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  1. Michelin pilot sport 4

    Just had a full set of these fitted, £392 fitted and balanced. Even though they are new, they stick like glue to the road. I'll give a report on them after a couple of thousand miles. Does anyone else have any on their is250? and how do you rate them?
  2. Why is my insurance so high?

    Hi everyone, my current insurer NFU has decided that after almost 7 years of me being with them, they will no longer cover my area! Good way to keep your customers then. everyone else apart from Adrian flux wants me to pay off the american national debt to insure. Is this just blatant greed or what? Dan if you read this, i will be ringing back to insure through yourselves, and you did insure my M3 cheap a few years ago, so please continue to get a good deal for us!
  3. Hi all - New to Lexus!

    Hi, am a newbie myself. Someone posted a list of colours and codes in the car care and detailing section,so hope this helps.
  4. 1st Lexus

    Thought i`d come and say hi to everyone before posting. Recently bought an 07 is250e auto with 30,000 on the clock. Really wanted an X5, but after years of Beemer ownership including the M3, my wife asked me to buy something different for a change. Must admit, the Lexus has nice lines, a luxury interior that says this is different, and is one of the smoothest cars i have driven. Has good features but shame i cant just buy the satnav without changing the wiring loom or tapping into the existing one. Yes, its a comedown from performance and handling for me, but being in my 40`s and having grandkids, its time i calmed down. Besides, i don`t see a lot of these cars, so also nice to be different, and yes, it does turn the heads of the ladies. Heres to happy ownership!