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  1. Please tell me more Lordy - Plymouth
  2. I should add that in the 2016 Premier I had they were loud, clear and effective this is something in the 2019 Takumi that has changed
  3. The question was that I was unable to hear or barely hear the 2 bleeps for the Speed camera warning. The reply I got was as in my post
  4. Having spent £47K on the new Lexus NX I am appalled that the Lexus Technical Team replied with this I have been able to find a solution to your query regarding the Speed Camera alerts and warnings on the Lexus Premium Navigation system: You have to select Setup -> General -> Selection Sound = On The volume of these alerts cannot be altered as it has a default sound within the system.
  5. After visiting dealer workshop they have still not managed to fix this Any help please ATL Plymouth
  6. I have just got my 2nd NX and have not yet heard the bleeps for camera alert that was very clear and helpful on the first (2016) NX. Have been to the Lexus garage this afternoon and they say that they have increased the volume of the bleeps so have yet to test. If anyone can guide me through the settings to check for myself I would be very happy to see for myself ATL Plymouth