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  1. NO, my Lexus has keyless ignition but there is a hidden lock, just behind the door handle on both driver and passengers side that has a key hole..there is a little panel on the outside that hides it. This is what was damaged. I managed to get it installed...it just took a bit of force. Great video nonthe less.
  2. Thank guys, I found a company called "Color N Drive" that did a very good job of matching my color...you wouldn't notice unless someone showed you where it was applied. But I am sad to say that last month, a young boy on a bicycle lost control and crashed into the side of my car. The parents refused to pay and even though I saw the boy do it, he denied it and so I could not take them to court according to the police. Then the very next week, somebody reversed into my car with a trailer hitch which put a round dent into my bumper...so I am probably just going to have to take it to a body shop now.
  3. I took my car in today to get the tires rotated and discovered that the front and back tires on my car are different sizes. This difference is in the width. The front tires are 225 while the rear tires are 245's. Basically, I was told that I could not rotate the tires because of this. My question is, is this normal? Did my car come from the factory like this? If not, just curious which you think would be better for the car as I am going to have to get new tires shortly.
  4. I came outside the other morning to see that someone had hit the side of my car. My next door neighbor saw it, said it was a little boy on a bicycle who hit my car. The lock cap, covering the lock on the driver's side door had come off and was laying on the curb next to my car. I couldn't get it to go back on...so I figured it must be broken...the paint was also scratched off of it so I ordered a new one from my local Lexus dealer. It came today but appears to be the same as the other one...but I just can't get it to stay on...and after playing with the other ones...I can't get the cap to come off of the passenger door at all. How do you remove these caps and how do you install them?
  5. Hi guys, so I upgraded my Lexus last week...found one I couldn't refuse, a 2009 IS220d with only 55,000 miles on it and it was relatively cheap as well. Just a couple of days after I got it, I had it parked far away from any other car in the local Tesco car park and I come out....according to witnesses, some idiot was trying to park next to me and somehow clipped the passenger side of my car while doing so...he panicked and drove off. Now I got some good quality scratch remover and went to town and it did wonders, makes it so it is not all that bad but there is some paint scraped off at the very bottom of the rear passenger side fender. The damage is not really bad enough to warrant going to a body shop and spending large amounts of money. It is more annoying than anything since I just bought the car. Anyway so I am looking online for touchup paint and evidently, my paint job is a three stage paint job and some people have had trouble matching it. My Colour code is 3R1 which is Matador Red Mica. Has anybody had any luck matching this with any touchup paint? I actually live in Ireland so any brand I could order online that you would recommend would be a great help.
  6. My car has a strange metallic like rattle. It can't be heard from inside the car with the windows up...it can only be heard if the rear passenger side window is down. It is a very high pitched metallic sound, almost like I am dragging a coke can behind my car or a very light chain. This is the opposite side of the car that my tailpipe is on so I don't think it is the heat shield. I had a look at my brakes, all fine, no grinding there so I am curious what this noise could be. Any idea would be greatly appreciated. P.S. the noise seems to get louder the more weight I am carrying in the car...but that might just be my imagination.
  7. Didn't think about the airbag...yes one is yellow.
  8. So I got my new climate control unit in the mail today and was out installing it. When I removed the snow and torc off button interface, I noticed that there were three cables going to this unit but only one was plugged into anything. The other two were going into two plastic removable doors on the unit...but were just sitting in little slots which appeared to be designed to hold them. Only the middle cable was connected which appears to before the snow and torc off buttons which begs the question. I know that some models of this same car had heated seats. I also know that the heated seats button was on this same device. I assume these two extra cables are for the heated seat buttons. So my question is...if I get these buttons, will I have heated seats? Do my seats have the heating element in them already? I looked under my passenger seat and there appears to be two cables connected to the bottom of the seat. One has to be the seat belt signal when weight is in the passenger seat but could this other one before a heated seat unit? See pictures I took of my unit below.
  9. The Good news is...I decided to have one last crack at it and I did finally get the top cover off....I didn't remove the bolts but I was able to see the sticker on the back of my climate control. So now at least maybe I can satisfy the seller and find out if his part does match my car.
  10. Thanks guys...it will probably be next week before I have time to mess with it any more...I'll get back to you then...work is sending me away to do a course for the next month....don't really want to be messing with it in hotel car park. That video you showed rich1068, he also makes it look very easy. Mine had to have been off before as well as when I bought the car, it had a sony CD player in it...the original cd player was in the boot...so this shouldn't be the first time that all of this has been taken off...which should mean it would be easier.
  11. I was watching this video here...but he had already removed most of this stuff...he makes it look very easy.
  12. I'm having a real hard time getting the top tray off...I am at the point where I am afraid I am going to break it. I found the climate control unit that I want, came from a low millage car and also claims to have been fully tested and all functions working...but the guy is cautioning me...he says I should take my old unit out and check the part number to make sure they are the same part as he claims these are different in different years....is there anyway to find out my part number without taking it out? My IS 200 doesn't have heated seats so nothing below the radio.
  13. Cheers found loads of them now...I guess I just didn't know that the clock and climate control were the same part. I had a look at my car this morning...how do you remove this unit?
  14. What is the unit actually called? I searched on Ebay prior to posting here and didn't find one. When I typed in clock, all that came up with the speedometer.
  15. The clock on my Lexus IS 200 has never worked since I Have owned it....the face of it lights up an Orange color but there are no characters on the clock. I have been looking online to see if I could find one on ebay or another site but I have not found one like this one. Here are a couple of pictures of my clock at night just because with the dash lights on, it is easier to see it. Can this be fixed or do I need a new one? Anybody know where I can get a new one?