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  1. Rumours are that TGR are developing a super car so LFA could be best next thing to test tyres on from a power/weight ratio maybe.
  2. @Big Rat Massive fan of this as you well know. For me nothing quite captures the essence of the Nordschleife as the poetic masterpiece that can be seen majestically painted on the track at 13:38 on the video (towards bottom of screen). Short, thrifty and to the point. Bravo to that artist. Bravo.
  3. FTBBCVoodoo

    ISF wide price range

    I reckon it was down to some dodgy exhaust tips 😉
  4. Getting out there. My car is filthy most of the time (mainly because it's my daily) but it is maintained mechanically to the highest possible order. In terms of favourite location.... There is only one for me. The Nordschleife. Not only the Ring itself but some of the roads around the Eifel region are immense and contain some awesome machinery. Not every day you share a stretch of tarmac with a Gumpert Apollo in front and an Aventador behind all going to the same location :-)
  5. Saw this in Munich airport today. Not sure pictures do it justice but a very handsome car indeed.
  6. FFS.... Just as I am about to leave the country. If it was orange..... I would be there marking it with my scent.
  7. Seen some further weakspots with F cars and the RCF in particular. I was a passenger in @Big Rats gorgeous RCF on Monday and didn't experience this but... There appears to be a fundamental problem with the RCF in particular. For instance the keyless entry can fail meaning you can get locked out of your car... Once in the car there is a distinct lack of space... If you get out of the car you have to stretch to prevent cramps... These issues are clearly illustrated below...
  8. Hello mate. Probably twill. Also not much point going double sided I would have thought for a rear diffuser. What do you think? Cheers
  9. 480 a side.. If I had known that. I gave the last set away for free 😉 Wonder if it's worth a 10 year service from Lexus 😉
  10. @Big Rat assuming offside is still the right side with it going abroad then they can have my tips. I gave the nearside tips to @Matrixxxx so left with the one set of tips.
  11. Some things you can't unread/unsee 😉
  12. Takeda Intake Fox Cat Back Exhaust EBC Yellowstuff pads at front MTEC discs all round rather than Brembo Wider tyre size front and rear with MPS4S tyres
  13. E46 M3 Stunning noise. Especially in CSL form 🙂