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  1. I was hoping to part exchange mine with that one, but the seller isn't interested. 😥
  2. I have an '04 reg IS300 saloon in good condition. It has done nearly 90,000 miles and has recently had the cambelt changed and new front brake calipers and pads fitted. I need the extra space that the Sportcross offers (it must be a 300 model). Can anyone help please?
  3. I guess it must be a faulty lock. Thanks for trying to help.
  4. And yes - I do have a manual release lever which works fine.
  5. Just tried that, but the key still won't turn either way. :-(
  6. Same experience with alarm going off and then stopping it with key fob. But no joy with turning the key in the boot lock, even with the car unlocked. :-(
  7. I know that the spring on the boot was replaced, by Lexus Swindon, about a year ago, but I'm not aware of the lid ever having been changed. The key does indeed open the driver's door. However, I very rarely open it other than via the fob, and when I tried it just now it set the alarm off. Nothing I pressed on the fob would stop it, but when it eventually stopped I re-inserted the key and it opened and locked the door with no problem.
  8. Not sure. It was first registered in 2003. BTW - the key doesn't seem to go all the way into the barrel.
  9. I've nearly always unlocked the boot on my IS300 by pressing the button on the key rather than inserting the key in the lock. Recently there has been a steadily increasing delay before the lock responds, which I assume may be because the key fob battery is becoming flat. My problem is that when I insert the key in the boot barrel, the latter will not turn. I've tried lubricating it to no avail. Any ideas, please? I want to ensure that I can unlock the boot if the fob battery fails completely.
  10. Janey, Thank you. I'll try to get in touch with him. :)
  11. I recently (at least three weeks ago) renewed my Lexus Owners Club membership. In the past I have received, in return, a membership card and various car stickers. This time, however, I have received nothing - most worryingly no membership card to show to my local dealer in order to gain the usual LOC discounts on parts. I can see nowhere on this website to contact anyone about this matter. So can someone please advise me how to proceed? Thank you.
  12. Thanks to you all for your encouraging replies. On the potential downside my local Lexus dealer (Swindon) suggests that I may well have UV resistance, but on the plus side tells me that they've had no reported problems with using portable sat navs without antennas. I've ordered the Garmin and will try to remember to let you know how I get on with it.
  13. I'm hoping to buy a portable Sat Nav, probably a Garmin NUVI 1490T, for my '03 registered IS300. However, I have read that cars with UV resistant windscreens may need external aerials to get good satellite reception. Please can anyone tell me if my car has a UV resistant windscreen, or how I can find out? I think it is the original - ie has not been replaced.
  14. Thanks Peter & Fluff, Coincidence perhaps - but I have today received an email from my original contact at Lexus Exeter who I had not heard from since well before Christmas (at that time over the 'phone). He tells that he has been ill and will now be treating my case as a matter of priority, so I look forward to hearing from him again soon. Until that telephone conversation I was not aware that each dealer effectively acts independently as a franchisee. Is that something that is generally appreicated by club members, do you think?
  15. Please can someone confirm that Lexus Exeter still exists? I have had no response to several letters of complaint about my purchase of what I believe was a misrepresented IS300, including the latest sent by Special Delivery.