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  1. I had the same advisory on my 2012 RX when it went in for a service in January. I asked if I could have a look at the car up on the ramps and it was very minor crazing rather than splitting but the mechanic advised me that (as Rayaans said) they are trained to report anything that is outside of tolerance. I was quoted £1,200 for what apparently is a 9 hour job. I was thinking £300 tops so good job I was sitting down, when I asked for a price ( I ad been thinking of getting them done there and then)! They said they'll keep them under review so no need to change them yet. This has also been covered in a previous string see: There's a link to a bulletin, which is very useful. I think mine fall somewhere between new and the first advisory picture but definitely not at replacement stage. I was wondering about cleaning them up when the weather improves and using Sonax Gummi Pfleger on them Has anybody tried this on bushes?
  2. Has this site been taken over by the US forum:-) There is no such thing as 'math' in English; it's maths. Math is American English. And there is no such thing as British English; that's English. Here endeth the language lesson! Apologies Adam if you are from the other side of the pond!! Now in respect of the actual question although I drive an RX I agree with all of the other comments. I've never driven a large engined petrol car but I've driven a hybrid for almost 30 months and a 3.5ltr hybrid is an absolutely amazing experience, smooth, powerful, quiet and, all things taken into account, amazingly economical. They are affected by the cold weather; a combination of more electricity sapping accessories being used and the batteries being less efficient in the cold can result in my mpg dropping to mid to high 20s; down from mid to high 30s in the summer. Regardless of that once you've driven a hybrid you'll be hooked!
  3. Gen3 RX450 is 33 all round but 36 Eco and higher still for more passengers and speeds in excess of 100mph; so there appears to be some flexibility in pressures
  4. I've got the Cross Climates and I find them very quiet. Had them for over 2 years and approx. 20,000 miles. They had 6mm on the fronts and 6.5mm on the rears after 18,000 miles. I would definitely recommend spending the most you can afford on quality tyres after all they are the only thing between the car and the road! Chinese tyres and indeed most budget brands get very poor reviews from Which and other testers; the difference in braking distance between a quality tyre and a budget brand can be over a couple of car lengths and that's when they are new and in the dry!!!!
  5. Sorry Stuart's post came through as I was typing; mine is the same as Mike's
  6. Mine is give or take about the same although my pattern of driving is slightly different with approx. 50% urban, 40% A and B roads and 10% dual carriageway/motorway (very crude back of a fag packet calculation!). I'd expect the latest generation of RX to better those figures but maybe it's just a question of it bedding in and if this is your first hybrid getting used to a different style of driving.
  7. Result! Lexus Nottingham did the diagnosis, identified a loose negative terminal connection and tightened it. The video health check explained that because it was loose it would intermittently lose contact hence the randomness of the fault. Not sure why it came loose but it may be that they disconnect the battery when carrying out some of the 6 year service items and haven't nipped the bolt up enough. Anyway courtesy car, cleaned and vacuumed and nil charge:-) Really can't fault them for that; the service side has been excellent so far. There was one slight problem though but not related to the fault. My courtesy car was a CT200. They apologised that they didn't have anything bigger but as I was only travelling 5 miles it wasn't a problem; or so I thought. I don't know what spec it was but I've sat on more comfortable park benches! I had to phone them and ask if they could deliver my car back to me, which they did. The rest of the car was fine; it was nippy enough, suspension and steering seemed fine and apart from trying to get used to a completely different screen interface and switch locations there were no problems. But those seats definitely made me appreciate my big comfy RX armchairs!
  8. Thanks Herbs that's very useful. It is a battery tester but not deep discharge. But it might be an idea for me to ask Lexus to check the battery before doing the diagnosis.
  9. Thanks Luigi. I suppose because my Yaris battery lasted 15 years and that is the first Japanese car that I've ever had to replace the battery in I've got used to Japanese batteries lasting for ever! I've got a battery tester so I'll try that but just strange that it happened after a service.
  10. Hi all. I took my RX in for its 6 year service in May at my dealership (it had done approx. 45,000 miles). I can't remember how quickly after this (but within days) I was parked up, having a cuppa, listening to the radio with the car in EV mode when suddenly the System Loading ……… message appeared on the screen. Everything went dead apart from the screen displaying a loading bar. After a couple of seconds the Lexus logo appeared and I pressed the start button and switched the radio back on. All of the trip info e.g. average mpg, mpg since refuelling, average mph etc had zeroed. I thought it was just a one off so didn't pay much attention. It's happened at least twice since so I checked on the internet and apparently it could be a software issue. It doesn't seem to be triggered by any particular event; I've had it on first start up, parked up in EV mode after a short journey and stopping after a longish journey. It always restarts after the message has gone. I phoned the dealership today and they said they'd need to run a diagnostic £110 per hour but pro-rata if it takes less than an hour. If it's occurring as a result of the service they'll refund any charges for the diagnostic work and repairs. So three questions: Has anybody else had this happen? If so what was the outcome? How do I know if the dealership is being honest with me if they say it's nothing to do with the service? I found someone on the US site with the same issue see Strange mine should happen after a service! Thanks in anticipation.
  11. That looks absolutely amazing; what a brilliant finish. You've done a brilliant job with the polisher and your spray shop has done really well to fix the blemishes and blend everything in. I'm not sure if it's allowed by the forum but if it is are you able to provide details of who you use? My RX is fine but the Yaris could do with some TLC!
  12. Had this done on my RX for free shortly after I got it having noticed it in the handbook as a dealer enabled option. It was washed at the same time. Took about 30 minutes including the wash.
  13. John. I suspect the ICE starts up because it's not warm and the system needs a warm engine so that it can respond quickly to throttle inputs, charge the batteries etc. I understand your frustration; yesterday (and I don't know how I did it) I filled up and because the car was warm it started up in EV mode and recorded mpg of 99.9. Usually that drops fairly quickly to high 30s but for some reason when I got home having travelled approx. 10 miles in stop, start city traffic and with a few hills thrown in my mpg showed 59.4, which is the highest I've ever had by a country mile. I've checked the readout from time to time against my brim to brim calculation and the readout is accurate within .1 or 2 of a mpg so I know the 59.4 was there or thereabouts. This is the first car I've had with such an accurate readout although my trusty 17 year old Yaris although not quite so close is also within 2 to 3% so maybe it's a Toyota thing!. Anyway this morning I thought great, I wonder if I can keep it in the high 50s. Switched on with 7 bars showing drove off our short drive ( a couple of car lengths) and the ICE kicked in. Our drive slopes downhill and at one end of our road (50 yards) is a long downhill slope followed by a level stretch approx. half a mile. Display showed that after the initial firing of the ICE it quickly switched off and I coasted most of the half mile down the slope and on the flat maintaining 30mph. Result 44.5mpg! Where did I lose 15mpg!!! This evening I took it out for a short run. It showed 44.1mpg after the morning journey; the ICE fired up immediately (7 out of 8 bars on the battery level indicator) but by the time I got to the other end of our road (approx. 300 yards and dead level ) the ICE had switched off and I was in EV mode and quickly regained the mpg I lost when the ICE initially fired up and maintained 44.1 for the 2 mile journey I did. The point of the above is I have absolutely no idea why my mpg was so good and I've come to realise that there are so many variables with the hybrid system that there's no point worrying about other people's mpg unless the mpg is wildly out . Today it was 30C, I'd taken the car out for a 20 mile run this morning then left it outside in the sun so the car and engine bay were warm, which is ideal for the ICE and batteries; on other days and especially in the winter I may drive well over a mile before the EV kicks in and I may be pushed to get 30mpg. On Thursday I did a 300 mile round trip mainly on the motorway with a lot of 70mph cruising and the occasional blast to get into the outside lane. My mpg was 32.6 but on the same motorway journey the week before I averaged 37mpg and I don't think I drove too differently. Why? Heaven knows! This is also my first hybrid and as others have said getting used to a different driving style e.g. quick acceleration up to desired speed then lift off and maintain speed, takes time but in the meantime do what you're already doing and enjoy your wonderful RX:-) Finally one tip, which somebody mentioned on the forum recently is that if you're parked up listening to the radio etc. switch to EV mode. I also turn off all other electrics e.g. air con, fan etc I've found this does have a real impact on mpg.
  14. Off the top of my head in the handbook there is a page which shows options that can be toggled on or off by the owner or require Lexus to do it. One is closing/opening all of the windows and sun (moon!) roof with the fob, which wasn't enabled on mine and I had set by Lexus at no charge. Automatic locking might be in the options. Incidentally if by auto locking you mean that the doors lock when you reach a certain speed then my 2012 advance does have that function enabled. And I think the EV light shows when it goes on to EV; can't be certain but I'll check it tomorrow
  15. Rayaans you have the legal right to choose your own repairer. See for details. You can also look at the VBRA website or go to any VBRA registered repairer and they will be happy to advise. See also isn't Google wonderful. It's a few years since I've used one but in the past if I haven't liked the insurer's approved repairer I've chosen my own VBRA approved repairer. Incidentally Lexus Nottingham have a shared (with Toyota and Jaguar) bodyshop on site so if distance isn't an issue (Nottingham to Leeds is about 90 minutes) that's an option. When you renew get a quote from NFU Mutual; they come top of the Which ratings and are a pleasure to deal with. They also give discounts to loyal customers; now that's different!