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  1. Thanks Mike, much appreciated. I will try and get a picture on here at some point.
  2. Yeah its a 1999 GS300 with the satnav unit. All the other threads i found were for the other unit with numbers 1-6 on it which im assuming is the non satnav unit. My dealership told me it would need resetting by a technician and no doubt would have wanted £100 or so. Couldnt believe it when i found your post, then when i read the instructions i thought it was a wind up! As for joining the forum yeah im well pleased there seems to be some good knowledge on here. My gs wasnt well maintained by the previous owner so ive got loads of little bits to sort out so this forum is gonna be really handy. Thanks again mate.
  3. Redsteve you absolutely smashed it with this post. Ive been driving around with no stereo, satnav or temp controls for 2 months since the kids drained my battery by leaving the internal lights on. Didnt want to get ripped off by the dealership to get it done so searched on here. I just joined this club just so i could say thanks to you for this post, it sounds like youve saved a lot of people a lot of grief with this one. Well played.