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  1. Not long bought an is220d, but theres a chronic oil leak on the car, some coming from the turbo inlet, but the other side of the engine is caked with old engine oil, its all over the anti roll bar, cables and pipes in that location. The question I have is, where is the oil pipe going that sits under the radiator. Its a very thin metal pipe with rubber pipe each end. Mine was detached at one end! Im hoping this is partly the cause of the oil covering everything in that part of the engine.
  2. With mpg dipping to 32 with the hot weather and air con use and the clattery soundtrack on idle and the lag and crappy gearbox, i'm left cold and totally frustrated. Petrol IS just isnt an option; I'd be dipping into the 20's. which as 20,000 miles a year, will cost a fortune. So im heading back, believe it or nt to 407 coupe 2.7 hdi land again. The car is much roomier and practical, but doesnt have the upmarket feel of the lexus, though the engine and better economy make up for it. Im really sorry to be leaving the fold, but I cannot see a way around parting with the car. Remapping could destroy the engine possibly, and I dont want to risk that, also it still leaves me with a noisy clattery engine and poor , reluctant gearbox. I will keep the car until the right Peugeot comes along, this is a real shame
  3. Thank you all for your welcoming responses. I think I will look into the plug in accelerator mod and possibly remapping to try perk things up. I've read about terraclean before so may give that a go too, but that's all going to be several hundred pounds. I did fail to mention that I had the 407 coupe remapped too so it was looking like 245bhp in the same weight car with much much more torque. I'm a little afraid to go mapping the hell out or this apparently fragile engine though. What a lovely car besides this bone shaker of and engine, and the gearbox that's doing its best to slow you down too! I will read through the T&C's and let you know how I get on.
  4. Sorry to being my membership here with such a negative post, but I am somewhat disappointed with this cars engine after 2 weeks of ownership. My car has done 59k miles with full service history, so I don't think its a dud. It just seems very reluctant to make progress and laggy and always out of the powerband unless you rev the hell out of it and are lightening quick with gearchanges. Perhaps I should've opted for the sport model with its different gearing, but then again, the poor economy would be even worse; I'm averaging 34mpg urban/b-roads. My last car was a 407 coupe with the Jag/Range Rover Sport 2.7 V6 twin turbo auto diesel engine which was a peach. The Lexus is a better built car for sure but this engine is poor in my opinion. what are other peoples thoughts? My mileage is 20k a year, I'm even tempted on getting an IS250 and LPG converting!