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  1. @Cactus White. All my Type R's have been white (3 Integra's). Yep, styling is Marmite but I liken it to an Apache helicopter. The pilot is flying around worrying about it being ugly 😉
  2. @Cactus to be honest I am looking to get rid of the ISF once all this has blown over. I test drove an FK8 Type R the week before lockdown and fell in love. If I was 100% keeping the ISF then I would be in for this deal so bad timing for me at the moment. Even if you had to pay full whack, you will not be disappointed with an H&S.
  3. If they do, expect to see a low priced Fox exhaust on eBay very soon 😉
  4. In my opinion owning a Fox Exhaust equipped car driven my friends H&S exhaust equipped ISF... It's the H&S every time 🙂
  5. Still my favourite looking car of all time. When I was 18, a guy I worked with at Barclay's took me out in his 355 Spyder. Probably slower than my ISF but the noise was intoxicating 🙂 GTS is my favourite as best of both worlds. Semi top down motoring but don't lose the F355's lines 🙂
  6. Just updated my post. I contacted Fox directly as they offer two different tail pipes. One inwardly rolled which I don't like and one slash/straight cut which I prefer. Also got them to coat in black
  7. I have the Fox exhaust fitted. Went for the straight cut tips and had them painted black. I contacted Fox in Germany directly to sort that out. It's louder than stock but there is a bit of drone now and then. My friend has the full H&S system with X-Pipe. The H&S sounds way better IMO and if I was to buy an exhaust again it would be the H&S.
  8. I ran yellowstuff pads for a while. Nothing bad to say about them. They were superb. I currently have Ferodo DS2500's and although superb as well, not worth being twice as much as the yellowstuff pads. Will return to yellowstuff when it's time 🙂
  9. I bought a pair. The bulbs are almost 12 years old so probably needs a refresh now surely? 🙂 That's be justifying spending £100 on bulbs 😉 Found some Denso ballast units for £40 brand new so worst case scenario... headlight refresh. Again... self justification here 🙂 It's nibbling away at the new car fund/keep the ISF and refresh the suspension fund though 😞
  10. Top 3 things about "my" ISF 1) it's mine 2) wife hates it. 3) my little boy loves it (he is 2 in March) VID_20200205_164803.mp4
  11. @Linas.P I was looking at that one today with my friend at work who owns a 2011 USB ISF. That one does look like a bit of a bargain. I reckon the price is low as someone will have to brave the Irish sea crossing in the current stormy climate 😉
  12. @Linas.P good work. Couldn't find that earlier. Was only searching in the F section. Have ordered a couple of Osram D4S night breakers so hopefully they will do the job.
  13. Thanks buddy. The ballasts are thankfully cheaper so will go bulbs 1st. Worst case scenario I have new bulbs and have to replace ballast 🙂
  14. Thanks bud. Think the last time I bought a bulb was for my old Saxo VTR back in 1998 when I was 18 years old trying to make my headlights look like the HIDs on the old Police Omegas 😉
  15. Slightly boring but anyone know what bulbs are needed to replace the dipped beams on a 2008 ISF. One of mine intermittently cuts out so need it replacing Check Halfrauds website but nothing obvious. Did a search on this site and couldn't find anything obvious either 😞 Found these... https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/osram-xenarc-night-breaker-laser-d4s-twin Not sure if they have the power of a million candles and no idea if that's a good price. Not bought a headlight bulb in years.