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  1. Am I young and urban?

    Young and Urban 😆 Well i guess its more catchy than. middle aged / smart and informed / disposable income. i dont work in marketing btw 😆 Im 49 ,and quite possibly the youngest hippest RX owner out there . (Not verified or proven otherwise) Anyways nice car, Enjoy ! Stay cool Bro.
  2. Ive not heard of anyone replacing an exhaust on a Rx450 yet, but you can bet its going to be scary expensive im sure. Selling my old motor on ebay was a nightmare. Shifted it to autotrader and was a much happier experience . Swings and roundabouts i guess . Good luck.
  3. Makes sense now. Thats why the memory function doesnt work when in R . It doesn't need to👍
  4. First trip went well 👍

    Last week i had a (japanese) wood pigeon fly into my Rx on the A42. Straight into the front grill ! Fortune has it , he was killed instantly because if he had survived i would of snapped his neck in two after the mess i had to clear up and the shattered grill i now have to repla£e.
  5. I ditched the bridgestones because of the tramlining and noise. Replaced with the goodyear asymetric 2 And now on the asymetric3 all round . Great improvement all round ! The only decibels i hear are through the ML stereo ....bliss 😆
  6. A good point well made 😃 Until today I wasnt aware you could set the posistion of the dipped mirrors. anyways ill try mine tomorrow in R and report back to see if you can set the memory function ! Ps. My mirrors dip but sometimes they stick and dont come back up, so ill be trying the cleaning fix soon, kindly posted above!
  7. I thought you had to be in Park (P) To set the memory function ? Didnt know it worked when in R but ,then again ive never tried it !
  8. Keyless Thefts

    How to disable the key ?
  9. Keyless Thefts

    What is this sorcery ?
  10. Looks fantastic ! Thanks for the write up. Oh and great choice with the colour .
  11. More guitars here guys,. Interested about starting a car showroom collection now !
  12. New toy!

    Looks fantastic ! Congrats and enjoy. ps. Love the private plate too !
  13. New used car

    Hello Mike, stick with the IS . Most of the costs quoted are for the exhaust . A custom made stainless exhaust could be half that price ! Did they give you a breakdown of the costs ?
  14. Stolen RX450 Sport

    Hi there, Thanks for your update. However you dress it up,Its not right you buy a premium desirable car with modern technology and its easier to Twok than a 2bob motor with standard key and imobiliser . What happens if and when its impossible to get insurance for keyless because any 10yr old can crack it .do we all buy steering locks and hope ! Sorry i still dont believe lexus are doing anything . Happy to be proved wrong though ! Very Happy to hear you are getting paid by the insurance company !!
  15. Yes local to me , I was quoted £850 but i recieved a discount offer, so it çame to £750 I had to wait 2mths for my slot has they are a small but busy firm.
  16. So i had my custom made stainless exhaust fitted and happy to report its quiet and refined and no droning. its a lttle deeper in sound in a good way but its only because im really listening for a difference. Not sure if im allowed to link to the supplier .but there work was quality and they delivered all i asked .
  17. Stolen RX450 Sport

    Well yes i do doubt they are doing anything about it thats my point. Its widely reported that over a 1000 cars with keyless entry are stolen per month just in London alone. I would say thats quite a serious security issue that needs resolving. Lexus have a duty here and if they cant fix it and keep your car safe from a simple hack then they should admit it or fix it .
  18. Stolen RX450 Sport

    Well i agree sh.. happens and you move on, but there is a serious security issue here with keyless entry and your reply is just has apathetic has the response from all the major manufacturers . "Pursuit of perfection" do me a favour ! The keyless issue could be solved quite easily without "creating" anything too "amazing"
  19. Stolen RX450 Sport

    Sorry to hear this bud. I know you cant fully stop thieving scumbags but this is getting ridiculous. What action is lexus or any other car manufacturer taking against this known problem? We know its a problem , the police know its a problem , the internet knows its a problem, so i think its fair to say lexus know too! Please do let us know what lexus have to say to you, because in my eyes by doing nothing they are culpable. Once again sorry to hear your bad news.
  20. I have been quoted £700 for custom made 304 grade stainless steel system. Thats cutting the original after the cats and fitting from there on my is250. Garage is saying it will be just has quiet has original, garanteed ! Everything i read on here gives me alarm bells regarding the noise! Do you guys think this is a fair price, i think i would be looking at 2k from lexus is this correct ? Rock and a hard place !
  21. Looks like my local F1 autocenter have 'putting in kindly' inexperienced staff then
  22. Thats interesting my local well known tyre fitters told me there was no allignment adjustment possible on the rears ? For the record i had asymetric 3 all round, replacing the asy' 2 and they do seem to be a all round improvement so far !
  23. So impressed with our Recently bought 2015 rx f sport , im now considering trading in the is250 s-eL 57plate for a 2008 rx400h SR with 95k on the clock. I would probably have to part with a couple of grand to do the swap. What do you think ? Have i just got a case of RX ocd Or should i just stick with the IS?
  24. H.A.S. Hybrid Anxiety Syndrone ! ( to worry, without rational reason over the failure of proven technology) I Know the hybrid system is fantastic has i have just purchased a 2016 rx450h . I just have H.A.S. buying a close to 10yr old hybrid with no warranty options and potentially having a bill for close to 50% of the vehicles value should sh.t happen.