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  1. Yes - same model as yours but in grey! I set my car to auto connect to my home wifi, you have to tell My Lexus to Share to Car. Make your route in 'JOURNEY PLANNER' the select 'Share to Car' or 'Download to USB'. Good luck
  2. I have a boot liner in mine. Removing it got rid of the rattle. My fix was to put an old dust sheet between the boot liner and the boot floor. I think the chrome boot floor handle was rattling against the boot liner. No more rattle. Hope you've cured yours.
  3. I received this email from Lexus UK this morning. 'This is confirmation email to inform your vehicle Lexus NX300h, has been transferred to a different My Lexus account. This may be because you've recently created another My Lexus account with another e-mail address. Or it may be because you've sold your vehicle to another My Lexus User. If neither of these reason applies or you are unaware of this transfer, please contact us noreply@lexus.co.uk at in the first instance. We'll resolve the issue as soon as possible.' Sure enough my vehicle is no longer shown in my account. I didn't remove it or create another My Lexus account or email address, or sold it to another My Lexus User. So I sent a replay to noreply@lexus.co.uk! Don't think it will get through to that address! I have sent another email to Lexus UK direct via an online form and hope to hear from them next week. Anyone else had this issue? Just hope their web site hasn't been hacked.
  4. I notice that there was an update to the eStore on my NX300h. It downloaded (via my home wifi) and installed fine. Apparently it will download purchases from Lexus. Anyway - it now works, not sure what if anything I'll use it for though!
  5. Thanks for the reply. Hope the updates sort the other issues (Nav?) I don't think it was weather related either. Mine is due its first service next month, I'll see what they say and report back if interesting. Modern aircraft occasionally get spurious messages too - we're in good company!
  6. Hi Jon Thanks for that. Did you get 3 loud bleeps (not the gong from safety cameras) Please post any findings from the service.
  7. I don't plan to. The 1st service is due soon, I'll speak to the teck guys about it.
  8. Hmmm, don't remember it happening on a corner. Did see a pheasant who should have known better than cross the road on foot earlier!
  9. Don't think so. Not that kind of sound.
  10. NX300h Luxury April 2018. Driving on minor A road 30 - 40 mph, no other traffic, day light, dry conditions. Sudden quick triple loud bleeps. This 'event' was over very quickly. I thought I saw a large red warning square pop up in the multi-function display, too quick to read before the screen returned to normal. The car ran normally. Can't see this referred in the full manual. Anyone had this kind of issue? Do 'events', possible faults get recorded in the car's system so that Lexus can fault find?
  11. Checked mine today and "Suspend Guidance" voice control is not available on mine. Perhaps of the extras the Luxury version has e.g. radar assisted cruise control, media control etc memory for software could be limited? Dunno.
  12. Thanks for that. I notice your model is MX300h SE, mine's the NX300h Luxury April 2018. I'll check again. Cheers
  13. Yes correct. There is a fee of a little over 3 eruos to use the server to download the firmware. No charge for the maps.
  14. Both updates installed successfully. Thanks for the notification.
  15. Thanks - I foolishly assumed there would be a new Bulletin and reference number (and date!)