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  1. I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string question' but on average what sort of mileage do people get out of pads and discs. My 2012 RX has done just shy of 44,000 miles. Still on original pads and discs all round. Very minimal lip on the front discs and rears are even less.
  2. Thanks Colin. I didn't know there was a special grease just for pins. I've looked at the links so will order some once spring comes back: it's raining again!
  3. Thanks all for the very useful replies. I tend to be very easy on brakes so hopefully will get at least 80k. I've had a look on the 'how to' forum on greasing the sliders so that will be one of my jobs now that spring has arrived (hopefully!). Did I read somewhere about using red rubber grease for the slider pins rather than Copper Ease, molybdenum, etc.
  4. Whoops. I searched for 2018 Lexus and was directed to the US site. I assumed the vehicle they were showing was the new model. If that's the old model for me it's very impressive; so the new model going by Rayaan's post must be amazing
  5. Not to labour the point but the ES is longer and lower than the GS so Duchie is correct. And if Lexus do what every other manufacturer does the new ES will be at least as big if not bigger than the outgoing model. I agree with Rayaans; the new model ES has great looks (better than its anonymous German rivals), a classy interior and the one element that nobody else can match at the price: Lexus build quality. I've had my Lexus almost two years now and I can't think of another make of modern car that I'd rather be in.
  6. Looks like Duchie is correct re dimensions. The Avalon, Camry and ES are all built on the same platform, which is pretty much the same size as the GS platform. If people are quibbling over a couple of mm here or there that's ridiculous; to all intents and purposes the ES is the same size as the GS. See for Avalon dimensions; for GS and The ES is slightly longer but has a shorter wheelbase and is 20mm narrower than the GS. Does that really warrant the last response. Please let's keep this forum, interesting, engaging, informative and above all civil. And please feel free to say 'What we know is that'; I'm not offended in any way
  7. How does the hybrid system work

    Thanks all. The google link is excellent Garry. That makes sense; so if I've got that right when the batteries are sufficiently charged it will use the electric motors at any speed in conjunction with the ICE to reduce the power required from the ICE = better fuel consumption or alternatively give a boost when accelerating. I just had one of those moments when, although I'd seen it lots of times before, I thought; is that to improve economy? Very clever technology. I'm always amazed by how seamless the technology is; in fact I'm always amazed by Lexus!
  8. Probably a silly question but when the display is showing the ICE and motor/s are working at the same time and you're just cruising at sixty on a flat road is that for fuel saving? As my car doesn't have a rev counter I'm not sure what impact it has in terms of revs; do these drop when the electric motor/s kick in? Hope this makes sense!
  9. Now that is impressive; makes my trip to Skegness pale into insignificance! Bizarrely now she's an old lady she's doing longer trips; for the first 10 years or so the longest journey was an annual 100 miles round trip for a service.
  10. Yes John. Absolutely brilliant small car and lots of them around still:-) Just done a 160 mile round trip in mine today it just starts, goes and stops day after day! Adam I definitely wouldn't recommend any French car (apart from 2CV and original DS!) but with a deal like the one Malc mentioned it's probably worth doing as you don't have to worry about the reliability and you'll save a small fortune on insurance. Once the three years is up your son can buy a Toyota or Lexus:-)
  11. Its got to be a 1.3 Yaris. Nippy ,economical and above all reliable. Mine is 17 years old, had an exhaust at 14 years and a battery at 15 years, broken rear spring at 16 years (speed bumps!). In fact buy any Toyota; Lexus are made by Toyota, enough said:-)
  12. Hi Lee. had a very hectic autumn and winter so didn't manage to get it booked in; will hopefully get its sorted in the spring when all of the salt has gone off the roads!
  13. Happy New Year everybody. Pre facelift Advance has different audio spec; definitely not ML:-(. I've attached a pre facelift PDF brochure (hopefully!!) Lexus RX 450h including RX Advance.pdf
  14. I don't know if this helps or muddies the water but my pre-facelift Advance has 19 inch wheels fitted as standard; did this change after the facelift.
  15. I've had Cross Climates on my RX450h since January this year. Probably done about 10,000 on them and so far they are excellent. I'm not one to explore the limits of grip but they never feel like they will lose grip and coped well in the recent icy weather. See my original review here: Sorry first time I've tried a hyperlink so got additional text from my post but don't know how! Price is probably lower now as I was an early adopter.
  16. Sorry should have said is there a suitable Yuasa for the IS250. My Yaris is very basic with regards to electronics but it's been mainly used round town and stays outside in all weathers so looks like mine did really well at 16 years:-)
  17. Bit late to this thread. The Panasonic battery in my Yaris lasted 16years. I know it probably takes less hammer but suggests that, as with cars, the Japanese know something about reliability when it comes to manufacturing batteries. On that basis is there a suitable Yuasa (Panasonic don't seem to be available aftermarket).
  18. Totally agree Wayne. From being what I thought might be an interesting thread about cost of/replacing mirrors this is just a diatribe. Please lighten up guys this is the best forum I've ever been on; don't spoil it. thanks
  19. I had a Honda Accord 3 door hatchback in 1984 that could give cold to my face and warm or hot to my feet. Great car, fast for it's time, comfortable and economical too! Never drove or been in a 11/1300 but driven/been driven in it's small (mini) and big (1800 land crab) cousins. Both brilliant for their day
  20. I understand what you're saying but other cars I've had (admittedly German (sorry!)) have allowed any outlet setting on auto. But having set off on a journey on Monday and monitoring what it was doing I must admit the system choosing the outlets is far better as in the winter it waits until the air is to temperature before bathing your upper body and face with warm air; in previous cars I've had a chilled blast on my face and feet until it got up to temperature. Just another example of Lexus brilliance. These cars never cease to amaze me!
  21. Mine started on footwell this morning and then when warm moved to footwell and screen. Very clever!
  22. I thought mine had a fault too as I couldn't get it to do feet and dash on auto. But on auto mine defaults to screen and feet rather than feet only. Is this a setting issue? I'd much rather it started off where I want it rather than where it wants it!
  23. Sitting in you car you very rarely see your car's lights but the other night I did my usual check that all lights were working. For the first time I realised that the dipped lights were the inner rather than the outer lights. Outer lights dipped is the configuration on every other car I've had and over the last few days I've noticed that every car with it's lights on has dipped on the outside. just wondered is this a Lexus peculiarity and is anyone aware why they are set up like that? Given the position of the sidelights it means the edges of the car aren't marked. Says something about the cars that the majority of postings on the forum (this one included!) have nothing to do with faults, breakdowns and problems.
  24. Countries in Europe where it is mandatory are: France - Hi Vis jacket or Gilet when cycling Belgium - Hi Vis Jacket/ Gilet When Cycling Italy - Hi Vis Jacket/Gilet When Cycling Austria - Hi Vis Jacket or Gilet When Cycling Spain - Hi Vis Jacket or Gilet When Cycling Apparently the jury is out on the benefits of high vis - some research has shown that drivers drive closer to cyclists wearing high vis and/or helmets!
  25. This forum is great; there's so much knowledge and I now know that LEDs at the front in any of the lights are only permissible if original fitment. Does anyone know if there is an alternative halogen sidelight bulb that glows whiter than the original fitment, which is a bit too yellow for my liking.