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  1. had mine done today ............2.30 in total and a nice clean inside and out ......... but no petrol !!!!! i will ring Cardiff as they did say they would put £25 in !!!!
  2. Lexus Cardiff for me next Monday again £25 of petrol and make sure the boot is empty ......... hoping for a nice wash and clean up as well
  3. Anyone fitted a tow bar to their NX yet ? need one for a trailer soon and was wondering what make etc
  4. sorry Rubbish photo from i-Phone but happy with 40 + MPG
  5. All i can say my insurance with direct line dropped almost 50% going back to Lexus from Range Rover
  6. hi All Has anyone fitted a Lexus Hotspot ? looking for any advice
  7. in mixed driving i'm getting 37.8 ........ not bad for the first tank
  8. team i looked and drove the following before buying the NX BMW X1 new but add another 10K to get any sort of kit , toys and lose that straight away BMW X3 similar To above Audi Q5 Never was going to buy another Audi , need to add too many extras Volvo XC60 nice felt old design Land Rover Discovery sport ok but not the Evoque didn't like the new engine Mitsubishi Phev Plastic Mercedes Benz GLA nice , small again needed to add 9K to get good spec which you don't get back NX luxury at the base spec and i feel a bit good doing a bit for the plant
  9. Here's the first Photo ........ it does need a clean already !!!!!! I have owned two other Lexus an IS200 and a RX300 both were great and after a play with German made vehicle and two Range Rovers we are back with NX300H Luxury with the panoramic roof , Sat Navigation and the protection pack ........ i wouldn't have chosen the pack but the boot mat is very useful and i end up being one As normal the whole Lexus experience was super from first viewing, test drive and the pick up were all smooth and painless even switching over the private plate was easy everything apart from paying for it of course here are my thoughts on the first 100 miles it looks great inside and out , the inside is typical Lexus ........ pure Class ......... everything is in reach and laid out well , the dashboard is clear and really effective , the seats are well just Lexus ....... adjust once and you love them ......... never really got comfortable in the Evoque so this is great Stereo is fine ........ although a little complex to use but that will improve with time The sat Nav is fine i have only played with it Adaptive cruise Wonderful Driving position is perfect , lots more visibility than before i drove it for the first two days in ECO and was a little concerned but tried the sport mode and it's perfect, then after reading on here about using normal mode and that is fine for me ...... the pick up and Auto box is exactly what i needed the diesel manual Evoque was a little slow on pick and you were always changing gear ( or so it seemed ) Overall very pleased , it certainly looks the business and there aren't millions of them on the roads of South Wales I haven't had chance to drive in the dark but hoping the headlights are fine do i miss the Evoque well for the first day or two .......... now no way this suits me much better
  10. it arrived this morning ...... any thanks for the help and advice
  11. great thanks , they just never mentioned anything today on pick up and i couldn't see anything in the paperwork
  12. Not really a NX question but do new Lexus vehicles come with breakdown cover these days or is it another cost cutting ?
  13. so the test drive went ok here's my thoughts Better than Evoque around vision, interior quality SEATS Love the seats, quiet engine , more room in the back and higher seating and the brakes seemed better ? Worse than Evoque not as much Torque in the engine boot is a different shape Very different way of driving, impressed with the hybrid system , much better driving experience that the BMW X1 and the Mercedes GLA So deposit paid and no four month wait just need to enjoy a small holiday and we get to pick it up on return NX300H Luxury with roof, Sat nav and protection pack in sonic Titanium
  14. Going to test drive a NX300H on Sunday , i'll know how it compares to the Evoque, anyone got any thoughts