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  1. I need to replace the bushing of the N/S 2nd control arm. It seems fairly straighforward, but I'm surprised of the torque figures I've found on the Internet: 119 Nm for the bushing's bolt, *249* Nm for each of the two bolts to the main lower control arm. Is that correct? If so I'll need a new wrench as mine only goes to 210Nm.
  2. How do you check the fluid level on the automatic transmission? In my IS200 it seems to be above the second (top) notch irrespective of the engine temperature - see pic.
  3. Lucazade

    Parts schematics

    BTW - how do Toyota part numbers work? I'm after the cylinder head cover gasket, which according to toyodiy should be 11213-70040; however on 7zap there are 2 further variants (11213-46030 and 11214-46011):
  4. Lucazade

    Parts schematics

    7zap is pretty much the kind of thing I was after - thanks! Annoying Toyota/Lexus charge £3/hour for accessing the schematics.
  5. Does anybody know if there are schematics available online, like this one for BMWs: I've checked the catalogue but finding the right part may be tricky.
  6. The fog lights on my '01 IS200 need scrapping and since the wiring is damaged I was thinking of going without them completely. Are there blanking plates or something equivalent that can close the holes?
  7. I'm certainly not pretending to know what the problem is at this stage, but in a thread in this forum a few people identified the problem in the anti theft module. Since I smelt burnt plastic inside the car, it seemed daft not to inspect it at least for visible damage, I know that finding a broken part doesn't mean that'd be the root of the problem. I do have a multimeter, by the way. And a Diaglink MD802 (which sadly doesn't support the IS200).
  8. I already disconnected the battery after the test drive.
  9. Uhm, temperature oddly went up (car defrosted during the evening!) so I went to take a look: the ECU seems fine, no signs of damage. Now puzzled, no idea where the smell came from.
  10. All fuses are fine. The light relay is fine too. There's still a slight smell of burnt plastic inside the vehicle but it was too cold and dark when I got home tonight to check the inside. I have a strong suspicion that the fault is with the anti theft module, so I'll be looking at it tomorrow.
  11. Well, it's a burning smell rather than a scent. Windscreen replaced 11 months ago. Yesterday the lights wouldn't turn off with the key removed, regardless of auto mode on or off. Replaced the battery as it went flat overnight, and lights back on the moment it's wired in. Went for a a drive and a couple of miles down the road I started smelling plastic burning, so turned back home. On the way home, the lights turned themselves off, including high beam! Actually, high beam would work but only when flashing. I'm now tempted to replace the anti theft module, as it's a cheap fix if it works and I presume it's simply a swap for another unit (please say so). However I'm bothered by the burnt plastic smell. Also, why did it short? There's no water or sign of humidity inside the car or in the engine bay.
  12. I've been bothered for a while by the boot of my IS200 being difficult to close: it needs a real slamming, which looks odd given the doors close with the push of a finger. I'm assuming something is worn as I can't see any damage from an accident. The only part slightly worn is the bracket, which is probably 1-2mm bent (see pic). Alternatively, is there some adjustment elsewhere that I'm missing?
  13. Just a quick note to say I had finally got it done by The windscreen Network, which took just over 1h and cost over £130 less than Autoglass' "today's only deal". If anything needs it done, check whether the rear mirror attachment matches your car's as the one attached to the windscreen cannot be fit if your mirror is roof mounted.
  14. As turning up with the wrong windscreen wasn't annoying enough, this morning Autoglass cancelled the second appointment: apparently this time they didn't have the part. Funny how they discovered it just before they're expected. I can't keep taking time off work, so it's over. After a quick search I found another company coming to do it on Monday for £210. Fingers crossed.
  15. Sorry to hear that (the wife, not the Skoda). I hope she can - and will - recover. Best wishes.