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  1. I contacted Lexus UK and got the following response Quote Thank you for your email regarding your Lexus NX300h. Regrettably there is no voice command option to cancel the route guidance on your vehicle, this can only be done by manually cancelling it using the touch pad. I apologise for any inconvenience caused & thank you for contacting Lexus. Unquote
  2. While following a route on the Sat Nav is there a way to cancel the route using voice commands, ie hands free? Easy to create a route using voice but can't see how to cancel other than using the touch pad, selecting route then delete - in other words not hand free.
  3. Centre100

    SatNav 2018 NX are there problems ?

    Nav dbase now the latest - worth noting any stored destinations/routes were lost, I should have downloaded them first then reloaded. Not a problem to recreate. Thanks again pobrown.
  4. Centre100

    SatNav 2018 NX are there problems ?

    OK. Installed DCU & MCU and updated. Audio was 1003 now 1401 Navigation was 1461 now 1511 I'll update the Nav dbase tomorrow. Tks again.
  5. Centre100

    SatNav 2018 NX are there problems ?

    Great - thanks again.
  6. Centre100

    SatNav 2018 NX are there problems ?

    Yes downloaded the DCU zip file OK. But tried twice to download the MEU zip. Just downloads as .kwi file not zipped. Any thoughts?
  7. Centre100

    SatNav 2018 NX are there problems ?

    Thanks for that. I'll search for the TSB Cheers
  8. Centre100

    NX300h Luxury 2018

    talaipwros Sorry only just found your post! Yes for me well worth the upgrade - much easier to climb in and out, very smooth and comfortable.
  9. Centre100

    SatNav 2018 NX are there problems ?

    Phil Thanks for the information, most useful. I have downloaded and unzipped the latest files, the FMU folder contains 4 .iso files. A couple of questions: 1. I'm assuming the 4 files (10GB) are just for the Nav Database. How did you manage to keep the engine running up to 70 mins? Did you drive around, as I think my NX Luxury 2018 with Premium Nav will try to shut down to save battery if stationary? 2. Entering my VIN shows Lexus Premium system (17CY) Maps plus 3 others which don't appear to be relevant. My current Audio shows 1003, Navigation 1461 & navbd_version 919. Will the Audio & navbd_version be updated by the Nav Database 4 files too? Thanks Dennis
  10. Centre100

    NX300h Internet Safety Cameras

    sorry, I don't know what I'm looking for 'towards the bottom of the first page in this thread: Regards
  11. Centre100

    NX300h Luxury 2018

    I've now discovered its not the case. The sound can be turned on by, In settings, go to: General, Selection Sound.
  12. Centre100

    NX300h Luxury 2018

    I too have seen 110 displayed on the centre console (my NX 300h Luxury is about 4 weeks old), I was told as an aside when I bought the car that the odd 110 may display and it was likely being picked up from the back of foreign vehicles that shown their max speed limits - I'm not convinced though. The 110 is displayed in black with a white background. Interesting that 110 kph is close to 70 mph.
  13. Having selected Safety/Speed Cameras via the Internet loads more are appearing at the bottom right of the Nav screen, complete with distance countdown. But no sound alerts. Anyone discovered how to get the sound? Thanks
  14. Centre100

    New owner and Sat Nav

    My NX300h Luxury is very new like yours. The sales guy showed me the apps Icon and said it is very much 'work in progress' for the UK. I hope its worth the wait!
  15. Centre100

    NX300h Luxury 2018

    Now got the double 'gong' when approaching the map's known speed/safety cameras. The sound was set to off, I assume default. Not an obvious setting though....in settings, select General, Selection Sound. Cameras displayed from the Internet don't sound (like the newer ones on the M3 'Smart Motorway'). Distance count down to the camera also works , also shown from the Internet are roundabout symbols with count down.