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  1. No one says the Apache Helicopter is a design masterpiece but I bet the pilot doesn't care. The new Civic Type R's are my Apache ;-) I drove the FK2 and loved it but the wife refused to let me spend 30k+ on a Civic. At 20k they are a better bet. Coming from 3 x white Integra Type R's and an S2000 I have a soft spot for the big H :-)
  2. You and me both with the Civic. Shotgun the white one. I also keep looking at the FK2 Type R's. 20k now for a GT version and better looking IMO.
  3. But if you deliver it then chances are that I will end up spending even more on an RCF instead.... Unless your "other car" is a Bedford Rascal ;-)
  4. I am toying with the Fox cat back option from Germany for £800. Seem to be highly rated over there so could be worth a punt for 800 sheets. I will take one for the team ;-)
  5. Worth a watch!

    It's not red. It's rust. Says it on the front reg plate ;-)
  6. And once you go black you will never go back (to a car wash for risk of swirl marks)
  7. They are Citroen Saxo blue RCF's instead ;-)
  8. Buy an older one. Get it wrapped. Job done :-)
  9. BMW M8

    Easily done.... It's like a Liberty Walk Mondeo ;-)
  10. BMW M8

    I am getting more...
  11. White isF for Sale

    This one... http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201802223973957?atmobcid=soc3 It's literally 3 miles from my house if anyone wanted me to cast my eye over it. Or... I quite like the grey. May swap my black one for it and accept the higher mileage ;-)
  12. Only snowed down here this morning so 1st chance I had to join in ;-) Cheers. 2 car seats in the back. Mrs doesn't want any more as we now have a girl and a boy. ISF stays :-)
  13. Outside Poole Maternity Hospital.... Ps.... It's a boy ;-)
  14. It's your bloody topic... do what you want with it ;-)