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  1. This sounds very strange to me. So you'd rather take your losses, and small those losses will not be, rather than urge the dealer to do what it's supposed to do? The problems you are describing are not normal. Don't you have consumer laws where you live?
  2. Unless we're talking about a 200K+ miles car, that can't be normal.
  3. The GS450H is one of the rare Lexus and non-German cars getting rave reviews all over the globe Would be weird to get rid of it, even though it's understandable since it isn't popular. Easiest way to fix it would be to lower the price by a couple thousand. As for the sheer raw power, it isn't just a zero to sixty thing. The smoothness of the ride in a 450h cannot be compared to an IS/GS300h IMO. The motor doesn't even need to strain itself and that makes the ride, both audibly and the feeling, better. There's also the fact that if such a heavy car with such acceleration can get 37 mpg, it's damn impressive. It's sad to see how unpopular it is really.
  4. Did the drop in mpg going from Prius to GS450H hurt as much as I expect it to
  5. @mrdoofa: wow that sounds bad :/ Since I'm going to be buying from a dealer (it's a lot of money), the hybrid health check and the accompanying 1 year warranty will be included. @stevet: I know I'm looking for trouble buying a huge V6 hybrid, but I am at a point in my life (32 years old) where I want to buy a crazy car for once. I'll probably won't care about cars in ten years, so I want to do something crazy when I still can and want to. I love my Prius and I really wanted an IS300H (though back seat room was very disappointing), but I just can't forget that one test drive with a GS450H. There's also the fact that here in the Netherlands the price difference between a 2014 GS300 and a 2013 GS450H is quite small, probably due to the lower demand for GS450H. It's nice to see this thread wasn't instantly filled with dozens of upcoming problems for the GS450H though
  6. So are there no upcoming costly repairs after the 150K KM mark I should keep in mind? Something like "the something something inverter pump is likely to fail at that mileage, will cost you a few thousand!! Beware!".
  7. That's actually very good reasoning, pay more now for lower mileage or just keep that money for future repairs. Are there any high cost repairs coming up around the 200k KM mark?
  8. High everyone, I need help with a difficult choice (money vs. mileage). Would it be wise to get a 2012 GS450H with about 150K KMs on the clock to save a few thousand euros? The car is at a dealership, so the maintenance record is good, but the high mileage still scares me away. It's an almost full option GS450H, which has a relative cheap price (~25K euros). For reference, comparable GS450Hs with 'just' 100K KMs go for 33K euros. Can I expect any big costs down the road? Saving money now to spend it on repairs later wouldn't be smart I think. It's always difficult to know how much mileage actually matters. What would be the limit for a relatively young car? 60K, 100K KMs? Would it be wiser to go for a car with less options and less mileage on the odo meter? We plan to use the car for at least five years and we do 15K-20K KMs a year.
  9. marrat

    Real World MPG Figures

    If everyone drove cars just to have fun, the roads would be filled with small hotrods. Most people look for something else.
  10. marrat

    Real World MPG Figures

    Is there a significant difference in consumption between the original model and the facelift model?
  11. Shouldn't the dealer you buy it from update everything before handing over the car?
  12. marrat

    Leaving the fold....

    Brilliant car! Ridiculously overpriced over here though :(
  13. Good write up. I've read a lot of reviews by now, it mostly boils down to "you can't race with it" and "it's not a BMW". When you read a raving review and the guy ends with "it's a brilliant car, but not a German", it seems idiotic to me personally. You have to take into consideration that reviewers usually get a very short period to test a car though, this one takes getting used to.
  14. If only they didn't have crazy prices. I can't justify getting a loan because I think Tesla charges too much for their cars, even though I think they're on the frontier of a new generation. Hopefully they won't have to compromise too much with the Model 3, but their huge net losses every year don't give me much hope. Elon Musk did fuel the EV hype though, we can thank him for that at least. Everyone I know knows what a Tesla is