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  1. Engine light and trc light

    Came out for work tues moring both lights where off havent came on again hopeful they wont where is that fuse at do ya no
  2. Engine light and trc light

    Ya thats wat i thought second coil pack did swap it with them all lights still on so put new coil back on the second 1 again came out tue moring lights all off n have been hopeing it stays that away now thank god thanks for the all..
  3. Engine light and trc light

    Any1 no wat p1305 code is any help plz put in new coil pack on number didnt work
  4. Engine light and trc light

    Hi ppl got a code p1305 if that any1 nose wat it is was told its the 2nd coil pack but put new plugs in car was good for bout 12mile then wudnt run right keep cutting out then started up again but engine n trc was flashing
  5. Coil pack

    Hi folks need some help Have 2003 is sport got it plugged in and code p1305 came up Looking it up coil pack 2 fault Where best place to get a coil pack for the car plz
  6. Hi folks have is200 sport 2003 Comeing home 2night sitting at around 50 55mph started 2 miss few times now engine light is on and trc light is flashing why would this be Help plz n thanks
  7. hi can anyone on ere tell me where the pvc is on a 2003 is200 sport is so I can check it see if need new 1... or have any pics of where it is any help thanks...
  8. Blue smoke on start up

    i do the same get up early b4 ppl get up and start the car or wait till no1 is bout thinking of selling the car
  9. Blue smoke on start up

    Has any1 tryed this b4 if so how much do ya put in
  10. Josh lee

    New on ere just pics of my is200 sport
  11. Blue smoke on start up

    Cheers hey hope sum1 can help have the car bout month wasnt doin it back then just yday n 2day 😠 hope it wont b a dear fix
  12. Blue smoke on start up

    Great where best place get them wat kind of money we chat 2 fix it it
  13. Just started my is200 there from yday n see sum blue smoke on start up only few sec doesnt do it when hot just cold engine any1 any help plz i was think valve steam seals or any1 else fit 2 help is it hard fix
  14. New boy ere

    Hi folks new to lexus Just bought my is200 sport bout month ago just thought join ere for help