I worked for at the time spent and continues to pay for the continued care for that cyclist. From a business pov it would have been cheaper for the driver to have killed the cyclist (I am aware how horrible that sounds) as it would have been a one off compensation payment. All it takes is a few cases like that and insurance companies will increase their prices to cover losses. The customer who sat in that risk profile box would mean that the increase in particular would apply to anyone else who fit the profile. Again, personal circumstances, but I am fairly sure most of us on here couldn't afford to pay for continued care if we injured someone while driving.
  10. Merely stating that your comments that they are unregulated and private is complete BS.
  11. I should have left it but please stop spreading these "lies" 😉 Insurance companies are regulated by standards set by PRA, FCA, GDPR and also PCI DSS amongst others. Gender neutral is a regulation. If you called your insurance company today and said you identify as a "woman" you wouldn't suddenly get a discount. If you were a woman and called to identify as a "man" then you wouldn't suddenly have to pay more. Many insurance companies are listed on the LSE such as Aviva, DLG, Old Mutual Wealth so are not "private" You keep coming up with these sweeping generalisations though.
  12. You will probably find they will tempt people with freebies rather than a price reduction instead. I think Go Compare or one of them offered to cover an Excess, Meerkats was the meerkat and the cinema (we had every bloody meerkat at one point) and I think Confused had the dine out card. You will probably find they (companies not the aggregators) offer Amazon Alexa's, Google Homes or similar instead to get around the pricing.
  13. I do wonder if there will be some loophole like "brand new customer discount" which won't apply to existing or previous customers. Not unlike Virgin Media or Sky... Get everything for £50 if new customer or pay double that if existing 😉
  14. I remember those days like it was a good thing at the time. When I was 21, I lived with 2 mates. One had an Impreza Turbo Catalunya edition, another had a Suzuki GSX-R 600 and I had an Honda Integra Type R (one of 3 I have owned). Insurance was 2k, 1.2k and 1.6k respectively. Had a bit more disposable income then (no mortgage and no wife/kids) so saw paying that much on insurance as a rite of passage. Funny how you get older one of the few things I can enjoy is cheaper insurance although I have started modifying the Type R already 😉 and yes the mods are declared on insurance 🙂
  15. This is where the new FCA regulation will come into effect. One of the insurance companies we support already does this. I know this as we made the change to the policy, billing and claims software which produces the numbers 😉
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