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  1. I do believe that is the position, but it might be dependant on what your contact of purchase included, or did not. As with others here, I really do think the mystic' of Mark Levinson is way way over the top. A good £150 Pioneer or Sony from Halfords would knock spots of it. The problem is it is embedded with air-con etc, so is very difficult to change. If it were a DIN slot, I would change mine tomorrow..
  2. Yes how do we LS 430 people do an oil change? Help much appreciated.
  3. Do it on white kitchen paper and you can see the gunge come off.
  4. It is one unclip (the electrics) and two Phillips screws. Always do it off the car. Big spray from all angles. 10 mins to dry, then back in. Dead easy to do.
  5. 18 months old is like 'fresh' tyres. You want it reasonably factory fresh. I always charge a new battery anyway, as it has to start in the car in tip-top condition. You could always ask for a fresh one ordered today and ready for pick up say in 3 days time. If they say we can't do that, ask to speak to the manager/or go elsewhere where they value your business. I must say I have always found Euro Car Parts very good, but this does look a bit 'lazy' on their part.
  6. I've used Pagid and found them very good on a number of cars.
  7. I did actually put a whole bottle of Red X in my LS430 on the basis that the bottle says 1/2 for a 'typical' tankful, but the 430 has a 80litre+ tank, so it all went in. No ill effects and I think the MPG has increased a bit, but it is summer and I use it on long runs. Never mind........ makes me fell good.
  8. Yes but this is a bit like an air filter, it does get grubby and deteriorate. Having said that a clean ever 40,000 miles is probably a bit of over-kill. But as the cost is 50p......why not?
  9. Oh dear. I ask the question why? Surely mankind can do better than this?
  10. I have to say it is terribly satisfying when it all works well. It has been about 6 months since we had any radio coming out of the back. I would have repaired it earlier, but I was not aware that one can repair speakers. I am not really an electrical chap. I think a new speaker is a fortune, so any complete repair is worth it.
  11. UPDATE Got the kit from America. Had to pay an extra £4+ and taxes and import duties AND the Post Office's £8 administration charge to collect the duty! Anyway did the repair exactly like the American video and I has worked out perfectly. Just put everything through the rear woofer speaker and there is no distortion whatsoever. When I cut the old gasket away it really was quite fragile and fell away easily. Some tips. Get a really sharp modelling knife or new Stanley blade. Always cut away from the centre of the speaker. It is so easy for it to slip and cut into the cone. Get all the old gasket off the metal ring by scrapping and then using nail remover as this works a treat, but it is a bit messy. An old thin clean rag worked well to remove the old stuff. Take lots of photos, because when it is all in bits, refitting it took ages. A 15T torx screwdriver is good for removing the 4 holding screws. Wrap the 4 bolts that hold the speaker to the chassis in kitchen towel before the 10 mm socket goes over the bolt head. This really does hold it in and stops bolts shooting under the felt and away. Let the glue dry for about 3 hours for the inner ring and overnight for the outer. I only used about 3% of the tube but it is fantastic stuff, and specially designed for speaker repair. You can buy these gaskets on ebay for £2-3, but the glue really is the key. Overall, it cost me about £41 with taxes etc. Expensive, but the American kit is a perfect fit, and the glue is amazing. If anyone wants to borrow the glue, let me know.
  12. Sorry, Just saw the picture. I was saying I planned to hoover out the 9 month 10,000 miles on the old filter, but it was very bad, I replaced it. I have checked the service book and Lexus say every 4 years or 30,000 miles which ever comes first. Heaven knows what it would look like then. Toyota said my old Prius was every 40,000 miles. I agree the air seems poorer and maybe ever 10,000 miles is becoming the new norm. Also, a big V8 must suck in much more air than a 1.6 liter engine, so one Lexus size fits all seems crazy.,
  13. UPDATE Did a service today and replaced the belt. It really is an easy 10 mins as stated. Getting the old one on is a bit tricky and 4 hands would help but it went on OK in the end. Euro Car parts £21.73p with the usual discount. A Continental and really 'Made in Germany'. Very strong too, and the perfect length. Old one in the boot as an 'emergency spare'. The picture below show the old 70,000 mile original belt. Usual cracking but not too bad really, as there were no very deep cracks.
  14. Tried to find a dipstick for the gearbox today. Is there one, and where is it?