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  1. I’ve booked the car in next week to have it checked
  2. I had the last nx 3years and no problem so I’m used to the model I’ve even checked this one at different speeds and no luck .many thanks for your help
  3. Yes I have set it up correctly it’s a 2019 model but thanks
  4. I have a few months old nx Takumi (my second one ) having trouble with the auto headlamp not going on high beam at night down dark roads even when set on auto had no problem with the last nx (same model ) has anyone had the same problem
  5. Thank you for the information
  6. Hi yes I've sorted that out regarding mylexus with hotspots etc been at the dealers today to sort it he could not do it he is contacting lexus for help we were nearly sorted with it .
  7. It's not in the manual.thank you
  8. My new car Nx Takumi love it it’s my 2nd one last one was a Nx premier in sonic titanium 66 plate great car also
  9. Just change my 2016 Nx premier for a 2019 Takumi the information system has changed a lot can anyone help me regarding set up app,s on the car .