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  1. Wilko oil! ....everyone will decry this, but they don't read the spec. For years I have run cars on French Hypermarket oil, Asda oil, Tesco's oil, Euro Car parts oil, and Shell. All are great. All meet the spec and actually exceed it. Last oil change was ASDA =£15 or Shell =£21. My heart said Shell.......looks good. Head said Asda= brilliant.
  2. MLW


    Possibly true, but ....... Everyone I have ever heard go on about road tax does not drive a basic Toyota Aygo, it is always a 2-3 litre car, or more. Why should petrol be cheap? If it was 17p a litre as in some counties, what would we all do, go and buy the biggest V12, 6 litre we could. I would be first in the queue. Energy should be restricted for environmental use, or we will end up like Trump......... It is our human right to use as much energy as we wish, with the lowest cost. When energy is expensive, people use it carefully, and manufacturers make efficient cars.
  3. MLW


    Probably will not effect old 'established' cars. That has been the past pattern. It should be abolished anyway and x pence put on petrol. If you use it, you pay. Don't use it, don't pay. Much fairer.
  4. If you have the lot done, that equals 9 years of no trouble. Must be worth it, as days after it is done......a tensioner will go.
  5. Fully synthetic costs about £4-5 extra. Why not have all that extra protection? I ran my old 1992 Mercedes E Class 124 on it for 10 years even though everyone said semi was ok. When I sold it at 146,000 miles the engine was sweet as a nut. Oil is cheap .....engines are not.
  6. My 430 runs on 5-30 synthetic because that is what Lexus says it should run on. Almost all new cars run on this. Remember the 430 was recommended to run on SJ oil. We now easily run on SN standard, so most oil is better than in 2002.
  7. My wife's brother in law is a 'Jaguar man' and passes his Jaguar club magazine on to me when he is finished. As a Jaguar sympathiser, I always look for a good read, but I am truly shocked at what owners wishbones, not too bad at £450 a rear suspension bushes only £400 as if it is 'normal'. The most scary aspect is corrosion. My daughter has a 12 year old FIAT Panda with no corrosion. Yes, a FIAT. Yet, a £50,000 Jaguar F type (the E-Type replacement ) has a string of corrosion issues, such that members are screaming for Jaguar to act. They do not. Corrosion was solved by the bad boys of Lancia, Vauxhall, and Fiat in the late 1990's. That Jaguar still has an issue is really worrying. We however, just waft along quietly in quiet snobbery ......and why not?
  8. What is Paul Frost's webpage? I never thought a wooden steering wheel was such a big deal ......till I got one. Just feels so nice and the colour of the wood is very luxurious.
  9. MLW

    Fuel Additives.

    I also pop the odd bottle in at £2 from ASDA. Does it work. Maybeish. It really needs a proper empirical study to determine results. At £4 a year, I can feel it does work, but in reality, no idea. I feel better though!
  10. Out of interest, how much did the gearbox fluid and filter change cost?
  11. A very good tip. However I found these plugs to be very deep and having a metal 'linkage' gave the process 'feel and gentle purchase'. However, it must be done by hand. In an Austin A40 with an iron head total observable plugs, it was all so much easier! 4 plugs changed in 20 mins top.
  12. 2002 LS430. Did a service today and did the spark plugs. I am very experienced on cars, but it is a tricky job and took two hours in all. The passengers side is worse because of limited space, the drivers side is better when you remove the air filter box and the other black box above it (3 bolts and some rubber pipes in all). You can then swing it upwards and all 4 holes are revealed. See photos. A few points. Get a 3/8 socket set with two extensions (long and short) and a universal joint. It really is a contortionist nightmare. Can't see how you can do it otherwise. I have a Bahco set which is fantastic. Best £33 you will ever spend. I removed 4 of the coil packs with the wires still connected. This seemed less brutal than pulling them off. The 4 wires that go into the connector are very thin. I was terrified of snapping them as I tugged them off. A new loam looked on the cards. Do not cross thread. I took Denso's advise and did not grease the threads. The all came out easy but you MUST gently ease them in by hand for at least 3/4 way up the plug thread. There is quite a lot of thread on it. Put them in dead square, back turn till they click, and then screw in by hand. Use a good torque wrench. You cannot see anything, so although I usually 'feel' the torque, I was so scared, I bought a great £44 Teng low torque wrench. I have wanted one for a bit, and it was critical to getting 22 Nm. The washers can be felt scrapping the head as you screw in by hand. It then seems like you are over tightening, so must use a wrench as it is surprising how the washers give when compressed. Also, when it clicks, you feel good! The most difficult is the front left one by the dipstick. There just isn't any room to get the coil tube out. Eventually by carefully 'bending' the dipstick tube away and rotating the coil you can JUST get it out and back in. But I was terrified of snapping it. Anyone know a better way? Snapping all the wires and tubes under there, is a constant fear anyway. Took the car for a test drive and although it is probably physiological, it did seem very smooth and pulled great. Fuel economy thoughts after more miles. Get good genuine plugs. There are a lot on eBay that are very cheap, and look iffy. I got mine from Opie oils, (made in Japan) at £51.51p including delivery and a bit of on-line discount. Not bad for Iridium plugs that should last another 60,000 miles. Don't want to do this job for some years, although I would be quicker next time. .
  13. Got an aerosol of silicone spray in a £1 shop. Amazing stuff on so many applications. If it moves, I now spray it.
  14. I was very impressed by a Kent Drying Towel. Soaks up an amazing amount quickly. Cheap too.
  15. I live in a hard water area and always found black cars very difficult for this reason. Drying off immediately is really the only long-term answer.