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  1. I bought a pair. The bulbs are almost 12 years old so probably needs a refresh now surely? 🙂 That's be justifying spending £100 on bulbs 😉 Found some Denso ballast units for £40 brand new so worst case scenario... headlight refresh. Again... self justification here 🙂 It's nibbling away at the new car fund/keep the ISF and refresh the suspension fund though 😞
  2. Top 3 things about "my" ISF 1) it's mine 2) wife hates it. 3) my little boy loves it (he is 2 in March) VID_20200205_164803.mp4
  3. @Linas.P I was looking at that one today with my friend at work who owns a 2011 USB ISF. That one does look like a bit of a bargain. I reckon the price is low as someone will have to brave the Irish sea crossing in the current stormy climate 😉
  4. @Linas.P good work. Couldn't find that earlier. Was only searching in the F section. Have ordered a couple of Osram D4S night breakers so hopefully they will do the job.
  5. Thanks buddy. The ballasts are thankfully cheaper so will go bulbs 1st. Worst case scenario I have new bulbs and have to replace ballast 🙂
  6. Thanks bud. Think the last time I bought a bulb was for my old Saxo VTR back in 1998 when I was 18 years old trying to make my headlights look like the HIDs on the old Police Omegas 😉
  7. Slightly boring but anyone know what bulbs are needed to replace the dipped beams on a 2008 ISF. One of mine intermittently cuts out so need it replacing Check Halfrauds website but nothing obvious. Did a search on this site and couldn't find anything obvious either 😞 Found these... https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/osram-xenarc-night-breaker-laser-d4s-twin Not sure if they have the power of a million candles and no idea if that's a good price. Not bought a headlight bulb in years.
  8. If that's the case, I wish they could have bolted my renewal onto the end of my existing warranty as I renewed early thinking it was my last chance 😞 if I still have the car in September and I get a chance to renew then I will snap their hands off 🙂
  9. I renewed the warranty on mine the day before she turned 10. Currently runs out at end of September. You can't bolt on another 2 years on top of that. The most they can be under warranty for is 11 years and 364 days old. I already had about 6 months left on my existing Lexus warranty and they wouldn't stick it on to the end of what was remaining 😞
  10. @Fair and square - Project Mu make pads for the GSF. May be worth a shout if you want something decent on there. Not cheap but but could be cheaper than Lexus. http://www.modinjapan.com/project-mu-type-ns-rear-brake-pads-for-lexus-rc-f-and-gs-f.html
  11. It's for sale about 5 miles from where I live so if anyone wants me to take a look at it for them to save them a trip then let me know 🙂
  12. I meant that's the standard list of items you normally see on an old ISF (like mine). Nothing worse than that.
  13. MOT history of an ISF. Advisories A) Tyre Wear B) Brake Wear C) Covers fitted preventing inspection D) Child seats fitted preventing seatbelt inspection E) All the above. I had one show up for a rusted exhaust mount. Soon sorted that out. Can't have an exhaust hanging off like some MK1 Renault Clio 1.2 Equipe. 😉
  14. I did order 2 sets (1 for a mate) so not sure if it would be cheaper with just the 1.
  15. For the turbine/bladed type wheels as pictured, I believe the position is to aid brake cooling due to the fins drawing in air. In reality probably makes zero difference. I believe the later option wheels don't have a recommended side. Just front/rear.