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  1. Thanks, this was my guess aswell. Still need to test them, have not had the time just yet.. When i have tested them and know more, ill post it here for those interested.
  2. Hello everyone, i have not posted anything on here yet, so i hope i put this in the right section and spell things correctly. I have my lexus is200 (1999) for a few years now, and i recently have hooked it up to a computer to try and figure out this issue with my breaking pedal i have. When i drive at a very slow speed (not reading on the speedo yet) and i break, the pedal vibrates and comes back up a bit. It is more ennoying than a issue, but i thought from reading on several forums it might have to do with the speed sensors. I probabely should also mention the warning light of my parking break is on constanty as soon as i touch the breaks once. So, as i said, i hooked it up and took a look at the readings, and it shows nothing at all.. According to the computer, there are no faults in the system either but this seems weird and contradicting to me as i do have issues.. So looking a bit further i found out my abs unit has no power going to it but all the fuses are fine. I did notice the 2 abs relays where very hot compaired to the other relays in the fusebox and i now think the issue might be there. Anyone can help me with some thoughts on this? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Hello fellow lexus enthusiasts, So, i live in belgium, and have a (left hand drive) is200 from 1999. Very happy with the car, drives more as great though i get the occasional studder/noise, grinding noise when i coast and i decides to shift up a gear (to get lower rev's). I have had this issue for as long as i had the car, and have no issues when i drive or accelerate, only when coasting. Also i dont seem to get worse, but it is making me a bit nervous. I am just curious if anyone here has experienced something like it, or has had similar issues. I have not changed the oil ever (i know i should, but i want someone who knows what they are doing for it, and lexus here is just a rip off and i refuse to ever set fot there again). I am a mechanic, i am familiar with transmissions, auto and manual, though not much in cars. My question mainly would be, does anyone know if there is any difference between a gearbox from a uk is200 (right hand drive) and a left hand drive one? I have seen gearboxes for sale with not to many miles on it, thinking if i ever bust it, i might just replace it, and the car seems to be very popular in the uk and i wouldn't mind the drive. But if anything is different, in the shift mechanism for example.. i Just want to be sure. Hope to find some answers here, thanks in advance!