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  1. True, but the print outs are what stop Halfords skulduggery!
  2. Something odd here. £40-50 is the normal price. F1 did my wife's recently and my daughters car for about £40. 2 years ago Halfords did it for £50.
  3. I used these for my LS 430. £47 for a set of 4. Perfect fit. Do get the rubber heal protector for a few pounds more. It really does work.
  4. The Hunter alignment system is I think American. A friend of mine use to work at Kwikfit. When I suggested a wheel alignment he said not here, go to XXX, they have a Hunter machine. Funny enough Kwikfit now have them. They are terrific. They do a printout with all the angles in red and green. Green is within spec, red is out. After they have corrected it you get a second paper read out showing it has been done properly. None of that old 'should be OK' stuff. You can see for yourself. Afterwards the car tracks like a bullet. It will tend to drift to the left because of the camber, but drive on the right, and it will drift to the right. The cost at my local F1 auto centre is about £40. They often have a voucher for discount. £113 is a rip off. Go to F1 or Halfords. My centre had run out of printing paper (really) but they photographed it and sent it to me, before I authorised the work. The check is free, adjustment is about £40.
  5. Mintex pads, any good?

    Is there a retaining screw on the discs, and is it easy to get out (i.e. not corroded)?
  6. I thought you could just open the boot, or car physically with the physical metal key extended. The alarm goes off etc, but when you put the key in the lock, the computer talks to the key and 'knows it is you' so switches off.
  7. These are completely ridiculous ......but wonderful. How much?
  8. The Bilt Hamber Clay bar is the one to get. You can divide the blue bar into 4, then soften it in warm water. Work it out into a bear mat sized piece. The beauty is it uses just water as a lubricate. What comes off is amazing. Then any really good polish will do. Polish is slightly abrasive so it will pull even more marks off, then the final Autoglym wax. Never thought clay barring was such a big deal, till I did one. Was truly shocked at the difference. If you rub your fingers over a clean car, and you feel little nicks and full stops......clay bar it.
  9. Halfords are doing this wax at £20 instead of £47. Amazing price. Over the years I have tried most of them and this is in a different league. It lasts for ages. Did mine last July and it is still beading. It is a wax, so the best approach is to use a polish, then this wax. On a big Lexus it took me a day to wash, polish, and then wax it, but it looked amazing and also lasted for ages. You can get about 6-7 normal cars out of a pot. Better still clay bar it. Have done this on 3 different cars and what comes off is a brown deposit which shows how much gunge is in the air. The paint is then like glass with no pimples and 'full stops' as you run your finger over it. Amazon have it at £ 39.85p.
  10. My daughter uses one of these bought on Ebay, in her FIAT panda radio/cassette. It works really well. Problem is you need a iPhone and I am a basic mobile man.
  11. Actually, if sensible economic, environmental reasoning was the key factor, the Prius is the only car anyone ever needs. I had a Mark 2 for 4 years. Over 40k and it only failed one side light bulb (£1) and one headlight bulb, upgraded for £16 the pair. The car was very spacious, 58 mpg in winter and 63 mpg in summer. £10 road tax, and a huge rear passenger space and a big hatchback area. It had 8-9 airbags etc. The mark 3 is even better. The only problem was my daughter described it as a 'very good sewing machine'. And it was. It just did the job, day after day. Like a Miele washing machine. BUT, ....... when I drive the LS430 I feel sorry for all the people who do not have one. Arrogance yes, pity for the poor people, yes..... but it is sublime magic! A LS430 tell you, God loves you and he wants you to be happy.
  12. 96 k = belt and water pump etc need to be done.
  13. This really is an interesting topic in one aspect. If my 52,000 miles 2002, LS430 should be stolen or written off, where would I go? Maybe a Prius a wonderful car which has the LS reliability. Maybe a Mercedes E class but it must be petrol and economicalish..... a 1.8 supercharged possibly. A Bentley or RR, wonderful naturally, but 13-15 mpg, plus £600 to service it is a bit rich for me. All good cars but not the same as my wafting, dead reliable elegant limo. Every time I drive it, I ask why pay £16,000 for a Ford Focus?
  14. Never like Cat C or D. Bought a VW once knowing everything about the car. It had had a fully professional repair. All measured and certified to the millimeter, but, it just wasn't right. It was OK, but just not right. Tiny things were not as in a car that had not had a whack. Given the millions of second hand cars out there......why bother? Get the real deal. Nice car with provenance, and a nice 'normal' owner.
  15. Rear space is plenty. Remember the rear seat goes backwards. Obvious but often forgotten. The further back it is.....the safer in a crash. Same for the passenger seat. Whenever my kids get into a car, I say seat back. 5 extra inches = you might not hit the windscreen in a crash.