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  1. Thinking about selling the Lexus,where would be the best place to sell.
  2. Hi Andy, I know you have probably checked this but whats the fluid level like? Undo the cap and check that the switch is working properly (by sliding the float up and down while someone watches the instrument cluster). As maneesh believed the fuse layouts are printed under the cover of the fusebox on the LS400, the EFI fuse is the one you have to pull for >10 seconds to clear the codes. Also this special service tool (SST tool p/n # 09843-18020) is only a small length of wire with two pin terminals crimped onto the ends. You can plug it into either the TDCL or the engine diagnostics por
  3. You will get a lot of car for 3k, but not a minter. There will be the usual things like worn suspension (megabucks to replace control arms front and rear), blacked out LCD ac panel. Despite the engine and gearbox being bulletproof, they still require regular maintainance. Make sure the cambelt has been done. Buy the best you can afford mate. Air suspension is only on imports (Celsiors) and is EXTREMELY expensive to fix on older cars. AVOID like the plague mate.. You just missed out on a real nice low mileage series 3, it was sold by Chris Skelton on here, and he'd spent a good few grand do
  4. Thats about the price. You can join the two wires together to make the light on the dash go out.
  5. If the mileage checks out and the price is right I dont think you will go wrong. Get the car inspected to make sure all is in order, a small price to pay to be on the safe side. The newer models are an improvement over the earlier models but you will still get a lot of car for the money and if it was my choice and the mileage is genuine I would rather go with the car you are looking at which you say is in good nick than a newer model with a lot more miles and not in such good nick let alone the possible price difference for a newer model.
  6. Hello and welcome to the world of Lexus ownership and this forum, I hope you allowed for this in the price you paid as it's a common problem along with the clock/ac lcd If you look on ebay you will find a company offering repairs for £249.99.( but you still have to remove the dash and send it away!) Lexus dealer is the simplest but most expensive option But I think Chris Vince is the forum guru on these matters. Cheers, Steve Three replies in 5 minutes are we all off work today? As far as I am aware Chris only does the climate control/clock display. You could try these. Item n
  7. Think you will find its a problem within instrument cluster. Try posting on USA site for more info as its a common problem.
  8. wont do any harm to spray all the connectors under rear seat as I explained in a previous post. Thanks Andy, I wasn't sure as it related to the 90-92 model but will do this tomorrow by the way I had a quick look tonight and from what I've read about removal of rear seat there should be two tags at the front of the base which you pull to release the locking device ( another site suggested a crowbar!!!! what on a Lexus!) could you confirm please and is the connector under the seat base or back part?. Cheers, Steve No crowbar needed,pull the base of the seat upwards and it should relea
  9. wont do any harm to spray all the connectors under rear seat as I explained in a previous post.
  10. Anyone got any pics showing the fuses. Anyone got any pics showing the fuses. Just had a look shows efi fuse and a large fuse type/regulator showing engine management.?
  11. Have recently replaced brake pad sensor on my car but the dash light is still on. Before I go checking for a loose connection I want to re set the ECU anyone know how to do this or should I just disconnect the battery or could I cause problems doing this.
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