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  1. Thanks guys, I got some WD-40, gave all the lug nuts a good spray down...I'm off Sunday so will given them another spray down then, get a hammer and have another go. If I still can't...or if I brake the key, will take it to a garage on Tuesday...allthough I really hate too.
  2. Hi guys, I have only had my car for a year. The brakes starting making noise last week so I knew it was time to change them. I got my brake pads and sate about this past weekend to change them. Each of my four wheels has a locking lug nut on them...and I just cant get the damn things off. I have two keys for them, one is already broken as apparently this is a problem the last person had. I got out my bracker bar and connected it to the key...it was turning but would not brake free...and it also distorted the inside of the key. I stopped because I was afraid I was going to brake like the other. The guy I bought the car from had is own mechanic who is a rally driver...everything on this car that I have messed with has been tightened to death...It took me over an hour of trying to get the oil filter cover off back in May when I changed the oil. What can I do to get these locking nuts off? If I get a flat on the next few days, I am screwed.
  3. Yep, I have two 3-tonne jack stands...just don't get to use them with my current jack because I can't get it under it.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation...it is very hard to tell from pictures but it doesn't look much bigger than my current jack. I am just worried about having room to jack it up which is the problem with my current jack. Love the idea of having a jack with Rocket lift though.
  5. The car has improved but is still not like it was. Work has been crazy...I have only gotten one day off a week since all of this happened and they have been sporadic...I just haven't had a chance to remove and clean my EGR valve. Having said that, my car claims it is getting 38 miles per gallon which I would figure would not be the case if the EGR valve was clogged up enough to be causing these king of problems. I have learned that if I aggressively feather the accelerator before releasing the clutch on take off...it really helps...still something has clearly changed in the car.
  6. I have a halfords 2 tonne trolley jack that I have used for years...still works great. I use to use it all the time with my old IS 200. When I got my IS220d, I discovered that It wouldn't really work like I wanted with my new car. If I want to jack up the entire front end...such as to change the oil, my old jack wouldn't work, It would reach to the jack point but then I wouldn't be able to jack it up because I couldn't not move the handle enough because the front bumper got in the way. I am looking for a low profile, long chassis, affordable trolley jack. I have been using ramps to change the oil but they don't get the car quit high enough for my liking and don't give me the flexibility of a jack. I have been looking at amazon.co.uk...but it is hard for me to find one that I can defiantly tell is long chassis and low profile.
  7. Got it going...it hasn't happened again. No warning lights came on the dash. When I got it going, I drove it straight to a garage. They didn't remove the EGR valve but tested the battery and the alternator...all were fine. He also checked the computer for fault codes....none. The timing chain was fine... He also finally changed the fuel filter...it was black...the mechanic believes it to be the original one as bad as it was. The car is a lot zippier now with the new fuel filter but still has lack of power when cold. I got some REdex Diesel fuel system cleaner and will be putting my first bit in tomorrow when I fill up. I also got some Carb cleaner and will have a go at removing the EGR and cleaning it my next days off.
  8. So I am off tomorrow, was planning on trying to see if I could remove and clean the EGR valve. Went to go to work this morning and the car won't start. I don't think it is the battery but am charging the battery just in case...it is taking a charge but it doesn't seem like a bad battery to me. The engine is turning over it is just not starting. The starter is working it just seems like the engine is not starting for some reason. Do you think my power problems and this are related?
  9. Realy?! I had a look and didn't see it...I will look again. Oh Yeah, just found a video on youtube of a guy cleaning the EGR valve on a IS220d..it is in a different location and looks different than any car I have ever worked on...probably because it is a diesel. I think I might be able to do this job myself. It looks simple enough.
  10. I mainly use the car to drive to work. According to Google maps the journey is 15.7 km each way. But the last weeks..including a couple of weeks prior to this happening, and one week after have driven further, about 30 km. I will say people here drive like grannies. The road that goes from my house to work has a speed limit of 100 kph but rarely to I get to drive that fast because of slower drivers. Diesels don't have an EGR valve....at least mine doesn't. This is my first diesel car ever. The oil I just put in my car was Mobil 1 ESP which is supposed to help your emissions system. I will try a fuel additive and an Italian tune up and see if that does anybody...if not I'll look into cleaning my dpf. Thanks
  11. I bought my 2009 IS 220d a year ago. It only has 56,000 miles on it even now and is in great condition. It has driven like a dream since I got it until a couple of weeks ago. When the car engine is cold, it has gotten where is accelerates extremely slow out of first gear. When I stop at the entrance to my housing estate to turn onto the main road, it literally moves a snail's pace. It also can be slow to accelerate in other gears as well...I have had to drop it down to second to get it moving faster in slower traffic which I didn't have to do before..something has clearly changed. No lights on in the dash. I just changed the oil in it myself along with the air filter. The only thing I can't do is change the fuel filter...I have tried but just can't get it out...luckily I have a garage I trust who will install the new fuel filter later this week for very reasonable. I am hoping a new fuel filter will fix the problem but I am becoming increasingly concerned that it could be something wrong with my turbocharger. Once the car engine heats up, the problem either goes away completely or becomes almost unnoticeable. I have also noticed the car skipping...not very often, but it is doing some skipping now which it never did. IT did all of this before I changed the oil and filters, so it is nothing that I have done. If changing the fuel filter doesn't solve the problem, any ideas what the problem could be?
  12. NO, my Lexus has keyless ignition but there is a hidden lock, just behind the door handle on both driver and passengers side that has a key hole..there is a little panel on the outside that hides it. This is what was damaged. I managed to get it installed...it just took a bit of force. Great video nonthe less.
  13. Thank guys, I found a company called "Color N Drive" that did a very good job of matching my color...you wouldn't notice unless someone showed you where it was applied. But I am sad to say that last month, a young boy on a bicycle lost control and crashed into the side of my car. The parents refused to pay and even though I saw the boy do it, he denied it and so I could not take them to court according to the police. Then the very next week, somebody reversed into my car with a trailer hitch which put a round dent into my bumper...so I am probably just going to have to take it to a body shop now.
  14. I took my car in today to get the tires rotated and discovered that the front and back tires on my car are different sizes. This difference is in the width. The front tires are 225 while the rear tires are 245's. Basically, I was told that I could not rotate the tires because of this. My question is, is this normal? Did my car come from the factory like this? If not, just curious which you think would be better for the car as I am going to have to get new tires shortly.