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  1. After track days I found my oil level dropped to just above minimum. Normal driving between yearly outings on a track, no oil used at all. Not sure on what dealer uses. I am quite fussy about oil changes and get my mate who runs a garage to change the oil every 5k between Lexus Dealer 10k services. I have run Motul and Mobil 1 other than what Lexus supply. Motul she ran higher oil temps than Mobil 1. Will be sticking to Mobil 1 between services from now on.
  2. So was it theory 1 or 2 ?
  3. Well that killed the thread. Thanks Fun Anchor (which is a name normally reserved for my wife). I was looking forward to the suggestions ;-)
  4. Theory 2 - He is having his yearly dose of sun block applied so he can work on the building sites topless working on his tan. This will allow him to wolf whistle any females walking by (or males) and shout "oi oi girls" (or boys) without fear of sun burn, sum stroke while also helping to prevent against skin cancer.
  5. Don't worry. I am a JDM fanboy. You have the best combo possible. Although I do like the orange ones with carbon bonnets as well. It's the extrovert in me :-)
  6. I'm sorry but as soon as I saw the wheels were painted in Golf RCF Blue I stopped. It's almost as bad as a white car with a black bonnet JDM Style ;-) @Flytvr
  7. Yep. Although I contacted Fox direct to order mine as I wanted to see what other tip options they were besides the 2 offerings from dc. Emailed them 1st off and response times were good. Was quite specific that I wanted the quad round 90mm Type 25 slash cut tips in black which bumped up the price but managed to get 10% off exhaust total + free shipping to UK. If you just wanted the standard silver setup then probably cheaper to go via dc perfromance. Did some digging around background of company and they appear to also make the exhausts for some Mercedes tuners in Germany (Carlsson and Piecha) so appear to be a decent outfit. Also their website allows a 360 tour of their manufacturing plant. All looks very professional.... and German ;-)
  8. Akrapovic exhausts are incredible but their cost model is crazy. They use (at least they did) the same cost model as when they only made bike exhausts. The exhaust would always cost 10% of what the bikes retail price was. They transferred the same cost model to cars.... So for an RCF you would be looking at around 5k :-(
  9. Rcf exhaust options

    @Stuno1 Will let you know how mine sounds (ISF obvs) but..... https://www.dcperformance.co.uk/uprated/fox-exhaust-backboxes/lexus/rc-f.html Video as well
  10. A different type of F car but a friend of mine used to have a Ferrari 458 with a Tubi Style exhaust. If ever there was a perfect engine note that must have been it. A colleague also had a SuperSprint fitted to a Maserati GranTurismo. That sounded stunning as well although it always sounded like it was going faster than it actually was. It's a shame that Milltek don't make exhausts for the F cars as they generally offer resonated and non-resonated exhausts depending on customer needs. I have never heard a bad one. I used to have a full resonated Milltek on my old 350z and it sounded gorgeous but you couldn't really hear it from inside the car :-( My old boss has a non resonated Milltek fitted to his Audi S5 and it sounds like a V8 should :-) I also believe that Milltek work out the perfect back pressure for the exhausts before working on the sound so there is some science behind it. I did a fair amount of research before choosing the German Fox Exhaust route and it's a bit different. I will post some vids/clips when my German Jungen Rennfahrer exhaust arrives and gets fitted :-) All comes down to personal preference but I would take any exhaust note over a Tesla's :-)
  11. Naughty. Like that. A lot.
  12. Phew.... I thought it was gonna be another RCF defector ;-)
  13. Sun broke out briefly in Poole. She's still a pussy magnet even if almost 10 years old....