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  1. Great news....Lexus have agreed to replace the battery free of charge even though it is just I think outside of warranty period. Now that's customer service 😃
  2. Edit. Mea culpa...while my fuzzy memory thought it was a silver metal base, it is indeed black plastic! I'll blame the confusion on my head cold! I did measure the flat area of the well and it definitely won't take anything wider than 225mm if you remove the plastic base. Max battery dimensions without chopping things up is about 225mm x 200 (it might just squeeze in a 200 wide rather than 180 wide one) by 200 tall. Any taller and you'll clash with the ribbed underside of the battery cover but if you dispense with that cover you can get a 210mm height battery in. Not recommended thou
  3. On my RX3, the lip is not plastic, it appears to be metal, body coloured (in my case silver) and whilst I cannot see if it is spot welded on, it most likely is so I'm guessing it is not removable but I will find out when I remove the battery. I wouldn't worry about using a timber spacer because there is no likelihood of water "swishing around" LoL! It's dry as a bone in that well and unless there is a serious water leak, in which case I have more to be concerned with than retrieving a timber spacer, I wouldn't hesitate to use a suitable piece of wbP ply sheet of which I have some readily ava
  4. That's a good point Barry. The thing to be aware of if going larger than 220 in battery length is that whilst it may fit within the well base, it (at least on mine) would not appear to fit in the base upstand, designed to retain the battery from sliding. It would sit on top of that which isn't a great idea as it places a lot of stress on the battery base. I have a cunning solution though....simply pack the inside using an equivalent thickness of MDF board cut to fit. The metal strap will secure the battery well enough on it's own. That, or the upstand could easily enough fall prey to a g
  5. I'm pretty convinced (in my case) it was 100% related to the auxiliary battery. Despite Lexus saying that they checked the PBD module and that "it had failed" and was "most definitely dead" quite obviously it didn't and it wasn't. The current draw is quite high for the tailgate motor and it draws a fair amount for a fair time so if the aux battery isn't healthy enough, part of that circuit will have a voltage drop sensor so rather than damage anything, it will cut out, which is what happened in my case. Recovering the battery demonstrated that but given that Vadim changed his battery then
  6. Fantastic Steve, thanks. Did you disconnect the old one without using the jump lead trick to keep your car settings first or just swap it over?
  7. Just the information I needed. Even if it lasts two years it'll match what I've had from the OEM one. A belated thankyou for posting the details.
  8. I seem to remember Lexus service saying that the warranty only covers it for 2 years Herbie. That being the case it's either find an aftermarket replacement for half the price or stump up £220 for a Panasonic.
  9. unfortunately least I think not as it's two years old.
  10. Thought I'd update this thread since self diagnosing the issue and finding Lexus service team were wrong to quote me for a new Power module and ECU for the rear door. For anyone suffering similar issues, the culprit all along is likely to be the auxiliary battery. Unless its charged on recover mode at 4 amps or less, it'll not properly recover, and permanent damage is likely of it dips to under 50% capacity/charge. Trouble is, most battery chargers just tell you it's charged so you have to buy a battery checker (mine coast me £30) which tells you the charge capacity as well. No expensi
  11. Hi Guys did anyone ever get round to posting the details of a replacement aftermarket leisure battery for the RX3 450h? My second one in 5 years has just died (original spec panasonic). Almost fried my CTEK charger trying to recover it to no avail. I'm having a hard time sourcing a replacement due to one problem.....size! The original has no wriggle room in the battery7 holder and measures 220 long by 180 wide by 200 tall (mm). I cannot for the life of me find a replacement to those dimensions, although there are plenty of higher spec batteries than OEM at half the cost
  12. Yes, however the OP specifically called for comparisons of performance, power and emissions, hence that's all that I commented on and there was no mention in the OP of restricting responses to the 4RX. The 3RX don't forget, was still being sold on forecourts new and unregistered, and the major changes to information supplied from Lexus were indeed between that of the outgoing 3X and the incoming 4RX. Have there been any significant changes to the IV engine and drive train Colin? I didn't think there had been. It's much the same now as it was in least to drive (I was also satisfied
  13. That's true Colin but they did change the advertised specs from the 2016 3RX which was the point I was making above.
  14. The engine was updated for the RX4 late 2016/early 2017 which gave it a few extra ponies going from 297BHP to 305BHP or thereabouts. The newer version is also slightly larger and as it uses the same hybrid train as the older one, one assumes that with slight engine tweaks and the larger size it may also have been a little heavier than the outgoing 2016 RX3 model which had a max kerb weight of 2200Kg in Premium trim. It was 2017 that Lexus amended their fuel consumption figures, not that they were really much different to the outgoing model which claimed way optimistic fuel economy. Lexu
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