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  1. MLW

    Malfunction Indicator

    Funny enough, modern cars are very sensitive to iffy batteries. If they are less than perfect, all sorts of issues arise. Probably due to electronics needing a pure, solid 12 v supply.
  2. MLW


    Funny enough I had a front bank 2 oxygen senor fail on of the 4 lamda sensors), and the VSC light came on about 300 miles later. Car was running very well with no symptoms. When it was replaced the engine management light went off and the VSC light went off. Nervously I waited about 150 miles and switched it on and off, and on and off via the dash button and all worked normally. The mysteries of a modern car computer!!!
  3. MLW

    MAF Sensor cleaning.

    I had a lambda problem, but thought it might be a MAF gunged up. As it was it was fine, but I did clean it with.... Worked really well. Not much stuff came off, but the 'bulb thing' was mauve on one side. and grimey on the other. Took it out of my 2002 LS430, sprayed it at all angles and put it to drain on kitchen paper for 2 hours to dry. The 'bulb' was then mauve all the way around. Did it improve the car.....not really, but it was cleanish anyway. The lamda was the problem.
  4. Oops. I think it may be called a Hunter machine. Kwik-fit do it al t some branches.
  5. I think so, give them a ring. Any laser tracker that does a before and after print out will do.
  6. Have it tracked on a American 'Hamilton machine'. It will track what is there, and print out a reading as to what is within, or outside spec. Then they adjust it to factory settings with the steering wheel at 'dead straight normal'. Then the set it up, and print another printout showing it is all within spec. Takes about 30 mins and costs about £45-50. F1 Autocentres have done about 3 different cars for me and been very good. When you leave having had it done, the car tracks the road like a dead straight bullet.
  7. That is very interesting. In so many cars now, e.g.. Prius all the dashboard 'goes funny', FIAT Panda, steering is odd, are often all related to an iffy battery. Todays cars seem to need a big powerful battery.
  8. 2002, I don't think it has a tyre resetting option.
  9. While accessing the OBD11 slot I found a black knob buried below the steering wheel . When you turn it around it clicks. What is it?
  10. UPDATE. Took it in to my local garage and they replaced the lamda sensor at the front of bank 2. The OEM part was £96.70p Labour 1 1/2 hours at £66 an hour. All in with VAT £234.84p. Not too bad. They seem to have done a good job, including a 10 mile test drive and the light is now off. As a matter of interest Lexus Cambridge wanted £203 for the part alone!
  11. Update. Put it all back together and all was well for 5/6 miles on a test run, then it came back on again. It is running beautifully. I need the car for 450 miles at the weekend. Not sure what to do. Any good independent Lexus specialists in Suffolk/Cambridge anyone would recommend?
  12. UPDATE It was code P0155. This is heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) 1, bank 2, heater control circuit malfunction. I assume it is the oxygen sensor on the drivers bank of cylinders at the engine end, near the exhaust manifold. Is it easy to replace? How much? I cleared the code, and also checked the petrol cap. It seemed ok, but I cleaned it and put a smear of Vaseline on the rubber seal and metal pipe to make sure it was air tight. As I had bought some MAF cleaner, I have also given this a clean. Some suggest it may be a faulty fuse. To be checked. Their are no systems such as rough running or starting. It is also returning 32 mpg on a long run.
  13. I have a code reader. Where do I plug it in. Have done another 200 miles and it is perfectly normal and on a motorway is returning 32 mpg.
  14. LS 430. (64K miles) After 3 years of faultless running, (35K miles), a problem. Stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam when a motorway was shut. Stop-start for ages. Then the orange engine management sign light up. Will not go out when the engine is switched off. Car running absolutely normal. Have done 200 miles since. Any ideas? Gummed up throttle body???