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  1. Yeah you get them the same place as the pizza induction kit Spaghetti manifold is a 4-2-1 manifold, just not sure if they do em for 6 cilinders
  2. Are there actually any spaghetti manifolds available for the IS200?
  3. Price including delivery to Belgium? ^_^
  4. gold member ship can get them cheaper, i feel a group buy coming on, if theres enough interest The only worries I have about gold membership and the group buys is the fact that everything would have to be shipped to Belgium and I would still have to find someone to install everything :duh:
  5. I'd love to get some too, unfortunately Lexus Belgium only sells lowering springs :( Guess I'll have to look elsewhere then :) Could you tell me how much I'd probably have to cough up?
  6. we have few days of snow per year and fair amount of rain; so I would not say that this is critical but there is no point in killing myself :) in any case lexus will be avaliable from june (just in time to replace my aging P406) p.s. while I would not rate myself as sports driver, it would be also wrong to say that with 30+k km per year in last 15 years I am a rookie; probably fwd needs some adjusting in driving behaviour ← Don't worry, the Lexus IS200 was the first RWD car I drove myself after a lifetime of weak FWD fiat's with half the power. The TRC holds back alot of the power, just be a little careful when it snows but it's still easy to correct :)
  7. Who thinks up these inventions ??????? ← It was invented by a dutch female artist (probably while smoking the lawn or something ), the company she originally started went bankrupt at the end of last year...
  8. Rear lights remind me of an Alfa 156... Don't like it as much as the current IS... Could be coz mine comes in in 3 weeks but that's just me :D
  9. When I mailed about their cf sideskirts I got an answer 2-3 days later...
  10. Silly me, and here I was thinking that was the whole point of the S/C
  11. My sister just gave birth to a daughter yesterday, think I can let the kid do it? :P
  12. If you have it in writing you could have a case, but I think only for the 1st 2 points.