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  1. @Big Rat I've heard of Nengun before but not familiar with RS-R products.
  2. Bluethunder

    ISF wide price range

    @Big RatPaul looks like your old F is back on sale again. Not "reserved" anymore on the lexus website.
  3. Bluethunder

    ISF wide price range

    The high mileage one you mentioned even has a tow bar! Not seen one on a F before..
  4. But it doesn't have a sunroof 🙂...
  5. Hi Dan, where do you think the first pit-stop will be after leaving Derby and around what Time? I won't be able to meet at Derby and was hoping to join en route. I'm coming from Manchester airport area...
  6. The ISF values are definitely firming up and possibly even rising slightly. This time last year there were a few high mileage ones as low as 13k. I sold mine for only £500 less than what I paid for it after owning it almost 2 years.
  7. Those Alfa Giulia Quadrixxxxxx... could be a good option in a years time. The cheapest one on AT is £43K for a '17 year car that must have cost well over 60k new.
  8. Probably a great car to drive but just looks like a regular 4 series to the untrained eye on the last 2 photos!
  9. @Big Ratthanks Paul, definitely interested in getting the sides done.
  10. Bluethunder

    Mercury Grey Carbon

    It's his car he can list it at whatever price he values it. No need to justify to anyone...
  11. That's very resonable for the sides. It's likely to be my first mod!
  12. @Big RatLooks great Paul in orange and really suits the black. Btw did you find options for de-chroming the sides?
  13. Bluethunder

    Cheapest LC 500 V8 ?

    There are more registered LC's than RCF's on Howmanyleft so it's not sold badly considering they've only been around for over a year...
  14. Bluethunder

    Pics of your other car(s)

    Paul, you're spot on. I've already started looking at all the parts you can buy for a MX5.. It was suppose to be just a cheap runabout😂