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  1. And a 3rd (mine) which will be bargain of the century as it's a CAT D.... A h*** of a lot car for the money I would add. 66k, 2 previous owners, 2010, white (when clean), with a few functional mods included. Just no idea what price to ask for it now lol...
  2. Yes, absolutely. Fair comments. Thanks
  3. Apart from some cosmetics which are easily sorted, what else is wrong Stu? Thanks.
  4. Very nice Stevie. Where did you source the Alcantara steering wheel if I may ask? Thanks. Mark PS: more pictures of the F would be most welcome :)
  5. Feels pretty good tbh... On a serious note, it feels 10 times more solid than the lightweight OEM variety. Makes shifting a more pleasurable experience...
  6. New shifter from WC Lathe Werks (US). Maybe not to everyone's taste however, the precision and craftsmanship is next level. Spec and availability here
  7. When that pesky DAB aerial starts peeling off...
  8. Here's how it looks against blue...
  9. Here we are Sir. Not the best quality given the black/white/overcast/Samsung phone combo but hopefully you get the gist!
  10. OK Mr Rat, will see what I can muster up
  11. Still to find out... hopefully not the sore way! Pretty sure the radar is actually located elsewhere behind the grill so de-badge shouldn't effect it...
  12. Some carbon goodies...
  13. Aftermarket wheels

    They are a nice wheel you have there. Tempted by these also... What offset and/or spacers do you run? I have 15mm H&R spacers at the moment and am trying to work out what fitment to run without the tyres rubbing on the arches, etc.. Thanks,
  14. Swap the green for 'F' blue and count me in. I'm talking about the car, obviously lol