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  1. FTBBCVoodoo

    Brewers Top 5

    Hold out your hand......
  2. I must add I had 3 passengers as well 🙂 yeah the Meganes are a bit quick. i think I had Contact Sport 6's on for the YouTube videos but with the wider sizes fitted. Everything else standard on 8:31 video. Lichelle (My ISF) currently has MPS4S tyres all round in wider size so will be running those in a few months around the ring. She will also have RR Racing USRS fitted, yellow stuff pads replacing current OEMs and the Intake and exhaust that are still currently fitted (so she sounds better on the Go-Pro) 😉
  3. Yep. That was me swearing a bit. 1st trip in the ISF. I got a bit quicker on the 2nd trip 🙂
  4. @Steviebee I too have tracked my 2008 ISF at the Nurburgring Nordschleife Completed around 40 laps over course of 2 weekends and she never missed a beat mechanically. My only issues were... 4 laps and the tank was empty. Rear tyres overheated so had to tweak pressures as most of my laps were completed with 3 passengers who wanted a ride. On last trip the OEM Brembos discs started to give up the ghost and spider cracks appeared which began to cheesegrate the OEM pads 😞 Next trip is in June so hopefully she performs just as well (discs and pads replaced obvs) good luck with yours 🙂
  5. FTBBCVoodoo

    Which Fuel For Isf

    V-Power or Tesco 99 RON Other super unleadeds if not near those. In Germany.... 102 RON super unleaded from the Aral petrol stations 🙂
  6. Definitely. The Japanese 90's Halo cars... R3x GTR Supra RX7 GTO & NSX Those were the days, although my experience of them at the time was on the original Gran Turismo on the PS1 🙂
  7. Does it have ISOFIX? If so, I can add it to the list of ISF replacements once both kids are big enough to get in and out the back unaided and won't stuff wotsits in every crevice visible 😉
  8. I did not know that. Every day is a school day 🙂 I assumed if fronts were wider then rears would be as well.
  9. I like Doug as well. Annoying voice but picks out the random stuff you wouldn't normally pick out.
  10. The front arches are definitely wider. The rears look wider visually but that may be my eyes playing tricks on me. The rear bumper would then need to line up with said arches if so.
  11. I thought the rear arches are wider than standard on an ISF?
  12. "Adding power makes you faster on straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere" Colin Chapman 🙂
  13. The cars I can handle. It's the overexcited child with a name my 3 year old daughter would give to one of her My Little Ponies that winds me up. I just don't get how he gets all these bloody cars. It's jealously really.... (Well the cars and money part)
  14. Is there any car that that Sponge Shaped Tommy Tank Puffin hasn't bought. Without opening the video I am going to guess the opening line is "Hi Guys I'm Shmee and I've just bought...." He has only just bought a McLaren Senna FFS. I am in the wrong job 😉
  15. PH is the only article I have found that states power remains the same. Others are quoting 47xbhp I wonder if it's getting different outputs in the US compared to Europe.