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  1. Are they dirty or damaged. If just dirty I did mine in Autoglym leather cleaner and then leather balm. About £15+ for both bottles. Really good stuff. Looked great after.
  2. When getting new number plates after an MOT advisory, I was informed I needed passport/ID/Bank details etc. In the end, on the internet and 3/4 days later number plates arrived. I always buy the bog standard UK ones, with BS standard number on them but nothing else. Then one can say they meet the UK legal standard.
  3. Or get a Halfords £99 Garmin with lifetime maps of the whole of Western Europe. I find these miles better than my Lexus system. Why Lexus do not say......'just do our maps and do them better' is a mystery.
  4. A puncture 'if it can be fixed' is £19-21ish. The average car has a puncture ever 6-7 years. Does the insurance cover 'the wheels looking are a bit shabby and a refurbishment would be nice'?
  5. I agree a clay bar is amazing at what it brings off. Tiny 'full stops' of grit embedded in the paint disappear and the paint has a glass like quality, BUT it is then very bare. A coat of polish, followed by a coat of wax is the treatment. Not tried a clay mitt but suspect it might be a half-way house. A Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Bar is the best. Wins loads of awards. I got 4 cars out of one bar. Old fashioned but works amazingly. Cut it into 4, and soften it in hot water until you have a shape like a beer mat. Then go to work.
  6. My present tyres are Yokohama V802. I have done 46,000 miles and there is still a bit on them. Amazing really, but almost all of my driving is dual carriage way and motorway. Averaging 31 mpg over the last year and 15,00 miles
  7. To me its a balanced package. I am soon to buy 4 tyres for my LS 430. Goodyear's with A, B, 68Db, for £94. That looks good to me. It is also a life-mileage/noise/safety/comfort thing. Tyres are always painful cost wise, but after you have fitted then, to see the words Goodyear or Michelin on the side makes one feel good.
  8. I do believe that is the position, but it might be dependant on what your contact of purchase included, or did not. As with others here, I really do think the mystic' of Mark Levinson is way way over the top. A good £150 Pioneer or Sony from Halfords would knock spots of it. The problem is it is embedded with air-con etc, so is very difficult to change. If it were a DIN slot, I would change mine tomorrow..
  9. Yes how do we LS 430 people do an oil change? Help much appreciated.
  10. Do it on white kitchen paper and you can see the gunge come off.
  11. It is one unclip (the electrics) and two Phillips screws. Always do it off the car. Big spray from all angles. 10 mins to dry, then back in. Dead easy to do.
  12. 18 months old is like 'fresh' tyres. You want it reasonably factory fresh. I always charge a new battery anyway, as it has to start in the car in tip-top condition. You could always ask for a fresh one ordered today and ready for pick up say in 3 days time. If they say we can't do that, ask to speak to the manager/or go elsewhere where they value your business. I must say I have always found Euro Car Parts very good, but this does look a bit 'lazy' on their part.
  13. I've used Pagid and found them very good on a number of cars.
  14. I did actually put a whole bottle of Red X in my LS430 on the basis that the bottle says 1/2 for a 'typical' tankful, but the 430 has a 80litre+ tank, so it all went in. No ill effects and I think the MPG has increased a bit, but it is summer and I use it on long runs. Never mind........ makes me fell good.
  15. Yes but this is a bit like an air filter, it does get grubby and deteriorate. Having said that a clean ever 40,000 miles is probably a bit of over-kill. But as the cost is 50p......why not?