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  1. I know you posted ages ago lol. What was the gains like on 220d cheers
  2. I'm not getting no wind deflectors come up when I search.
  3. Are they online? The gen ones I mean. I have a look on climair. Also do you have a is220d
  4. I brought them from eBay is there any chance of getting rear wind deflectors
  5. Hello Lexus owners, I'm a new Lexus owner I have a Lexus is220d and had the car a few months now. Now I want to start doing bits and one of the bits is the wind deflectors but I brought some which said they fit the 220d but when I received them they were for the 250, I also read they the 250/220 are the same body shape. Well I thought that and tired to fit them and they don't fit, now I've brought from 2 different companies saying they fit the 220d but they don't. can anyone with a 220d post a link or share there story please