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  1. fitted new front and rear wipers and fitted a set of michelin cross climates all round...amazing change in grip, handling and reduction in stopping distances. well recommended.
  2. KN Airfilter kit: worth it?

    thank you to you both. these IS's seem pretty sewn up in terms of fiddling with! However, Im 49 this year so really i should be getting more concerned how easy a car is to get in and out of :)
  3. Lexus IS200 - Cambridge (tyres?)

    Lucazade, Im also looking at WIM...has he quoted you yet by chance?
  4. Is200 s 1st gen or is300 ?

    Lee, I haven't owned a 200 - the 300 kind of found me within 2 hours of selling a BMW 535d. The extra snort of the IS300 is welcome though. I'd not want to have a less powerful car tbh, esp as re-chipping them isn't an option. As a result of zero ecu power upgrades being open to me i'm going down the route of getting the best tyre/geometry set up and possibly a KN air filter.
  5. Best radios/radios to stay away from?

    Forgot to add, i'm just going through the same motions of updating the cd/tape (!) stuff but, have decided to see if I can hide DAB/handsfree/iphone music connectivity behind what is already there as I am getting into the 'old school' look!
  6. Best radios/radios to stay away from?

    Welcome're not a resident at the 'Heath or the 'Hall by chance?
  7. tracking

    £95? he bumped mine up to £114 on the phone yesterday....lexus22, what did you end up paying if i may ask?
  8. LPG Conversion

    Hi Bluesman i meant to add, I did some research on Profess; the company appears to be rather different from the one you possibly used? Quite a few annoyed people out there which looked disconcerting :(
  9. LPG Conversion

    still drawing blanks with lpg shops....why have someone answer the phone who can't talk about your products and only book you in ...?
  10. Hi All, I'm re-booting my new Lexus in the forthcoming weeks but realise the tyre set-up needs careful consideration on these cars (shock horror, Toyota got something wrong????!!). I live in Norfolk so miles from WIM but noticed on their website they have fixed settings for Lexus they appear to have available to members? If so, where might I find them on here please? many thanks in advance Rob
  11. Hi I'm toying fitting an K&N air filter to my late 2004 Sport Cross. Anyone else fitted one? Worth it? Ty in advance.
  12. Is200 s 1st gen or is300 ?

    Hi. Im new here too. I collected my IS300 Sport Cross the weekend just gone. My observations on it are as follows: 1. engine very smooth 2. handling is 'tighter' than the 535d i recently sold 3. build quality pretty damn good for an early noughtie car 4. straight six is more Jaguar grace and pace as opposed to BMW growl. I would expect the 200 to be similar just down on horses. 5. car handling for both will be excellent.
  13. LPG Conversion

    Ty Mike. Wise words - buyer beware for sure!
  14. LPG Conversion

    Next question will be, Im based right on the Easterly tip of East Anglia - the world of LPG installation looks murky to say the least so are there any concrete recommendations of a company closer to me over this way or is it Profess every time? Thank you!