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  1. I looked at getting a tow bar mounted bike rack. There were plenty to choose from. Issue was I couldn't get a tow bar. Lexus say they no longer supply one,. Toyota say theirs is different and every supplier I contacted said no. They are available in America but the shipping made it a non starter.
  2. Hello all - I have changed my CT200h and have a space saver spare wheel for sale. It fits cars with 17 inch wheels - I bought it after getting a non repairable puncture in the middle of nowhere in Scotland - was a tad annoying. !!!!! I am in East Yorkshire and am open to offers thank you
  3. Have you taken the steering column shroud off to see if you have somewhere to plug it in?
  4. Hello. I am amazed your SE-L hasn't got it. I don't suppose the stalk has been snapped off by accident has it? I only ask as if my steering wheel is turned 90 degrees when I get out of the car I hit it with my knee and I always worried about snapping it off. Do you have the crash protection cut off switch fitted.? You have to look upwards above the pedals
  5. Sometimes I love it others I hate it. On a straight road it is very good for keeping your distance from the car in front but as already stated on a corner it can be a pain. Or if someone turns down a road across you..
  6. I was quoted £160 at Lincoln Lexus. Takes hours apparently. I didn't bother as it always got me where I wanted to be including some trips to Holland and France.
  7. I just used my original circuit board. Just swapped the motor out. Wish I had done it a year ago when it started making a noise
  8. Hello. If anyone lives in East Yorkshire I have a ct200h 17" spare wheel and tyre for sale due to car change. I have modified the plastic box below the flat tray so it can still be used. Must be done by Wednesday 5th December. £50 and we would need to swap the box over so I can put mine back to standard. Thank you
  9. Hello. If anyone lives in East Yorkshire I have a 17" ct200h spare wheel and tyre for sale due to car change. I have modified the plastic box that goes over it to fit. If you want to buy the wheel and swap the box with mine please let me know. Must be done by Wednesday 5th December. £50. Thank you
  10. Sorry if this has been covered before. I have a 2011 SE-L with the Mark Levinson audio set up. Over the years I have put cd's in and copied them onto the audio hard drive and then picked out my favourite tracks to have as my play list. Does anyone know of a way to copy this playlist so when I change the car I don't lose years of music? I can't find anything in the huge instruction manual . thank you
  11. It's funny cos my wife won't drive it as it beeps and has funny lights on the dash that come on at random times. I hope you enjoy your car as much as I have and you have trouble free motoring. If you find a dealer you are happy with stick with them, I travel over 100 miles to use Lexus Lincoln as I find them very helpful.
  12. I have had my SE-L for 2 1/2 years. Been totally reliable. I reset the mpg the first day and my average over my ownership is 53.6 mpg. I had a Mercedes C220 diesel for 2 years before that and average was 43.3 mpg. Car has tyre pressure warning not monitoring so just a warning light comes on. Sat nav is slow to set up and the update is an arm, leg and kidney as it is an early 2011 so dealer only. After my second puncture I bought a spare off ebay for £80. The rear box in the boot needed modifying to get it in. Has the Mark Levison upgraded audio system. 6 cd's and can copy hundreds of songs onto the hard drive. I love the look people give you when you nearly run them over as they don't hear you.
  13. Next one will be further down the exhaust after the cat. Might have to crawl underneath
  14. I paid £150 for an interim service and £265 for a major service at a Lexus dealer. Mot is £30 if you look around. Another thing is my sister has a Mercedes service plan on her A Class and they don't change everything thing they are meant to as I checked. I used to work for a major retail motor dealers and cars on service plans were always short changed. I am not saying Lexus are like this, just making a point.
  15. Is that it? Looking down the back of the engine on the drivers side. I can only see one but there should be one for each oxygen sensor.