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  1. Have found this week that drivers seat electric motor for moving seat front to back is starting to change noises. Normally you could just hear the motor winding along as the seat moves but now I am hearing the motor louder and start to slow at end of travel but more worrying although intermittent is a loud nasty grinding noise. I have tried with me on or off seat and both full and part travel without change. I do move the seat via memory setting every time I get in and out of car with quite a lot of seat travel. This was one of the main buying points to allow easy access etc. Has anyone had similar issues? thanks stu
  2. oldgreybeard

    Door Mirror

    Hi Steve, had the same problems with passenger mirror that would not drop when selecting reverse or reset to a memory position. I had fortunately for once made the decision of taking lexus warranty and it was covered for the work under that. Initially the motor unit was well lubricated which seemed to make some improvement but not for long. Lexus quoted nearly £500 for complete mirror unit but eventually changed motor assembly under warranty which was costed at about £185 from memory. Now have the same problem with drivers side so will have to down same route before warranty runs out. I did ask about buying second hand mirror but was told (rightly or wrongly) it would have to be coded to the car at Lexus, meaning more expense. Hope that helps a little. stu
  3. Looks great same colour and age as mine but much cleaner! How on earth did you get result? Know little about cleaning car other than spraying with snow foam and rinsing off. We even have the same trim fault except mine has a small cig burn - shame really as lets it down. Am living with damp drivers side seatbelt at minute, just another water ingress issue. Well done with yours
  4. CONTACT DETAILS for fitters/suppliers used: http://usedmobilityhoists.co.uk/ phone and ask for Brian 01509 507877 or 07979 911020 very helpful and happy to answer all your questions. Also sells some used hoists on ebay at lower prices but without backup and warranty - you choose. Fitting done by midlands hoists call and speak to Bill on 07908 148882. very helpful and capable fabricator for all fitting needs, has fitted many hoists that needed tickling into place!. Based in Nuneaton, east midlands but will travel where needed as long as fuel costs covered - very fair. I have no connection with either only happy to recommend their services. Doubt it if you will get discount by mentioning club but they both know I am passing details onto the club site and it would jog their memory about RX layout etc. Our scooter came from http://www.mobilityandlifestyle.co.uk/ family owned business with several shops, ours in Nuneaton. Sell new and used units of various makes we dealt with Christian (mgr) on 02476 371032. Don't forget insurance-liability and damage/theft. plenty of choice on net regards stu
  5. Thank you for all the kind replies. It feels better being able to contribute something after using the forum for so much valuable info in the past. Question : Should I add contact details of people used or wait for someone to ask should they need help ? stu
  6. As promised once hoist project had been completed wanted to give some info and maybe pointers for anyone looking to have similar done. This is my first write up so forgive me if I waffle on a bit. OBJECTIVE To end up with a working, safe and reliable way of loading and loading a mobility scooter to the boot of my rx400 2006 without using up rear seat space and all at the lowest cost as money tight. WHY? My wife is unwell with collapsed spine to the extent that she is almost housebound and cannot walk more than a few feet before being crippled with pain. Really wanted to do something to help her get out of house more even if for only short periods of time. Needed something simply and easy to drive with as much comfort as could be allowed subject to all criteria. As I am living with and incurable degenerative disease that robs me of mobility and strength/muscles the whole system had to be within my limited capabilities ie, weakness and only partial use of one hand etc etc. CHICKEN AND EGG QUESTION? So first dilemma do we find scooter that is usable and will fit in boot and then hope we can get right hoist or fit hoist and then fit scooter that will go into space that is left? RESEARCH It would seem that there are two main hoist names on the market (there may be others?) Autochair and Bryg-ayd. After much reading and talking to various mobility companies decided that Autochair was for us with one of the Olympian range models that not only looked neat but would be able to do job with ease. Only problem was to go direct to seller to buy and have them fit price was in the region of £2000 ! Immediate no no for our situation. Whilst getting my head round that started to look at scooters that might do the job, what a minefield and quite frankly too much choice although we decided to buy from local mobility shop so that any problems could be dealt with quickly and easily. SCOOTERS For those not familiar with scooters they fall into two main groups Class 2 scooter for use on pavements and around shops etc with maximum speed of 4 mph, this group includes the more transportable models . Class 3 scooters are bigger, more robust and heavier with a top speed of 8mph for use on roads if required (need to register unit with DVLA). Needed to think about charging battery system as living mid terrace meant unable to put scooter in back garden or shed to plug in so that narrowed down choice to models with lift out battery units that could be taken indoors or porch in our case and safely recharged without having to run extension leads etc. Eventually narrowed choice down to : https://www.pride-mobility.co.uk/travel-scooters/go-go-elite-traveller-sport.html Then I asked price !just over £1100 inc. Looked online and found same cheaper but did not want back to base warranty issues. The shop we dealt with were very patient and helpful and we decided to buy from them if possible. Within a few days they had a nearly new one traded in against bigger scooter so we ended up with second hand unit in A1condition all tested and ok with same warranty as a new one for £580. We had already tried fitting into boot as it came apart in 5 sections and it just fitted assembled so we were looking good . Ideal ability to break apart into smaller sections if fitting in small space but two of the parts were way too heavy for me to lift so really needed hoist completed unit in and out. HOIST Found several hoists for sale on ebay and on company in particular that dealt with ex-mobility car hoists that have to be changed at certain intervals so bought Autochair Olympian 100kg capacity hoist with all fittings (hold that thought!) and delivery for just over £300. When courier delivered it I got worried about the sheer size and weight of this thing, thought I had got carried away this was a serious bit of kit in front of me that looked hardly used and came with long warranty. Now I just needed to have it fitted to the car - laugh I nearly peed myself after several short phone calls of negative response and then by chance found a local guy (10 miles) that fits hoists and travels all round the country. Booked to come and have a look for me but said needed scooter to see what room left for fitting. Oh yes what car does sir have?- a what? never fitted hoist to one before. Now there may be a good reason why it costs so much to have these hoists fitted by supplier. The simple answer is that every make and model (mostly) of car has a different internal layout to the boot with different obstacles, angles of panels and places to attach etc. When you buy a second hand unit you obviously end up with the Base fitting a-frame from the car it lived in- this will not fit another model, so you need to buy a second hand unit with a-frame from same car as you own. That is ok if you have a Galaxy or maybe Citroen Picasso but a lexus rx400- yeah right. FITTING Fitting man turned up with young apprentice in tow and stood staring into boot and said yes it could be done he just did not know how yet ! He told me that he could take my supplied a-frame off me and use a different one that he had that was different in shape and size and then problem solve on site and fabricate a one off fitting unit to the car boot to hold hoist safely in place. No being a bit ocd here I took a leap of faith and said as long as it was safe and worked that was ok so we booked a date. On the day chosen van turned up with welding and cutting gear on board (and apprentice-had my eye on him as he was doing electrics) Short story some 7 hours later, many coffees and sticky buns we had a working hoist in car that did the job. PROBLEMS As we know the RX has a false floor with fitted storage beneath that prevented access to boot floor pan for secure fitting so all boot interior and right side panels removed to find a minefield of fixtures , fittings and no go areas for attachment. Ended up with three fabricated bolt fixings fitted and at my request a further fixing welded to floor pan for safety. Overkill? before welding done the hoist under load of scooter showed small sign of movement and I was not prepared to risk it getting worse. Fitter was really worried about welding unit in case I wanted to remove to fit to another vehicle but I said not to worry it could always be cut off with grinder and I was not planning to change vehicle if possible. Returning storage meant removing end scuttle/bucket and part of the hinged floor lid but a managed to cut plastic boot tray in such a way as to hide any gaps. Everything refitted and scooter on hoist ready to go- it went in only just and I do mean only just having moved the complete right hand rear seat and inch or so forward. Fitter was exhausted and said he would be happy to do another RX now he knew what was involved but for a little more than the price he charged me £250 inc all fabrication/metal fittings etc (no travel costs as local to me) Ah yes nearly forgot the apprentice! He had removed trim and run wires to fuse box under glove box, all working ok and trim replaced undamaged - I was impressed. After they had gone wife came out to have a look but I could not open boot from fob or button on dash- I knew it wouldn't be simple but. It turns out that the boot power override switch that lives side of glove ,that I did not know existed had been accidently unplugged by head electrician and wire was hanging down at rear of dashboard fitting. After some time fiddling I finally used a pair of long curved medical forceps (don't ask) to fish for wire and pull it with plug back through dash to reconnect and then everything worked perfectly. Hurray success. Quick phone call ensured the apprentice knew not to make same mistake next time, but joking apart they had worked hard and done a great job. SUMMARY I had achieved the main aim of having fitted safely a good quality, capable hoist that loads and unloads useable scooter for use when required without taking up more than just boot space and for a total cost of less than £700. Would I do it again? Yes and down the same route as finances only allow that budget. If I had plenty of money would I go down the all new fitted perfectly route- quite tempting but still see pound signs. The scooter is working out fine with one major exception - the wife now comes to the shops with me to spend the money we saved ! Only joking as it has given her some of the freedom she had lost. A couple of things worth noting are that if you qualify for MOTABILITY and wish to use a new lease vehicle you can order hoist fitting at time of signing deal with a cost of about £200/250 so worth thinking about. Secondly whilst it might not be pleasant try to think ahead as to what might be needed in the future, for example a large electric wheelchair would not like going in the back of RX and would be better suited I think to a WAV wheelchair accessible vehicle which can also be used to transport a larger scooter if wanted. Just a thought. I hope that is of some help and sorry if it too long. I have no connection with suppliers and fitters used but would be very happy to recommend their services. Can I add their details on here without breaking rules-let me know. If anyone in east midlands area needs to see RX with hoist fitted or ask any questions about what we have learnt so far please feel free to let me know. Stu
  7. As and when I have solved the problem will report back with as much info as needed and photos when I work out how ! Very happy to return some info and help as I have had valuable help and advice from this forum myself
  8. Hi Thanks for your input, glad to know a scooter and hoist will fit. Can I ask which model Olympian hoist you have, ie. 100kg etc Is it wired to the 12 v starter battery and do you have to put ignition into `ready` status Could I ask if there is any chance of a photo with scooter in place. Having looked at the scooter you have listed we need to see if we can get something slightly bigger even if we have to fold one rear seat. many thanks for your help stuart
  9. Thanks for you quick reply, have looked at similar models to the one you linked but my problem is one of bending and lifting. Spine and legs had it and in rigid braces and only have 50% use of left hand This will obviously be a research mission!
  10. Thanks Peter, really need to get scooter up to car boot as trying to calculate boot floor dimensions and hoist clearance and space needed is a bit much. Perhaps find a scooter shop with a couple of strong lads to try and lift one in. Rear seats bit of a worry as we have small dog to transport as well. Just cant face idea of switching to something like Galaxy or Sedona to meet needs. Will see
  11. Having finally accepted the need for a scooter and not wanting to change the car as it is so comfortable I need to find out if an electric hoist will fit in the boot to lift a scooter into place. Sure I read something on here about minor hoist details cannot get any supplier to answer question without seeing car for themselves. Has anyone fitted such a hoist and could even give an idea of what make scooter fits boot space. Does small capacity 12v battery cause operational issues? Many thanks stu
  12. Hi Jason

    Have read your post about scooter hoist for rx400 and wonder if you can give me some details on your experience please. I am yet to choose a scooter (no idea!) as well as hoist but not sure how to work out the largest size that will fit in the boot and all costs involved

    many thanks


  13. Hi Richard Not sure how far away my chosen garage would be for you: C.P. Motors Pooley Lane, Polesworth Nr. Tamworth, Staffordshire B78 1JA T: 01827 894983 They are family business of many years and I have used them coming up 5 years . Renowned for their Volvo knowledge they look after my RX400h apart from hybrid part, as well as older Rav4 auto that they are currently helping sort intermittent fault. Have nothing but praise, they are true mechanics and not just fitters. Good all round knowledge and can source expert help when needed. As far as I remember labour rates approx. £50 per hour and they have never taken advantage! Ask for Liz and see if they can help Good luck Stuart
  14. After a long time and several attempts by different people to solve my condensation problem I now think at last it is solved even though the remedy involved substantial repairs. So, already eliminated the usual sunroof drains, roof rail leaks, light cluster leaks and windscreen seal. After finding a dry towel in the boot had become very very damp my dealer stripped out rear boot area of fittings down to the metal floor pan which wash wet all over with collection of water in corner wells. The cause traced to a split tailgate rubber split that had been letting water in for a long time. To such an extent that the rear steel bulkhead/panel that sits against rear bumper had become considerably corroded. Dealer advised in was bad enough to require action so car sent to bodyshop for rear panel to be cut out and replaced then sent to paint shop. Car returned and boot dried and checked before being refitted with trim and carpets and then returned to me. After three weeks of varied weather, use and hose pipe testing there are no signs of recurring condensation. Hopefully now sorted. Oh yes the important bit the large bill was authorised by extended warranty department . regards stu
  15. oldgreybeard

    Extended warranty

    To add my experience so far with warranty. I too struggled with idea of spending £995 for extending warranty but spent time reading this forum for any common or repeated defects and also grilled my local dealer for information who were very informative about what would or would not be covered. I was also given a recent group of cases to illustrate claims. my rx400 was bought from independent lexus specialist with full dealer history and one owner so I felt reasonably safe but eventually parted with the extra money for my own peace of mind knowing the car 9 1/2 years old already. So, so glad I did so as I have already made claims getting on for nearly £5000 and still have six months left on warranty. I could not have asked for better service form my dealer in Leicester (if allowed to name). Of course it up to each one to decide how lucky you are! all the best stu