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  1. New member - first Lexus

    Hadn't even thought about that - am I missing sideskirts?!
  2. New member - first Lexus

    Yeah I wasn't looking for an ecobox, wanted something a bit interesting - an the IS fits the bill nicely. Have ran a few V6s over the years as daily drivers and can live with that. The RX is another matter - 18mpg around town no matter how carefully you drive it is a bit excessive. The best I've had out of it was 24mpg on a long motorway run - driving like a nun (it was the most boring drive of my life!). Anyway, here's a pic of the car in question - currently at a Rotary specialist having a second engine rebuild (under warranty) due to oil pressure problems
  3. New member - first Lexus

    Thanks Mike. I've not taken any photos as yet, but I have the photos my colleague took when he put it up for sale last Friday (it wasn't for sale for long!): As you can see, it's totally factory standard (as far as I can tell anyway!). It has a few scratches and some Asda rash - and the front bumper needs a respray. But on the whole, not too shabby. It's not going to win any concourse awards but it serves me well for what I need
  4. New member - first Lexus

    I've been driving the IS since Monday and have to say, it's a very nice drive and the engine is silky smooth. Very impressed As for the new manager - I think he'll be a success. Can't be any worse than Martinez was let's face it! Goodison was not a pleasant place to be last season with the dire football that was being served up. With a new manager and backroom staff - and with the promise of big investment, I've confident of a big improvement this season
  5. New member - first Lexus

    Hi all, Just joined as I have just bought by first Lexus - a 53 plate IS200 Sport in Silver. It has been bought as a second car to be the daily driver as I also have a Mazda RX-8 which is as you may know, rather thirsty. The IS will be the daily driver to work and back and can have fun at the weekends in the RX. I bought it from a work colleague who has owned it for the past 10 years so kind of know it's history. A few jobs to do in the coming months: Front bumper needs a respray and a few scratches/car park dings to sort out Poor radio reception (aftermarket headunit so I believe a wire needs splicing to power the antenna) Timing belt due for replacement in the next 8000 miles so that will be sorted in a few months Full service (oil, plugs etc) Alloy Wheel refurb Other than that, it seems pretty sweet - a comfortable drive home tonight!