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  1. I hardwired mine to the fuse box under the glove box using a piggy back fuse and a power point adapter. Really easy
  2. I only scraped my bumper once in 2 years and that was coming off the ferry in Calais. It was underneath so you couldn't see it. But as previously mentioned be careful of the door bottoms near pavements.
  3. The transmissions are incredibly reliable so you will have to be very unlucky to have a faulty one. By louder do you mean engine noise as it is reving up more? If you can replicate it easily just pop in to a Lexus dealer and get their opinion. I used Lexus Lincoln as they were far better than my local dealer
  4. There is a screw that holds the bracket on to the plastic casing. I didn't undo mine just bent it down slightly. You don't need much room
  5. What year is your car? I had a 2011 with the DAB that was fitted by Lexus but after the car had been built. It had a stick on aerial on the top of the ns of the windscreen. Looked very cheap. When I fitted a dash cam I ran the wire across the ns headlining above the screen and down the A piller on the ns. Hardwired it to the fuse box under the glove box. Looked great but ruined DAB reception. Had to run the wire across the os and under the dash to cure it.
  6. It is a hard drive wipe and update unfortunately. I was quoted £165 .
  7. I totally agree John that it isn't that common anymore but it occasionally still happens. I have a friend with a Kia and earlier this year 6 years into it's 7 year warranty it developed a thirst for oil. It was stripped by Kia and wear level dictated an new short motor. It had been dealer serviced all its life and had 70k on it. I was once talking to a bloke who worked on the Vauxhall V6 engine plant at Elsemere Port and he said that there was a noticeable difference in bore size from when the cutter was new compared to when it was time to replace it. That was a lot of years ago. Crikey, I still remember doing de cokes every other year on Fiesta Mk1's.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up putting a short motor in. The bore wear might be quite high and when they measure it they may find piston ring replacement won't be enough. Mind you, it won't cost you as you obviously have a great warranty. I bet you smile every time you think about the day you took it out. 😁
  9. I had this issue. I just tightened up the 2 bolts on the flexible shaft at the bottom of the steering column and it stopped. 5 minute job.
  10. As above. Sliders are always sticking.
  11. Have you put a spanner on the crankshaft pulley bolt and made sure that the engine turns and isn't seized up?
  12. I bought mine from a Mitsubishi dealer. Had the service done at Lexus and it includes the battery check. I had it for 3 years and changed it at 100k miles. It never missed a beat. I only changed it as the boot space sucked and I needed more room.
  13. Heard mine going twice in 2 years both times were in the hills of valleys of Scotland