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  1. Cheers guys. Received the mirror today and swapped out the broken part. Saved myself £500
  2. Great little guide. This picture explains my problem. The mirror part dangling below there came loose on mine WITH the white plastic part STILL attached to it. Your guide clearly states to remove that red screw assembly to remove the white plastic except mine just came clean off so I have no idea how the hell that happened. Regardless, one of the white prongs on the back of that white plastic bit snapped off this morning (probably because of the cold). So I'm buying a used mirror and going to replace the white plastic as all other parts seem to work fine on mine. Cheers for those pics and the guide, very helpful.
  3. yeah housing is okay, just a bit scuffed but no serious damage. it folds okay, heating works and everything
  4. Theres no way I'm spending 500 quid on a new mirror, its the light blue colour. I think I'll buy a cheap salvage mirror and then take out the parts.
  5. Its essentially the actual mirror. Its popped out and will not go back in. Behind the mirror on the inside - theres a white piece of plastic that controls all the tilting functions etc and a prong on that is broken which means that the mirror wont stay in place nor will it tilt
  6. Last night a car driving on the wrong side of the road smashed into my side mirror and caused the mirror to pop out. I can only assume it was a police chase or a serious emergency but they didn't stop. The mirror housing seems to be okay and the folding function works however one of the white screws that controls the tilt of the mirror has snapped off. Any ideas where I can get a replacement or whether I should go to Lexus? Would they charge me for the entire wing mirror? My alternative would be to buy a used on ebay and then try to replace the part thats actually broken and stick it in my mirror except I'm not sure how that'll work out since I have the SE-L which has auto dimming, auto dipping on reverse etc. thanks
  7. Well its been having this squeak probably since 75K and its currently at 80K. Seems to have got worse over time as well. Having it checked over by the MOT centre again tomorrow to see if they missed anything. Do not fancy paying £160 to be told I need to fork out 500 more to fix it..
  8. Hey guys, Been having squeaking noises coming from the rear for a while now every time I drive over rough terrain. Seems to have gotten much worse now that I can hear it even when the windows are rolled up. I've decided to book it into Lexus Battersea to have it checked and possibly claim under warranty. The only problem is that the lady (not a mechanic) suggested it was the rear shock absorbers which wouldn't be covered under warranty? I've just had an MOT done yesterday and no advisories on any absorbers what so ever. Furthermore, she told me that their labour charge is £160/hr! Surely if it is an item thats covered under the extended warranty - I shouldn't be charged the £160 diagnostic fee? Sounds a bit extortionate to me - anyone have any similar experiences or advice? Cheers
  9. The nearest is about 1 hour away from me. I already drove the car 2 hours on Friday when I picked it up from Edgware which I hope hasn't caused any damage.
  10. Okay so I took some photos, fairly dark but the tank looks empty to me.. I cant really compare with anything else since I've never looked at it when full - can anyone check the photos and confirm? Also should mention that when the coolant cap is off I see nothing there - it only starts bubbling up when the engine starts running.
  11. Tried everything you guys suggested - nothing work. Left it running for around 20 minutes or so with the cap off and could see loads of air bubbles escaping but still carried on making the noise after around 25 minutes or so. Its going back to Lexus on Monday. Will not be going to Edgware again as this isn't the first thing they cocked up for me
  12. Well, anyway to get rid of this problem then? Or is this something that they would need to sort out?
  13. Just got the car back and didn't notice until I was home and playing about with the engine. Keep hearing this noise of water slushing about whenever I rev the car or when its starting up. I strongly suspect its the coolant but why can I hear it now? The car has just been serviced and also had the waterpump replaced as the previous one was leaking. They topped it up with coolant too so low coolant doesnt seem like it would be the cause. Any ideas of what may be causing it and any quick remedies? Definitely do not fancy driving all the way back to Lexus Edgware..
  14. I'm paying 2500 a year :') Dont complain