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  1. Hello fellow lexus enthusiasts, So, i live in belgium, and have a (left hand drive) is200 from 1999. Very happy with the car, drives more as great though i get the occasional studder/noise, grinding noise when i coast and i decides to shift up a gear (to get lower rev's). I have had this issue for as long as i had the car, and have no issues when i drive or accelerate, only when coasting. Also i dont seem to get worse, but it is making me a bit nervous. I am just curious if anyone here has experienced something like it, or has had similar issues. I have not changed the oil ever (i know i should, but i want someone who knows what they are doing for it, and lexus here is just a rip off and i refuse to ever set fot there again). I am a mechanic, i am familiar with transmissions, auto and manual, though not much in cars. My question mainly would be, does anyone know if there is any difference between a gearbox from a uk is200 (right hand drive) and a left hand drive one? I have seen gearboxes for sale with not to many miles on it, thinking if i ever bust it, i might just replace it, and the car seems to be very popular in the uk and i wouldn't mind the drive. But if anything is different, in the shift mechanism for example.. i Just want to be sure. Hope to find some answers here, thanks in advance!