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  1. I cannot stand these fees. I have noticed that Motorline do it, it just feels a bit underhand. My local Cardiff dealership does it and it honestly puts me off buying a car from them.
  2. Thank you for the replies. I have taken it to an independent garage who said that I have a few more miles left in them yet. As others have mentioned, I have looked online at Lexus essential servicing and saw that the prices were around £550 ish but I still couldn't fathom why they were another £300 on top. I guess I'll see what happens in a few months time. The local indi said it shouldn't cost anywhere near the prices quoted... here's to hoping!
  3. I always like to think that Lexus would take care of their customers. I understand they are in the business to make money but can’t help feeling like they are taking the mic with this one. I’m going to try an indie on Friday to see what they say. I know everyone is saying do it yourself, my other fear is messing it up and not having anyone to turn to in the event of me not being able to do something e.g push the piston back in the callipers.
  4. Hi all, ive just been quoted just under £850 for disk and pad replacement in my 2012 IS250. Seems a bit steep. Halfords wanted less however, I thought I’d ask to see how much you had paid in the past. I don’t really have the time to do it myself.
  5. My IS does this, however, if I put the car in numeral, put the break on, then put it back into drive and release the break she stays put. It caught me out when I had the car new. Just for reference mine is a 2012 IS therefore not a hybrid. I don’t really ever leave the auto box hold me on a hill, that’s what my foot brake is for.
  6. Thank you for that detailed response. I guess i'll just keep on looking. I too had a Volvo, however mine was the S40 sport with the D5 geartronic. I will admit that the Volvo did feel as if it had a lot more shove, and if it was in second/ third gear then nothing was going to pass it as the acceleration was brutal in a light weight car. I guess I was expecting the 450 to be a bit more like that in terms of 'put back in seat' enjoyment. It seems that they made updates to the 2015 spec, just before the face lift, so probably that's the best one to look for if i want to make sure I have everything. HUD is not a deal breaker, but having it on the NX was nice. My main requirements would be the ML sound system, large screen, radar cruise and heated seats. Anything else is a bonus. Not sure when i'm looking to change, as I still have one more service on my service plan with Lexus, so it could be a year from now, but its nice to see what's out there at the moment as I can keep an eye on prices. Thank you to all who have contributed so far, if anyone else would like to weigh in, feel free!
  7. This makes sense as i've seen some with HUD. Long story short, I really like the NX however I think i prefer the driving position of my IS. I'd happily look at another IS, however the 450h is that bit more power and in my eyes a bit more fun. The one thing that puts me off with the IS is the size of the screen inside it, it seems small for the car, although new versions have changed, it will take a few years for these to filter on down. The NXs I have had in the past have been a mix of SE and Luxury trim, however the last one was a premier with the ML, heated steering wheel etc let's just say I was smitten.
  8. Thank you for the replies so far. I'm trying to plan my next move well in advance, but so far there doesn't seem to be a lot of GSs out there. My car is a 62 plate (2012) so ideally I would like to look at a 2015 car which puts me on the cross between the new shape and the old. The one other thing which I cannot get my head around is the pre 2015 with the large screen will not display the map across the full screen, whereas the newer one does. Surely this should be available as a software update.
  9. My IS250 was in for a service and a recall in my local Lexus dealer when I noticed a red 64 plate GS450h lurking on the forecourt. I've had my IS for nearly three years, love it to bits, however I would like to think that a Hybrid would be quite nice to try. The car itself is a Luxury trim with the Premium Nav. It doesn't have the Mark Levinson but it does have the 12.3" display. I requested to take it for a quick spin however, I have a few questions which hopefully GS owners can answer 1 - Gear Stick Vibration This was something that struck me as totally weird. I'm not sure why, however the gear selector seemed to have a lot of 'feedback' coming through it. In my IS I can hold my hand on the gear stick and not feel any vibration, however with the GS I could. Is this a characteristic of the car? With one of my previous cars this was a sign of a worn gear box. This car was under 37,000 miles so seemed unlikely that the CVT would be 'worn'. 2 - Radar Cruise What do I need to look for in order to get radar cruise on the GS450h? They had a slightly newer 65 plate 300h in the new shape GS which had it, however the sales man did say that it was very uncommon to see. Is this something which is standard on the newer shape GS cars? Did it appear in certain trims? 3 - Sport/SPORT+ This model did have the 'Sport' dial but not sport plus. What does sport plus add? The car didn't feel overly quick, however, the wife did say that it had a bit more go than the IS. 4 - Service Schedules My IS has a £250 service then a £480 service and now and again a £699 service. Is this the same for the GS? The warranty seems to be a few £100 more than the IS too, does that mean that things with this car are generally more expensive? 5 - Economy My daily commute is around 12 miles with annual mileage clocking in at around 6-7000 a year. In the winter the IS is hitting around 26-29 mpg summer is more like 30+. On a run on the motorway I can usually get 43mpg+ (once had over 50!). What's the real world economy like on the GS? 6 - Battery I have had a few NXs on loan whilst my IS has been in for service. What I have noticed with the NXs is that they will go a reasonable length on battery power alone. The GS during the test drive warmed up quickly however, it wouldn't really move on battery power alone. When we stopped at traffic lights, it did turn the engine off, then as soon as we proceeded to move, the ICE kicked in. The sales man said this was due to it being an older type of hybrid system where it was merely meant to 'assist' rather than 'drive' the car. How true is this? It seems that the NX can move up to around 30mph before the ICE kicks in. 7 - Trim levels The trim levels are a little confusing. If I want to get the Levinson sound system, heated seats, 12.3" screen and radar cruise what trim do I need to be looking for? Sorry for the questions.
  10. OK, thank you, i'll ring them tomorrow. I have heard that Lexus typically do a 'sorry' gift for this type of thing... does this still happen?
  11. Sorry, should have said, its the Airbag letter. I have had the car 3 years in May.
  12. This evening after arriving home from work a recall letter was waiting for me. I have a service booked in for the start of March, do you think it will be done then. Also, what will be done? Does anyone know? Regards, Dylan.
  13. 60 mpg is amazing for this, I am starting to look out for a 450h, however my 2012 IS250 has seen upto 50mpg on the motorway. I don’t typically do motorway miles, mainly around town.
  14. Pushy sales does work, it must do as people keep doing it. When buying cars in the past if someones being too pushy I will usually walk away, just leave and say thank you. Most of the time as I usually have done my homework I will know more about the car than the sales people in the dealership. The one thing that is starting to annoy me, and even some Lexus dealers are doing it is the purchase fee / admin fee they are putting onto used cars. Include it in the price!