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  1. Jump leads: which size?

    From my handbook.. Charging the hybrid battery (traction battery) As the gasoline engine charges the hybrid battery (traction battery), the battery does not need to be charged from an outside source. However, if the vehicle is left parked for a long time the hybrid battery (traction battery) will slowly discharge. For this reason, be sure to drive the vehicle at least once every few months for at least 30 minutes or 16 km (10 miles). If the hybrid battery (traction battery) becomes fully discharged and you are unable to start the hybrid system, contact any authorized Lexus dealer or repairer, or another duly qualified and equipped professional
  2. Parking tickets

    I don't have a huge car but it does have very wide doors... I park at the back of the car park and I unashamedly park across two spaces, at the end of the row or between lamp bollards etc.. If it's a pay and display, I buy two tickets...
  3. Tear in the leather seat

    Your dealership can sort it. Or I can highly recommend d:class in Chobham
  4. Bit of an interior change

    Very nicely done, great job!
  5. Try swapping the bulb with the rh side? To check the bulb and ballast
  6. Lexus CT200Advance Satnav problem

    According to the Nav handbook, Press the “MENU” button on the Remote Touch, then select “Setup”. 2 Select “General” on the “Setup” screen. 3 Select “Delete personal data” 4 Select “Delete” 5 Select “Yes” The following personal data can be deleted or returned to their default settings: • Maintenance conditions • Maintenance information off setting • Memory point • Password settings for backing up and copying memory points • Areas to avoid • Previous points • Route guidance • Route trace • Phonebook data • Call history data • Speed dial data • Bluetooth® phone data • Phone sound settings • Phone display settings • Message settings • Audio setting • Bluetooth® audio setting • Search engine settings • Opening image data • Screen off image data
  7. 2018 RC F

    Unless one drives the old and new back to back I doubt it'll be a concern. 400+ horses is still a lot on the public highway.
  8. 2018 RC F

    It'll not be noticeable in normal road use. Track days perhaps...
  9. How Do I Upload Photos to Topics / Subjects

    For those using Chrome, there is an extension that can recover PB blocked images.
  10. Just got my pass stamped, so will be attending on the Sunday What time is kick off and will they be putting on the obligatory full English breakfast?
  11. That's good to know but I think I'll probably just squeak it on a single tank ....
  12. How Do I Upload Photos to Topics / Subjects

    I use Google Photo myself, simply open the image, right click the image and paste ..
  13. A space saver spare wheel should fit either axle?
  14. Is the OEM finish on the RX leather really that glossy?
  15. How Do I Upload Photos to Topics / Subjects

    If it's a web based image simply copy the images address (right click the image and click copy image address) then paste that link directly into the post. If it's computer based image, see the Drag files here link at the foot of the text input window.
  16. Uneven tyre wear

    Doing the alignment with unevenly worn tyres fitted will mean the adjustment will be incorrect once new tyres are fitted, as the adjustment will have taken the uneven wear into account. Always best to have the geo checked with new or tyres will normal (even) wear pattern. 36 mpg is about what I get on out of town drives. Goes up to approx 47 mpg when commuting around town. The generally held opinion is it's best to accelerate normally, briskly under petrol power and then back right off when up to speed and gently reapplying the throttle to maintain speed. This will usually utilise battery power, as long as speed is below ~40mph and on nothing more than a gentle incline. It is possible to pull away under battery power (in Normal mode) but following drivers won't be pleased..
  17. handsfree phone use

    Not in any car I've had with mobile installed. The radio audio should automatically mute when a call is received, or initiated
  18. Brake fluid is usually changed every 2 years Air filter can be anything up to 4 years but for the cost I would change annually
  19. The part is available from pretty much any tyre shop, as well as dealers. It will need registering with the car's system though, some tyre shops will have the required software to do this, otherwise it will need a dealership.
  20. Try restarting the NAV system by holding down the ON/Off/Volume button on the centre console with the hybrid system in the ready state.
  21. And reduces the wear on the selector mechanism
  22. RC sat nav updates

    I have the premium NAV but pretty sure it's the same on yours, no free updates... 1. the grey colour hides a lot of muck... 2. Agreed, bliss. 3. It's quicker than the figures might suggest, at least subjectively... 4. What is it you are trying to adjust? 5. Not experienced this. 6. Agreed. Been stopped many times in car parks, etc..
  23. Learnt in a manual, never thought of using an auto. Got one as a company car, wow! Great loved it never went back. Then got the eCVT in my RC and wow! So much better than the 'normal' automatic ...
  24. Auto wipers and snow

    Or just remember to turn them off before switching the IGN off