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  1. GS 450H my first Lexus

    seagulls dont get me started with bl---y seagulls
  2. Daytime Running Lights

    If that is the case then is an aftermarket headlight unit or kit that will fit ? has anyone fitted a DRL kit to there GS ?
  3. Daytime Running Lights

    thanks for link Farqui very interesting so I just need to find someone in the northwest of UK that has a Techstream that they can plug in and set the headlights I am happy to pay if anyone is interested
  4. Hi guys I have a 2008 GS450H and I want to fit running lights the car has anyone done this ? or is there a setting I can do to make the lights come on when the car starts .Or is there an after market headlight unit with running lights in it ? any info would be great
  5. if it sounds like a fan maybe a home made seat cooler
  6. I used these on my GS450H dont blame me if it does not fit your IS220D but as a ford tech I had some in my toolbox and I fitted them 1 year ago and they are still in place so happy days hope this helps
  7. I took the wife out of the car stopped the whining noise straight away only problem was I had to go home and the whining noise came back
  8. Some iPhone help please

    see if this works for you
  9. Top Gear

    way I see it as a win win we still got top gear and now we also have the grand tour whats not to like . Must admit Matt looks much more at home now Chris has gone. Both programs need a little tweek to get the formats right but I do see 2 great programs in the future good luck to them both
  10. my bonnet had rust marks on the front edge and also paint chips plus several paint chips on both wings . I was expecking them just to repaint the bonnet but no they said I needed a new bonnet . They fitted a new bonnet and painted it and the wings to blend in the paintwork and did a fantastic job well done Lexus Bolton
  11. Sat in LC500 today !!!

    that is sssssoooooooooo nice
  12. Hi guys as for paint repair I have 2008 GS450h got a new bonnet fitted from Lexus Bolton they even painted the front wings all done for free .I Also live in Blackpool any of you guys intersted in a meet and greet ?
  13. rear hub nut torque settings please

    nice find thank you
  14. Hi guys does anyone have the torque settings for the rear hub nut / GS450h / 2008 many thanks
  15. Hi guys help needed I just fitted new N/S/R and N/S/F wheel bearings the front went on with no issues but on removing the rear bearing hub I damaged the ABS sensor so got new sensor and fitted it . Now I have the christmas tree dash lights every where :( so I tried to clear the faults but nothing works and I keep getting these codes C1203 / ECM communication circuit malfunction C1345 / soienoid valve offset learning undone how can a ABS sensor cause this ? any ideas on how to fix this