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  1. Thanks for the info Barry. I've found the Denso blades work well and they also maintain the Lexus look. Like you I got my last set on a ECP special offer but still nothing like the Aldi price for Bosch; that is a very good deal.
  2. I don't know how to adjust it but I have the same problem and it annoys me too, especially when traveling on muddy country roads! I wondered about moving the wiper position on the spline but I won't bother given your experience as I assume the 3RX range of adjustment is similar to the 2 RX.
  3. Totally agree. The RX is not 4wd, depending on how you drive you may not activate the rear wheels on a journey and even when they are being driven it's usually only for a very short period. Hence no problem with different wear rates but when replacing tyres the new tyres should go on the rear. Thanks for the heads up on the Michelin offers; I'll compare with Costco when I'm ready to change, which should be before Christmas
  4. I've not had to use my Cross Climates in serious snow yet but on slush and compacted snow/ice they were fine; I've always felt in total control. I was an early adopter of them and have done approx. 38,000 miles on a set of four. I haven't rotated the tyres from front to rear so as a result the fronts are on 3.5mm and the rears on 6.5mm. I think that's excellent wear for a heavy, essentially front wheel drive, vehicle. When I bought them they were about £180 per tyre; latest quote I've had from Costco was £257 for two (I think as I've lost the piece of paper with the quote on!). Costco have only just started selling the 19 inch Cross Climates with the RX450h profile and have a discount deal at the moment. I can't remember if the £257 is with or without the discount; I have a feeling it's without! Given the excellent performance and wear I'd say they are well worth the money. I'll certainly buy them again, which will probably be in a couple of months or whenever the fronts are down to 3mm.
  5. I've only got 3,500 to go to 70,000 and I've got 66% of the fronts and almost 85% of the rears so unless I totally change my driving style I should make it:-)
  6. Presumably given the step on the discs the previous owner was very heavy on the brakes Les. I expected rear pad wear to be lighter and rear tyre wear on a FWD car (which the RX is most of the time) is usually quite good. But what has amazed me is the wear of the items at the front. I change tyres at 3.00m but if I went down to the legal minimum (which I would never do or recommend) on the basis of wear so far and the fact that tyres wear quicker as they get closer to the limit (or so I understand) it looks like the Cross Climates would last for approx. 50,000 miles. As I've only used 33% of the front pads does this mean that they could potentially last for well over 100K? And on this basis having used approx. 15% (very rough calculation!) of the rear pads they will outlive the car
  7. I've increased my mileage recently so my annual service, at which point I've usually done 10,000 miles, became a 10,000 mile service after 6 months! Just a standard service and there were no surprises, which seems fairly common amongst Lexus owners! But what did pleasantly surprise me was that at just over 66,000 miles the front pads have 8mm left and the rears have 7.65mm. These are the original items. The Cross Climates, are also still doing very well; the fronts have 3.5mm left and the rears 5.5mm. I can't find the receipt for them but I have a feeling I had them fitted in autumn 2016 with somewhere between 28 - 29,000 on the clock so the wear has been excellent especially considering the RX's power and weight. I'll change the fronts when they get down to 3.0mm at which point I expect they will have done in the region of 40,000 miles. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for new tyres. Finally is my experience with pad and tyre wear fairly common?
  8. Mark. See
  9. Hi Neil. Just searched the NBRA website and PK Motors isn't a member. Looks like the insurance ombudsman might be your best course
  10. Hi Neil. Just did a search for VBRA and it came up wit NBRA. VBRA joined with the National Association of Bodyshops in 2017 to become the NBRA, which is why you can't find the VBRA.. The NBRA website is
  11. In essence what your insurers would have you believe is that the paint spraying robots at Lexus applied the paint incorrectly to one part of the car when the vehicle was built. Bizarrely when your car was hit the part of the car that had poorly applied paint was the only part of the car that was damaged and then subsequently repaired. Really???? As the man said 'there's more chance of Elvis coming back riding Shergar and being struck by lightning!' A more plausible explanation was that the humans carrying out the repair working under pressure to keep costs down skimped on preparation and/or applying the paint. My RX is a year older than yours and I have no paint problems whatsoever and I would gladly buy another. RXs sold in the UK come from a factory that has been rated number one in the world for quality (number two is a Toyota plant in Japan and number three is the Lexus plant in Canada). Couple the award winning factories with the fact that Lexus consistently win awards for the quality of their cars and I doubt very much that a poor paint finish on a car would have got past inspection at the factory. I'd suggest taking your case to the insurance ombudsman and the VBRA (assuming the repairers were members) And finally can Banwell and Associates be independent when they are paid by Admiral? Good luck
  12. Definitely Cross Climates. I had a full set fitted in October 2016 and have done approx. 32,000 on them. Great grip, quiet, comfortable and wear is excellent. At my last service in January they had 5mm left on the fronts and 6mm on the rears
  13. I had the same advisory on my 2012 RX when it went in for a service in January. I asked if I could have a look at the car up on the ramps and it was very minor crazing rather than splitting but the mechanic advised me that (as Rayaans said) they are trained to report anything that is outside of tolerance. I was quoted £1,200 for what apparently is a 9 hour job. I was thinking £300 tops so good job I was sitting down, when I asked for a price ( I ad been thinking of getting them done there and then)! They said they'll keep them under review so no need to change them yet. This has also been covered in a previous string see: There's a link to a bulletin, which is very useful. I think mine fall somewhere between new and the first advisory picture but definitely not at replacement stage. I was wondering about cleaning them up when the weather improves and using Sonax Gummi Pfleger on them Has anybody tried this on bushes?
  14. Has this site been taken over by the US forum:-) There is no such thing as 'math' in English; it's maths. Math is American English. And there is no such thing as British English; that's English. Here endeth the language lesson! Apologies Adam if you are from the other side of the pond!! Now in respect of the actual question although I drive an RX I agree with all of the other comments. I've never driven a large engined petrol car but I've driven a hybrid for almost 30 months and a 3.5ltr hybrid is an absolutely amazing experience, smooth, powerful, quiet and, all things taken into account, amazingly economical. They are affected by the cold weather; a combination of more electricity sapping accessories being used and the batteries being less efficient in the cold can result in my mpg dropping to mid to high 20s; down from mid to high 30s in the summer. Regardless of that once you've driven a hybrid you'll be hooked!
  15. Gen3 RX450 is 33 all round but 36 Eco and higher still for more passengers and speeds in excess of 100mph; so there appears to be some flexibility in pressures