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  1. FTBBCVoodoo

    I Have a need

    2nd revision also has DAB, USB and Bluetooth music streaming I think. Updated HDD SatNav. Latest revision has DRL headlights. Later versions also had the white leather interior option and a different alloy wheel option
  2. My 3 year old spotted it today as we were heading down Holes Bay Road around lunchtime. She shouted "Daddy that's the same as your car but silver". I thought it was gonna be a normal IS but no... Silver ISF. 1st one I have seen on road in UK apart from my workmates in about 3 years. Come on.. who was it? 🙂
  3. FTBBCVoodoo

    Big Rat

    I believe he is taking a break until the new year. Could always drop him a PM as he may have email notifications setup. If he doesn't have the exhausts anymore then I have a spare standard exhaust but Mr Rat should have an opportunity to sell his 1st.
  4. Slight tangent but just taken my AFE Power Takeda intake off and put it back to standard before it goes into Lexus tomorrow for 10 year service (anything to get a new air filter). Took car around the block and it's the 1st time I have heard with only the Fox Exhaust fitted. Didn't realise how much the intake took over from the exhaust sound. Not sure what I prefer now. Do I... 1)Keep it standard 2)Drop the Tom's panel filter back in the second I get it back from Lexus (which is what I ran before Takeda intake. 3)Put Takeda intake back on for more noise I need to do some sound clips of all 3 options I think 😞
  5. FTBBCVoodoo

    Pics of your other car(s)

    And in Honda Jazz blue. Superb sir. Superb
  6. FTBBCVoodoo

    possible purchase

    Np. Just thought that if it's on a private plate the MOT history may not pick up on the change in vehicle hence the random dates and mileage of it. So the 2010 MOT may well be on a different motor at that point in time. That ISF's first MOT should be in 2012. My 2008 ISF had its 1st in 2011.
  7. FTBBCVoodoo

    possible purchase

    Things to look for... Service History - Look for Plus 60 (60k/6 year service) to check if that has been completed (including Spark Plugs) as that is the biggest service it needs (about £900 from Lexus). Check invoices (if available) to see if water pump has been replaced as that is the only real weakness on the ISF that I am aware of. If you get a chance to drive it, try both normal and sport mode. Normal mode the throttle has a dead zone for just cruising whereas Sport mode is instant throttle response. Snow mode.... I believe it has the E-Diff rather than mechanical LSD (you can tell from steering wheel. If it has blue section at bottom it has mechanical LSD). Other thing that's fairly common is the aux belt slipping a bit under hard acceleration. Mine has done this since the day I bought it 3 years ago and doesn't bother me. Quite a lot of them do it if you look on youtube at ISF's being launched. Squeaky front seats are a quick tighten with a 10mm spanner. The safety recall will more than likely be the passenger airbag recall. Day job completed by Lexus so no cost to yourself. Don't be surprised if front tyres are worn on inside. Common with most of them although mine wear evenly for some reason since I have had alignment completed by Wheel Alignment Specialist in Southampton. From the pics it looks like it has Conti Sport 6's all round so a good sign that previous or current owner has put decent rubber on it. If brake discs/pads look like they need replacing then a relatively cheap consumable if you get some Brembo or Pagid discs/pads from Euro Car Parts in one of their numerous 50% off all brake sales. The MOT history is a bit random... the parking brake efficiency is a common one. Mine is being adjusted before it's MOT next week when it has a 10 year service as well. My main concern is the unreadable mileage and the 45k mile jump in MOT between 2010 and 2012. Also with it being a 2009 then why would it need an MOT in 2010 (assuming new cars are still exempt from MOT's for 3 years). That kind of mileage and the gap for 2 years... Could have been a track day car for a company maybe? Would it need an MOT if it lived at a race track? If the Service History lines up and you can get it for 10k then you have got yourself a potential bargain. Also... Just notice the tailpipes don't look standard. They look like these are fitted... https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/for-Lexus-Is250-Is350-GS-LS-Is-f-ISF-Style-Custom-Muffler-Tips-Twin-Dual-Oval/1342371713?iid=152232848229&chn=ps So possible that an aftermarket exhaust has been installed. The standard tailpipes are over £400 a side from Lexus so you can understand why replicas would be fitted instead if previous tailpipes were discarded. HTH
  8. FTBBCVoodoo

    possible purchase

    Looks like a bargain at that price. If it's not MOT'd then get them to MOT beforehand. As far as recall goes. I will put my house on it being the airbag replacement that most ISF's are liable for. Mine has been done under recall. 8 service stamps in line with its age as well.
  9. Getting common now.... http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201810301964762?atmobcid=soc3
  10. Bloody hell. It's gone up by 95k since I posted the link. Was 400k this morning
  11. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201810261866618?atmobcid=soc3
  12. Rumours are that TGR are developing a super car so LFA could be best next thing to test tyres on from a power/weight ratio maybe.
  13. @Big Rat Massive fan of this as you well know. For me nothing quite captures the essence of the Nordschleife as the poetic masterpiece that can be seen majestically painted on the track at 13:38 on the video (towards bottom of screen). Short, thrifty and to the point. Bravo to that artist. Bravo.
  14. FTBBCVoodoo

    ISF wide price range

    I reckon it was down to some dodgy exhaust tips 😉
  15. Getting out there. My car is filthy most of the time (mainly because it's my daily) but it is maintained mechanically to the highest possible order. In terms of favourite location.... There is only one for me. The Nordschleife. Not only the Ring itself but some of the roads around the Eifel region are immense and contain some awesome machinery. Not every day you share a stretch of tarmac with a Gumpert Apollo in front and an Aventador behind all going to the same location :-)