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  1. Out of interest, what is the life of 430 exhaust. I thought being stainless steel, about 20-25 years. Am I wrong?
  2. That is interesting, with most saying they are pretty poor. It is surprising as my wife's Mercedes SLK has great heated seats. Two settings as well. I'll try cleaning out the filters, but at best I can hardly feel anything, hot or cold.
  3. In this hot sticky weather keen to use the 'seat blowers'. Mine hardly register. Motors can be heard but no real woosh, either on hot or cold. Any advise please? Are the filters likely to be mucky, and does this make muck of a difference?
  4. This is a professional job. Bite the bullet. £60-70- each. Leave the car at the refurbishes for 2 days. Go and pick it up, and marvel at the difference. £300 tops. Pay and walk away amazed.
  5. MLW

    2007 Ls460 oil viscousity options

    If Lexus say 0w-20, why not use 0w-20?
  6. Pagid pads at Euro car parts are great. Smooth, silent and lots of feel and grip.
  7. the LCA??? What is this?
  8. All these under trays are good aerodynamically, but difficult to work with. The front tray has about 18-20 screws in it. A real pain, but they are all like that. The 'oil filter change flap' will work if it is up in the air on a a lift. In a drive way, the oil change involves about 8-10 screws to give one 'just enough space'. My old Mercedes had a 3 inch space that allowed the sump nut to be removed. Heaven, because an oil change took just 30 mins.
  9. What does the owner's manual say?
  10. Went to ASDA, oil now back at the old price of £22ish. Shell it is then.
  11. Are all these mileages on a 'sealed for life gearbox oil' or have they been changed. Interested as my 430 is coming up to 60,000 and I am contemplating a gearbox oil change?
  12. Go to an alloy wheel refurbishers. You would be amazed how they can repair wheels. Was in a tyre shop the other day. Guy had hit a pothole and thought the wheel was scrap. No no, said the shop. We can fix that. Specialist have wheel rolling machines that force a buckled wheel back into true. They could refurb it the same colour as the rest, or have all 4 done for say £60-70 each. They fit new valves and balance them, as part of the deal/price.
  13. Just accurate really. One speaks as one finds. My only fear is having to go to Lexus for anything. The car is remarkably old fashioned in that most things are easily serviceable. Plan to replace the spark plugs at 60,000 miles, cost about £80-90 at Euro car parts. Not too bad for the next 60,000 miles. The key to older cars is to over-service them a little. Today Shell oil is £19+ at Euro car parts. Amazing for the best one can buy at this price. ASDA oil is £15 for 5 litres this week, and many who has not read the extensive spec will say it is rubbish. It is great oil. The car manual specified SL oil at manufacture. We are now on SN. Can't be all bad.
  14. My 2002 LS430 has done 25k fault free miles since I bought it. Just did 1,400 miles in Scotland. The gearbox is a 5 speed and is slilky smooth. Can't hear or feel gear changes. The power is amazing although we never use it as we waft everywhere in near total silence. The air suspension is like silk. It uses no oil and does 31 mpg, although that is mostly 'easy' dual carriageway and motorway milage. For a V8 it is remarkably economical on a run. Stop-start driving is not its real forte. Has all 4 brake pads redone. All the pads were about £55 on Europarts, and took 1 1/2 hours to fit at my local place. Easiest pads to fit in any car the young lad said. One bolt, up caliper, pads in. Shell oil and a Mann oil filter are about £25 all in at Euro car Parts. An oil change is easy, but the undercover plate is a pain as in most new cars. Starts on the button every time. The inside is pure luxury, and very spacious. Mine is my favourite colour silver and cream inside. The only problem is the £1,800 Mark Levingson radio (premier pack), which I think is nothing special, but in Suffolk the signal is sometimes weak. The CD is good. It has about 10 airbags and must be incredibly asfe in a crash. When I bought mine it had a new battery and Lexus fitted new cam belt. A full belt, water pump and pulleys is about £600 ever 90,000 miles. Best car I ever had. Plan to keep it for ages.