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  1. Thanks Simon. haha yeah i like the look of that type of clamp compared to jubilees. i have been away for a bit so not had time to tidy it up. hopefully get time over next few weeks
  2. Thanks for the reply. Was definitly not brake smell (I know that one all too well 😂) and on this occasion couldn't put it down to my 'enthusiastic' driving style as had been stuck in slow post work traffic. on a plus I went to my nearest Lexus dealer and spoke to the mechs he said nothing to worry about but just get the box oil changed if I'm concerned.
  3. So last night I pulled away around 3/4 throttle. Revs shot up as if clutch was slipping and certainly smelt like it. But after that seems fine again. Having never owned an auto I know next to nothing about them. Garage have told me it doesn't have a clutch but a power transfer box. Any my way I can test if it is indeed going and does anyone know how much I would be looking at to get it changed. Cars done just over 100k hope one of you can help
  4. i have been quoted £130, they run a special fuel through the car that removes the deposits from the engine. for an extra cost the also spray the fuel into the air intake to clean the intake etc. takes aroun an hour. lots of vids on youtube and their site that explains it better
  5. will let you know how the terraclean goes. MAF has been cleaned yesterday. got a spare recon one as well just in case Cambelt was done @89000 miles
  6. Had to Tiger seal between the Maf adapter and silicone hoses. so once thats cured will do a test drive see what the response is like now. Have left the air scoop on above the rad as am thinking of fitting the heat shield up to it so can use it as a feed. All the hoses and clamps etc are from Auto Silicone Hoses (ASH) and seem to be of decent quality. Also had to knock up a joiner between oil breather and the intake as couldnt find one. didnt get pictures before i fitted unfortunately
  7. Have just posted a thread. didnt want to hijack this one.
  8. Ok, so didnt want to hijack Simons Thread Si_is200 so heres my custom intake. first pics are of a MaF adapter i knocked up. this isnt finished yet but will do for now to test how well she runs. My only concern is the Maf is too far from the filter but im not sure if it matters as long as its reading the Flow of air i also may reduce the thickness of the MaF adapter, at the moment the centre of the round end sits in the middle of the pipe but it means the small outer wire is close to the top of the pipe. will see how it fairs. still got to tidy up the support and make a heat shield but this is what i have so far. any opinions/suggestions are welcomed
  9. Thanks Glyn for the input The plugs were changed 5 months ago just before i got it so they should be fine. its going in soon for the aux belt to be replaced so may as well get trans/diff oils changed while its in. have decided on a terraclean. they have a fitment that sprays the cleaning solution into the intake just before the TB. eliminating the need to remove it to clean it by hand :)
  10. Going to get started tomorrow. going to make new ali brackets and a new custom ali airbox. wish me luck
  11. I am in the process of making one for my IS 300. got to finish the custom MAF holder then i can get fitting it. what would/do you use for pipe supports/clamps?
  12. Ok I have used the search function but couldnt find the info im after. and i have looked in all my docs for the car and no mention so i hope people on here can help 1) what mileage should the auto box oil get changed? (im at 100,000 and no evidence it has been done before) 2) does the rear diff need regreasing/oil? never owned a rwd and know very little about them 3) has anyone had a TerraClean done on the IS300? is it worth doing? 4) does anyone know what the little blanking plate is for that is on top of the throttle body? (want to clean TB but not sure on process of removing, will search for a guide on this)
  13. last pic is what i upgraded from.
  14. Thanks Glyn, i had a toyota avensis before this (old shape) so its mostly a step up and loving it so far, body has some blemishes but not bad for 15+ years old. Thanks Mike. i mostly joined for technical help as i have found owners clubs to be very helpful in the past (Former long term AOC member) and to be good communities to share stories/knowledge with
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