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  1. Thanks for the heads up Tim. Paul has just PM'd me.
  2. Congrats. Very envious! The grey colour is my favourite. They tried to sell me the White one that they had in Nottingham but mileage was very high and not my preferred colour..
  3. 2 more private sale cars have appeared on AT today. Probably see more now that the 2015 cars are 3 years old and needing MOTs. Also got a improved PX offer from Harvey's but still not enough..
  4. I've been thinking about changing to a RCF for the past 6 months but keep changing my mind because I'm still really attached to my ISF. But the recent shift of ISF owners on here has convinced me to make the move! Anyway, with a budget of £35K(for a car with less then 30Kmiles) this weekend I started making calls and hopefully arrange viewings but was left disappointed.. On AT: Grey one: sold on Sat. Black one(from Sandel Auto) sold on Sat after 2 days on AT. White carbon @£36k sold/disappeared from AT&Lexus website. Silver one @Harveys: It's a long way for me to travel so it was a tentative call. Got offered a pathetic PX from them today:( £30k to £35k RCFs must be where the demand is...
  5. There's a black one on AT with all the criteria's that you've listed.
  6. Has anyone else read this article in this month's Evo and know if it can be done on a ISF?
  7. Got bumped..

    I only got her mobile number and registration. I'll just go ahead and get the repair done. Thanks for the advice Dave.
  8. Got bumped..

    My insurance company has just emailed me and said because I can't provide the third party's name I will have to pay the excess charge!.. What are my options if she refuses to reply to my messages or answer my calls?
  9. Got bumped..

    Thanks for all the good advice guys. Update: I've reported the incident to my insurer on Sat. and they tried to call the Audi driver to get her full name but she's not answering calls. I've also msg her and she's not responding... I'm just going to let my insurer deal with it now and book the car into one of their approved bodyshops or a Lexus approved one.
  10. Got bumped..

    Thanks for the reply guys! Do I need to contact my insurance company before I take it anywhere to get it checked over/repaired? Sorry, I've never made a claim before so not sure what the procedure is:)
  11. I was waiting at the lights on my way to work this morning and a lady in a Audi went into the back of me. It was only a minor bump but has left scratches and some hairline cracks on my bumper.. We exchange details and took photos. This is the 2nd time it has happened in the past 6 months but the first time there was no damage. Has anyone got any advice about how to proceed with this because I have a 400 excess on my policy?
  12. Airbag recall

    I didn't know the battery disconnect would reset the trip computer so that would explain the drop to 11mpg.. But the very noticeable drop in the fuel gauge is likely to be a "extended test drive". I will definitely take a photo of the mileage next time I drop the car off for any work and avoid leaving the car with them overnight if possible. Anyway, a guy from Lexus customer service called me today asking if I was satisfied with the service and if I had any feedback. I raised this issue and he said he'll look into it and contact the service manager..
  13. Airbag recall

    I Had to take my car back again yesterday(Lexus Stockport) to resolve a rattle from behind the dash that appeared ever since I had the airbag recall done. I forgot to note the mileage when I left me car.. but when I collected her today I noticed the petrol gauge had dropped quite a bit.. So I checked the trip computer and the average mpg had gone from 25mpg to 11mpg!
  14. Gsf on Pistonheads

    @FlytvrI think you are right! But I'm undecided about the Silver on a RCF because they don't photograph well so was wondering if they look better in person? Also the carbon works well with white but not sure about silver...
  15. Gsf on Pistonheads

    @Flytvr did you look at the silver RCF carbon at Stoke when you bought your white one? They've just reduced the price by £3k on the Lexus website!..hmm