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  1. Nah it's so @Flytvr can show us the fake carbon engine cover that's mentioned in the review. It's ok... Buyers remorse can happen to any of us. I felt the same when I went Xbox One over the PS4 or when I chose a white one over a black one in Amsterdam (but that's a story for another time) 😉
  2. FTBBCVoodoo

    Lexus GS F history

    GSF looks sexual in white. Good work :-)
  3. Normally like Doug DeMuro and his quirky car reviews (his LFA one is good) but I reckon there will be a few dislikes with this one 😉 Enjoy
  4. FTBBCVoodoo

    Got my 'F' Back

    Looks really good bud. If keeping mine I quite fancy getting my calipers done in an obnoxious "Valentino Rossi" Florescent Yellow 🙂 You should dechrome now for the "Murdered Out" look that the Audi RS4/6 boys (and girls) tend to go for on the VAG "Scene" 😉
  5. Maybe have a Google Sticky 😉
  6. Taken from the Lexus website... Service Name Mileage Price Intermediate 10k / 30k / 50k / 70k / 90k £295 Full 20 20k £445 Full 40 40k £495 Full 60 60k £745 Full 80 80k £495 Full 100 100k £595 In terms of always having to have it serviced at Lexus, I believe that as long as you can show that the car has been serviced with original or OEM parts then you should be golden. I get my oil changed every 5k but a friend at his garage so get a local garage stamp every 5k but go to Lexus every 10k. Lexus have never queried it and were happy to renew my warranty after inspection. HTH 🙂
  7. FTBBCVoodoo

    Rcf bargain

    Same. If I was in a position to purchase... RCF carbon in orange for me. I would then pretend I was driving around in a GT3 RS 4.0 in the Porsche Orange 🙂
  8. Nah... It's always taken up by men in leather on crotch rockets. 😉
  9. The black one with black exhaust ends could be me and the blue one is more than likely my friend who I work with (at that certain insurance company on a big roundabout) Yep. Will get something sorted.
  10. FTBBCVoodoo

    Rcf bargain

    Or it's this...
  11. FTBBCVoodoo

    Post your Pics

    Ace. I bet that wailed like a banshee. A buddy of mine used to have a 458. Sounded incredible 🙂 I used to have a 350z. Loved the engine. Need to have a closer look at the Infinity as it appeals like the ISF in terms of rarity.
  12. FTBBCVoodoo

    Post your Pics

    @Toothy you know someone who bought an Infinity? 😉 What was that like? I have always liked the look of them Ps... What's a 358? Is it a mix between a 348, 355 and 458? 😉
  13. How are you finding the Takeda? I like the noise but not 100% convinced on it yet. I am pleased it keeps the dual stage noise as was concerned it would just be loud from the off. I also fitted it before exhaust so haven't actually heard exhaust on its own. May swap back to stock briefly to compare.