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  1. Yeah I owned for a couple of years before Nick. 12k on the clock and I took it upto around 22k. Great car but it would sit in my garage not getting used for weeks at a time so it was time to make way for another toy. During my ownership I had it fully detailed and ceramic coated, lots of micro scratches hidden by super resin polish lol. I also put a set of Brembo discs on the front due to corrosion. That was it. Hope you enjoy it, awesome bit of kit to drive in manual mode.
  2. Lol that could get some interesting reactions 😁
  3. After what feels like a lifetime since selling my F, im finally getting to pick up the new / old cruiser next weekend. Anybody have UN stickers lol
  4. After my dealings with that particular dealer it wouldn't surprise me if they bought it for around 23 - 24k. Very captive market here in Scotland with the only two official Lexus dealerships owned by the same group and they seem happy to charge what they want.
  5. Nice one Nick, nice it's gone to an enthusiast. The isf ML system was quite poor compared to the RX I used to have and I'd find myself fiddling with the Bass settings and fader all the time. It's still not bad with 14 speakers but the RX has a subwoofer in the boot giving some punch. It's very much a first , second , third , Jail car lol Btw every man and their dog has an S3 in Aberdeen so welcome to owning a rare sight on our roads.
  6. Welcome Nick, Cant imagine you will have much bother with this one 😉
  7. Congrats on the civic. Ive always got a soft spot for them after owning an EP3 and an FN2 in that bronze colour that looked black most of the time. That FN2 of mine took some abuse lol and was an intense drive but really reliable. Needed a set of plugs about 20k earlier than Honda recommended but i heard that was normal. I love the shape of the new one and think its way more interesting than any Golf R or anything else VAG that this country seems to be in love with. Not sure about the ones still in primer though lol. I know how you feel about wanting to own other cars though and it was part of the reason for selling mine.
  8. @JonPwill that be a P38 model at that age? Going from people I know that's owned range rovers they seem to suffer more electrical glitches than anything else. One P38 owner from work had his fuse box go into meltdown leaving him stranded. Few weeks before that he closed the tailgate and the central locking somehow activated locking him out the car but his keys and wallet were inside lol. Think sometimes with land rovers its just your luck. I know a Freelander owner who's diff input bearing for the prop wasnt fitted correctly from the factory. Common issue with a batch of them apparently. I work with a discovery owner who said his disco 3 was terrible but his disco 4 has been totally reliable.
  9. I'd have a landcruiser over the strange rover. I'd imagine like a defender the range rover is a great car if you like working on them and have a lot of patience. The latest 200 series landcruisers are probably most in line with the rangey and will set you back over 30k for an 08 plate but older 100 series Amazon's are anything between a few grand to 20k but still bullet proof like their residuals.
  10. Yeah wife's Mesa red CT turns spangly pink in the sun too
  11. Nice ISF for sale in Dundee No pics yet though. https://www.arnoldclark.com/used-cars/lexus/is/5-0-v8-is-f-4dr-auto/2013/ref/cc_equ6utxb8dvwhjmz
  12. Nice that. Id seen some pics doing the rounds on facebook a couple of weeks back and thought it suited the car.
  13. Completely agree, ive seen 13 plate ISF s on autotrader for months and the prices drop every month trying to get shot of them off the forecourts. In my opinion the immaculate older models 2008 - 2010 seem to change hands quicker but again thats just from watching the market. The thought of selling mine private put me off almost instantly.