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  1. And it had better still be nice and clean too !!!!!
  2. Good to know Dave , they are a great car no doubt and i am very glad i owned one. That poor TVR tho haha.
  3. Had my ISF for 10 months and loved it , it was in a long line of quick is saloons M5, M3 , RS6 , S6 , RS4 , E63 u get the idea. So had my eye on one of these for a while and this little gem popped its head up 25 mins from my house , it would of been rude not to buy it. So far i am v impressed with it. My isf having its last was before it went . New motor
  4. I put these pads on my F a couple of thousand miles ago , work perfect . Should do really as the calipers are made by brembro.
  5. New member on the hunt

    I am 6'5" and fit in my F fine , no sunroof tho.
  6. I have found in my opinion a jap car will go on for ever if serviced correctly and not modified. I am not talking about air filter and exhaust mods , but mapping , injectors etc. Not forgetting the ISF has a lot of forged engine components and i think the car is slighty de tuned , so the end product should last a very long time . I have had quite a few jap examples and never had any issues with them at all - 2 x Nissan bluebird turbos 2 x toyota supras Nissan 300zx turbo 2 x nissan Skyline GTR's 4 x subarus Evo 5 Mitsubishi Shogun 2 x is lexus
  7. You are right , in low light it looks almost silver but in bright light like the picture it looks matt.
  8. Engine Oil

    Or you could go to lexus and they will do it for you for £300 lol Robbers.
  9. Please tell me its the camera making your number plate look wonky .......
  10. CCTV

    I bought a cheap ish system about a year ago , think it was about £160 from amazon on a deal of the day thing. 4 x cameras 720p , 1tb dvr and the payed an alarm fitter to fit them which cost me £80. It works perfect for what i need , motion capture , you can export it easily to memory stick , it can be wired to a network if needed .Runs about 10 days on the highest quality setting , you can always put a bigger hdd in it. Quality good enough i think.