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  1. Have done just that, ordered from local Toyota dealer (nearer) right part number and indeed only £87 + VAT Thanks all, Keith
  2. Hi I seem to need a new battery for my new to me LS400 V Reg , any preferences ?
  3. Shpock Will post some more soon Seller described it as Immaculate, It was better than that.
  4. Having looked everywhere, Ebay, Gumtree , Facebook, Autotrader I found her on Shpock of all things. 135 mile journey but well worth it.
  5. I think they were a bit surprised they hadn't stitched them up for that too. The last driver was the original owner's widow who drove it till she was 94 !
  6. It has always been service by Lexus Southend since new, never had a cambelt change, they would happily take £1000 + from me assuming the water pump didn't need changing. It has only done 64,000 miles hence the hesitation as Lexus say 100k or 10 years. I was amazed to get 30.1 mpg on my not slow 135 mile return. Your new acquisition looks beautiful. KEITH
  7. Hi, just bought a 2000 LS400 IV with 64k miles on the clock, should I have the cambelt changed ? If so what would a good garage charge ? (Lexus want more than £1000) Keith
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