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  1. Looks a bit like a video game here but it is real 🙂
  2. @LexusPartsDirect Thanks but I was there last weekend. Hence the pics 😉
  3. After a 3am start from a somewhat wet and windy Dorset we found driving Mecca in Germany. Couple of laps completed to make sure Lichelle is up together for the weekends onslaught 🙂 So the RR Racing USRS are staying as they have been immense. Also the Ferodo DS2500 pads are incredible. 🙂
  4. This.... It's embarrassing how much Lexus want for them. I have run ECP Brembo discs/pads and also discs from MTEC Brakes. All been perfectly fine. My Brembo discs from the dealer are the only ones that have cracked on me while on track. I am currently running ECP Brembo discs and Ferodo DS2500 pads at the front. A lot cheaper than Lexus (although pads were about £250) and lot better (pads certainly) than Lexus direct. And as for the exhaust, I am fairly sure you can't get a nearside or offside back box replaced. The whole thing is one unit (I know as I have one since replacing my exhaust). If it's just the bracket that needs replacing then a fabricator can make one for you for a fraction of the price.
  5. My advice. Just point in the right direction and plant your right foot. Let car take care of the rest.
  6. I am selling on here 1st before going to ebay For sale:Tom's drop in filter - Lexus ISF Item Condition:Very good. Covered about 10000 miles Price and price conditions:£30 (cost approx £90 new) Extra Info:N/A Pictures: attached Contact Details:PM for details Location:Poole, Dorset Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:Will post to UK location for free or you can collect
  7. After experimenting with different air filter setups I have decided to stick with the HPS pipe and Tom's Super Ram Filter. So... Selling my Takeda intake from my Lexus ISF I am selling on here 1st before going to ebay For sale:Takeda ISF Intake Item Condition:Very good. Covered about 5000 miles in total and just over a year old. Price and price conditions:£250 (would cost closer to £400 to import from States taking into account shipping and import duty) Extra Info:comes with all stickers, instructions, number plate surrounds and box Pictures: attached Contact Details:PM for details Location:Poole, Dorset Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:Will post to UK location for free or you can collect if impatient (I will even help you fit it if you want to drive home with the noise)
  8. @tomRCFcarbon Insuremytrackday for UK and organised track days at the Ring. For public days at Ring... Well that is a can of worms. Basically, you bend it you mend it 🙂
  9. I think the track time will decide that buddy. The difference in handling is night and day in my opinion. Turn in is instant at any speed and it has made a massive difference. However, even the slightest bump is magnified in a car that already has a pretty firm ride. She is my daily driver so will give it a while before I make a final decision. I still have the old ones which for a 10 year old car that has done 85k are in very good nick which is further testament to Lexus build quality 🙂
  10. Shameless bump of my own post but... RR-Racing USRS installed. 1st impressions were pretty good. Turn in much improved but... 1st motorway run today and on M25 running over the concrete joins it is not feeling that special. Even though I have an early 2008 model ISF with supposedly harder suspension than later models it is a tad unforgiving. Almost reminds me of my DC2 Integra Type R days. Also fitted... Ferodo DS2500 pads. Initial thoughts were disappointing. I then ran the recommended "bedding in" procedure which actually resulted in someone approaching me to tell me my brakes were on fire. Lots of smoke from pads. Apparently all normal 🙂 Bedding in procedure completed and once they have some temperature in them, they genuinely feel great. The green hell will be tackled on the 15th-16th of June so all being well the USRS will do what they say on the tin and the pads will perform how I've been led to believe they should 🙂
  11. How much commission did you get on that? Was it made of glass? And did you throw stones at it? Asking for a friend 😉