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  1. Car thefts report on 'Rip Off Britain' today ?

    thanks again guys for all responses especially 'Muddywheels' coz I just successfully disabled the FOB - this probably saves the battery a bit too, I can sleep a bit easier now ;-) Chris
  2. Car thefts report on 'Rip Off Britain' today ?

    thx for your responses guys - appreciated ;-)
  3. Hi, My first post I saw a report today on BBC1's 'Rip Off Britain' where a high end Mercedes (£40k value) with same entry FOB system as my Lexus IS300 Premier (where the car detects when the FOB is close) was stolen in seconds. The criminals used a 'signal amplifier' which they held close to the wall/window of the house and hey presto, the car door was immediately opened and they drove off. Couple of questions please: In the report, they said that two clicks of the FOB could stop the transmission (presumably the Mercedes FOB), does the Lexus FOB do the same thing and if so, which buttons to click on the FOB ? If you CAN stop transmission of signal with two clicks, how do you get FOB to restart its signal transmission ? Finally, if a Lexus car door is illegally opened using the signal booster like this, wouldn't the engine stop/stall once the car is out of range of the transmission back at the house ? Thanks in anticipation. Chris (Watford)