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  1. LS 430 Needed just a new air filter and Euro car parts only had Crossland which I never seem happy with (are they really cheap and iffy?), so I went on ebay and although genuine Toyota ones are cheap in the USA with postage and duty they can be £60! Lexus direct are doing an oil filter, sump washer, air filter, cabin filter and 6 litres of Lexus 5-30 oil for £79.68p including postage. 5 litres of oil is a 'promotion' for 1p. Not bad. Interestingly the oil is only SL rated, whereby ASDA have SN 5-30 oil for £14 for 5 litres this week, top spec too. Lexus oil is made in France, Elf maybe?
  2. UPDATE Got it charged after about 2 days at 1 amp. It then read 12.8 volts and next morning 11.7 volts. It started on the button with plenty of wellie. Even after some cold nights it starts and runs 'normally'. Looks like I might have got away with it for maybe a year or so.
  3. Back to the battery. Put my old 45 year old 4 amp battery charger on, (terminals disconnected). After 3 hours reconnected the AA smart charger- 1 amp. It worked and went to charging. I have heard of this before. An old charger...... 'gets it fired up'... and the new one can operate. When it is fully charged (probably 3 days), I'll measure the voltage and if it is low, I'll replace it.
  4. I'll probably replace it. A 5 year guarantee from Halfords is so good compared to one on the web which involves problems of sending it back (our Halfords is .5 mile away). That way I have 'faith in it'. However, I'll see where I am after a days 'sort of charging'. At my age £88 and all problems go away is appealing. The interesting thing is how much electricity these cars drain when sitting there. On a Hillman Imp it was virtually nothing!
  5. I wondered how much maltreatment a battery can take. I know a flat battery is no good for the internals. But would two incidents in 4 years be so bad. Normally it is only Christmas that is a problem, as I do mostly 70 mile motorway runs. Solar charger might be good at an airport parking when 2-3 weeks stationary might occur. My brother swares by these new 'paperback' sized lithium jump starts. I usually jump start with positive and negative on the battery, and disconnect once it has started, but ECUs etc can be very sensitive to incorrect connections etc. I assumed that a 2002 car was old style technology and would be OK. Is that everyone's experience?
  6. Lexus say £91.14p for a 70 amp 3 year guarantee. Nobody at two Toyota dealers answered the phone.
  7. Left the car for over 4 weeks (yes I know, I did it last year too) over Christmas. Went out to check the battery today and it was so flat even the central locking would not work. Got in on the key and nothing on the panel lights. Hooked up my trickle charger and it would not charge. After a while it shows a bit of action. I'll leave it on for 24 hours (26 amps maybe) and see what happens. The battery is a 072 type Numark with 70 ah and 600 SAE amps. It is nearly 4 years old and has been great. Question is.... I usually give batteries one chance and then it it is iffy, replace them. If this one regenerates and I am in no hurry, so can charge for 3 days then I will give it a go. I thought of using an old fashioned 4 amp charger for an 2 hours to 'get it going'. If I do replace it, what with. I have always liked Bosch batteries but the web has a multitude of sizes from 45 amps upwards! Halfords have a huge Yuasa HSB030 with 75 amps and 640 power amps for £89 and I have a 10% voucher from Shell petrol so at £88 with a 5 year guarantee it looks good. But I have heard so so things about these batteries. Any advice would be useful.
  8. I was surprised but my 2002 LS430 is exempt. Maybe the engine and cat are so well made it is super clean. At every MOT it seems to put out fresh airish.
  9. Thank God for Euro car Parts and other OEM suppliers such as Opie Oils (8 iridium plugs for £58). I am soon to do an oil change with a Mann oil filter that cost under £4. Wiper blades that are Denso often £10-12 a pair. Having had SAABs Mercedes, Toyota and now a Lexus, suppliers such as these help no end. Why is a Prius air filter £44 at Toyota and about £14 as a Bosch! The quality is the same. My new Continental serpentine belt was £19ish and built to an amazing strength. Most car parts are cheap and made by the million. I have never understood why all cars can't standardise on 3 oil filters (with non return valves). Big, medium and small. They would then be £2 each!
  10. Wonderful help from members. So helpful. Replaced my belt in 8 minutes for £18ish. A Continental one from Euro-parts. Should last 60,000 miles or more.
  11. Are they dirty or damaged. If just dirty I did mine in Autoglym leather cleaner and then leather balm. About £15+ for both bottles. Really good stuff. Looked great after.