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  1. Lexusman007

    Exhaust options

    Some and most of these after market systems sounds great on film and when reving it up but in real life and dally driving would be another story and can completey spoil the car
  2. Fantastic turn out today and fantastic location really enjoyed meeting everyone again :) superb line up of cars,and never seen so many F models before excellent
  3. Lexusman007

    Spotted isf

    Sorry just didn’t stand out thought it was just a is250 lol
  4. Lexusman007

    Spotted isf

    Went to pick up a clutch for my Soarer but had a quick look around,but this took my breath away and was totally stunning 19156F0A-EA51-4392-8DB2-F0259348DF20.mp4
  5. Lexusman007

    Spotted isf

    Seen this today but have to say I walked right past it and didn’t even notice it went straight to the RCF
  6. Ok thanks mate and wow your coming a long way guess I just take it slow and see if I bump into a isf along the way :)
  7. What time is everyone meeting on Sunday how many going and are we meeting along the way
  8. Lexusman007

    Spotted isf

    Well it was dirty and Defo no garage queen talking of black isf,really fancy that black one on eBay 😍
  9. Seen a black isf in Gloucester today around 12.30 ish think it’s the first one I’ve seen it town
  10. Excellent cheers Paul,looking forward to it mate but I not got the same car anymore,but don’t worry it’s still in the best colour ( silver :)
  11. Can a sc430 come if so I come along :) anyone want to meet along the way,am coming from Gloucester