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  1. It would be nice if we had a list of Lexus/Toyota independents. In Suffolk I have found a terrific Mercedes specialist for my wife's car. He actually charged us 56 minutes labour at £65 an hour! How honest is that. I would suspect he knows more about Mercedes than any main dealer 'fitter'. I had my lamda sensor fitted by a BMW specialist but they had a 'Japanese cars man' who did a great job at perhaps 35% what Lexus would charge. The Denso part was 45% what Lexus were asking. An recommended independent list would really help.
  2. P0430 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank2). Could be a lamda sensor that is not allowing the cat to work properly. You need to find a good Lexus or Toyota independent to delve deeper.
  3. It never ceases to amaze me how 'young guys' ( I was one once.....but in an Hillman Imp!), seem to scream by and never have any idea just how fast and how furiously powerful a LS430 is, as it quietly progresses. Naturally, we look down on these screaming kids, but as I smugly say to my wife, there is little on the road faster or more powerful than this ....but it is all so beautifully discrete. That's the elegance.
  4. This is very good advice. I had a 230E W124 and ran it for 10 years. It was a dream and so serviceable at home. Even the torque convertor was drainable........ but....the LS430 is a different league. I have done 40,000 miles in mine and had just a lamba sensor fail, (£260 fitted) and that was a huge shock as one gets so use to nothing happening. Funny enough the W124 did about 30-31 mpg and the Lexus does the same. The ride is simply sublime. We never drive anywhere, we just glide. Everyone who is in the car just marvels. At my MOT garage it is known as 'that silver Lexus' and even the young mechanics come and look. Buy with caution and simply enjoy. When the kids go tearing across the counry, you just waft, and try not to look too smug.
  5. Manual says 35 psi plus a bit more if going heavy and fast.
  6. Euro Car parts are my favourite, but I am to do a service using a Birmingham Lexus service kit. It is all good stuff but a bit pricy. I can't understand why the oil sump blue felt/aluminium washer is so expensive. It should be 40p tops. Anyone know who does them cheap? I agree a Crosland oil filter is no good for me as I prefer a Made in Germany one. After some research on the Mann website I found that the correct Mann oil filter is which is a Mann W712/83Oil filter (the same as a Toyota Camry 2002, 3 litre). With the usual discount it is £4.53p at the moment, an amazing price. Recently got my Denso plugs from Opie oils at a very good price. £52.51p for 8 DENSO Iridium Spark Plugs [SK20R11]. Maybe a 1/3 the price of Lexus.
  7. It all seemed ok as I ran my finger around it, but I will re-check. I expected the foam to be all degraded, but it was not.
  8. Update. Was planning to buy the repair kit from the USA and took off the cover. The surprise was that the speaker and surround are in near perfect condition. It unclips carefully as you can see from the white corner clips. With the radio on, and sound focused on the rear and bass it still distorts. If the speaker is OK, what could it be? Any suggestions.
  9. Mine went in exactly that way. Engine management light on and car was running fine. An independent charged about £95 for the OEM lamda sensor (Lexus wanted £202!). About an hour and half labour to fit and test run. All Ok after. See VSC below.
  10. Thanks chaps. I always use to replace the 'fan belt' on every second-hand 'new' car as a matter of course and keep the old one in the boot as a spare. These serpentine belts seem to go for ever, but do so much more than the old 3 pulleys. This video is useful. For £22.42p at ECP seems the best option. Continental belts are German and as ever great.
  11. LS430 coming up to 60,000 miles. Thought it might be prudent to replace the belt. Is it a case of release automatic tensioner, feed new belt in, and re-tension? Anyone done one, and what is the recommended replacement mileage?
  12. You could try an OBD2 check. Worked on my 430, but yours might be too old, i.e. not sure if you have a jack plug fitted. Mine is in front of the drivers right knee.
  13. The engine mal-function code is critical. The first port of call, is what is the problem code.
  14. I must say when my car came with a Mark Levinson system I expected it to sound superb, especially as it cost thousands. But I am rather underwhelmed. The radio is difficult to lock onto stations and I think any £150 Pioneer or Sony from Halfords would perform better. In 50 years driving, never had a speaker go until now.