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  1. I always want to try a VTEC, and, DC2 if possible. But I have no budget to do this at the moment, hopefully 2-3 years latter.
  2. I actually only need the reading such as camber degree or so.. Since I don't have that kind of good measurement.
  3. I think the traction control cannot be completely switched off, I can push that button and the LCD shows it off, but then a little while latter it come back on again.
  4. So the snow button is not really for icy days, it is only for getting out from the ice?
  5. I do notice that Kwik-Fit centres usually have very good wheel alignment tools, and I plan to do this for may old car. But I also know their service is crap so I'll watch them do it.. I guess.
  6. Well, I don't have the LSD on it.. It's too expensive, and I don't do track day things other than go-kart.
  7. Hi Dutchie: It is not really that spinning or drifting, and the traction control did cut in and reduce the power. But.. I used to drive a diesel Passat, same driving style, and the traction control didn't come in as often as the IS. Also, sometime you can feel a little bit wheel spinning before the power reduced. But sure, I'll have my IS suspension check in next service. Thanks.
  8. I'll check the tyre pressure. Maybe I just not getting use to the traction control thing yet.
  9. Well, other than an old 911 that too slow to lose traction, I've never driven any other car that has 'sportiness' in it. All cars I used to have was just some diesel car with small engine.
  10. That sounds fair. Well, I certainly don't hope there is a problem in rear suspension, since it is a pretty new car. It is not bad traction, just not as good as I wished. It is the most expensive car I ever own, maybe I just need to get used of it.
  11. If modern 911, that's true. For old 911, especially those torsion-bar one, traction is only available in straight line.
  12. Hi Everyone. I got my IS300h about half years now, I love almost everything about this car. But there is still a small problem, the rear wheel always tends to lose grip / traction. It gets worst if it is in a turn slightly uphill or downhill with a little bit of wet, even in eco-mode I have to press the accelerator gently. Some said it's about the tyres, so I change all 4 wheels to Yokohama AD-08R, that should be the one of the best grip tyre. It's better now but still slides. Some said it was the common problem for RWD, but I had a vintage 911 still better than the IS300h in terms of grip. 225 tyre dose not seem small size for 220bhp car, and I don't think it should need a bigger tyre. ==== Anyway, I was told that Toyota build all their car for drifting, I should live with it.
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    Just arrived
  14. Sazabi2001

    Top Gear

    I never watched any car program until I bought a 87’ 911, and then I started watching TopGear. I agree TopGear is quite stupid but still funny.. in a way. What I think is, if I watched TopGear first I may never end-up buying a Porsche 911, it will reduce my level of intelligent to a point that I don't like sport car anymore.
  15. 'Passenger-side protection lacking in small overlap crashes - IIHS New' It seems that Toyota only reinforced the driver side structure, but not the passenger side. I hope it only happen in RAV4, not Lexus.