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  1. Cheers chaps.... so basically refit the Takeda, enjoy the noise & sell the HPS pipe and Toms drop in filter once @NothernDan has flogged his 😉 I do have a noisy exhaust as well which helps 🙂
  2. @NothernDan On a serious note. What makes you take the Takeda over the HPS setup. I am caught in 2 minds. I like the noise of the Takeda but have an issue with it supposedly losing power (even though I probably can't notice). Currently have the HPS with Tom's drop in filter fitted. i need to sell one as expensive bits of kit to have sat around. decisions decisions 😞
  3. Oh you absolute arse... I have literally just imported one a couple of weeks ago 😉 On a different note I am probably keeping my HPS and selling my Takeda 😉
  4. Agree. Really good channel for all the stuff he has tried. Also worth it for the emotion he showed when it finally went. He has gone through a journey with that motor.
  5. Golden rule of hire car driving... Rev limiter in 1st from cold
  6. @Linas.P I was basing it on the interior shot taken from the spotted ISF thread. Looks like an E Class interior.
  7. HPS intake pipe and Tom's drop in filter installed this afternoon. Added a sticker for #scenepoints 😉 ECU reset. Taken her around the block and miss the noise of the Takeda already 😞
  8. @Northern isf Got them from ECP. I know there is debate over whether they are as good as the ones from Lexus but I have only had a set of discs crack on me once... And they were the ones from Lexus. Never had an issue with ones from ECP.
  9. @Mattmech Thanks. I hope so. Possibly a silly question but did you have to get your alignment checked once fitted. Mine is setup quite nicely at the moment so unsure whether I have to visit an alignment centre again once fitted.
  10. A couple of months away until Lichelle returns to Germany.... #ringprep underway 🙂 So far - RR Racing USRS 10 litres Mobil 1 Mahle oil filter Brembo discs front and rear Brembo rear pads Ferodo DS2500 front pads HPS post MAF intake pipe Tom's drop in filter Dot 5.1 brake fluid Just got to decide whether to run the HPS Intake pipe with Tom's drop in filter or run the Takeda intake currently on the car. 🙂 I wish I had a cheaper passion sometimes 😉
  11. @PhoeNicks Just what I have bought for my ISF. £280 but hopefully worth it. I ran yellowstuff pads before which I got on really well with. On the OEM discs Vs ECP Brembo discs and also adding MTEC discs into the frame. Only one set of discs cracked on me while on track.... The OEM ones. Really not worth the money in my experience. I am about to run a DS2500 pad and ECP brembo disc combo in a couple of months so hopefully all will be well 🙂
  12. @Northern isf Balls. Hope you get it sorted mate.
  13. @Northern isf Not good mate. Is that from your battery mishap?
  14. Has anyone checked to see if the speed limiter hasnt already been removed? Unless you are going to track it, 112 should be plenty 😉