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  1. Modified Lexus IS300h F Sport

    Hi All, thanks for the feedback glad you like it. Regarding the rear lights at the bottom of the bumper yes the bumper has to come off very simple to do. Remove grommets holding back tray in place undneath. Then remove ten mill self tappers one on the right arch liners and one on the left. After that remove the two self tappers which are located under the tailgate when open. It should then pop out. Once removed the bottom crappy reflectors are held with a screw. Undo these and the reflector pops out. Once this is out got to the battery of the car and check the wires on the led light to see which light you prefer the one with two lines or the whole thing mark these negative and posative. In many cases I extended the wire from the orginal led I.e. Negative and positive to make life easy when the bumper is on. Then pop the led in and run the wire through to the rear tailgate seal. When the bumper is off you will see the rear crash sesnor use the nut on this for you earth as it is touching the body, then feed the posative to the inside of the car. You will need to remove the inside trim of the boot to get access to the rear light loom. Using a tester find the live either for the side lights or brake lights. ( this live will power the light) I have mine connected to the side light loom wire. With a very sharp blade take away some plastic or use a wire Clip to the posative light wire. And do the same on the other side. You will have one wire coming in which is the posative which goes to the rear light loom which is the posative wire. Both earth wires can be put on the back sensor bolt. Both side wires will need to be extended so reach inside and the earth to the bolt. Once done they will look lovely as you can see. I extended the wire from the main loom first the posative and then joined the led wire to this for piece of mind. Let me know if you get stuck guys.
  2. Hi my drivers side front bearing is makin a noise when turning left. Does anyone know where I can get this from? Except dealers as they have quoted over £300! And is it covered under warranty?
  3. DRL's running dim all the time ?

    It isn't that much of a tint thought the light would still be a lot brighter
  4. Modified Lexus IS300h F Sport

    Hi thought I'd upload a couple of pics of a little project i undertook in restoring a car with Afew mods ! Let me know what you think? Thanks
  5. DRL's running dim all the time ?

    True abit of an update I've taken the DRL out the bumper and directed them to a battery the brightness seems to b full. Maybe it could be the tint I've done on them restricting the light output?
  6. DRL's running dim all the time ?

    Yep checked that just wanted to know if there was a dimmer switch or a fuse !
  7. Hi my DRL's are running dim all the time ? Anyone know if they have a fuse ? Or dimmer relay? I have a IS 300H F 2014 model
  8. Hi thought id ask the question here has anyone got any alloys for sale looking for 19inch alloys or 20 inch for a Lexus IS F 300H ?? Photos please :) Remember to reply to this thread offering items for sale without being a Gold Member is taken very seriously. This also applies to PMs as well.
  9. Brilliant a quick update i thought id leave the standard alloys at the mo and save up and buy the ones from Lexus in the previous post. Can you confirm what car these come on as standard is it the RC?
  10. Largest Alloys

    Hi I am restoring a damaged IS F Sport 300h 2014 model and have carried out a few mods along the way the car isn't finished yet I have had the original Lexus Alloys from Lexus and thought the 18 inch alloy would look good but I don't like it. Can someone advise what size they have put on their Lexus and an image please so I can get some ideas. Edited by Steve for non gold selling.
  11. Wow where can you buy these ? Thanks
  12. Could you possibly upload a pic of them? As there is a set going off on eBay ? Thanks
  13. Sorry I've always delat with BMW's which is which model all it says on my log book is IS 300h F Sport ?
  14. I have been told you are able to have 20inch alloys and you can have 8.5J at the front with 9.5 J at the back. Has someone done this ? Thanks
  15. Hi, I am thinking to change my alloys and was wondering what is the largest size alloy you could put on the car without changing the suspension. Any help would be appreciated also if anyones got any photos of alloys they have had on their car. Thank you,