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  1. Was wanting to fit is200 sport diff to my is200 se, looking at the diff how do I tell diff between the standard diff and the lsd sport diff? Thanks and I appreciate any help and advice in advance
  2. I will start with sorry if I have done this rong, I have a 2002 Lexus is200 se manual and petrol, I am in dia straights trying to source a good 2nd hand front and centre section of the exhaust, I'm depressed with car sitting outside and I can't drive it because someone stole the cat when it was off the road and either the centre fell off or it was taken too my poor wee car Not looking for sympathy but single dad with 2 kids on benefits I can't afford new or from motor factors, I have been trying to use this site to find 2nd hand parts to with no luck Please can anyone help with advice or maybe even the bits I'm looking for would be extremely appreciated Many thanks
  3. Hello everyone

    Funny you should say that, needing standard exhaust front and centre. Car was lying off the road n some1 stole cat and centre plz help
  4. Hello everyone

    Hi all Well hello all, been a forum member before and very helpful especially for me. Well I'm 35 from Paisley, I have 2 boys 1 is 16 the other is 6, don't work unfortunately through illness. But I get on for my boys. So any help or advice is appreciated thank you Btw looking for front and centre section for my Is200 se petrol as it was stolen when car was lying up!!