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  1. Thanks Neil E After a check with Bolton Lexus - the Sensor on the exhaust (£1000) and headlight sensor replacement (£900) with a suspension component replacement is only going to cost £2600 so as it’s an MOT fail I have little choice Fingers crossed for trouble free motoring this year! #labouroflove
  2. Eventually found an exhaust garage who could do the job for £500 which included pipe tips. They didn’t do a proper job the first time, after a couple of weeks the blowing exhaust was back, and it turned out that the way the additional pipe had been connected, caused something else to bend, opening a gap between two mated flanges After a revisit and a different engineer, two weeks later it sounds ok. Now back to Lexus for that engine light. Ps what a difference to the gear change when there’s a hole in the exhaust. With a blowing exhaust I noticed that the gearbox wouldn’t change down until the accelerator pedal was pressed 70% of the way down, at which point the car would drop 2 gears and go fast. With a blowing exhaust my Sc430 had two speeds, sluggish slow and screaming, nothing in between
  3. Thank you Neil E As I'm a layman with cars I should probably benefit in understanding what the components of the SC430's exhaust system are, so I'll do some reading. Going to a 3rd party for a second opinion sounds like good advice and I shall do that, thank you. The engine light has since gone off, and has been off for the last 3 days, so my guess is that something is either on the edge of tolerance or being affected by the 'hole' in the system changing the conditions. Some of the uncertainty I'm told, is owing to not knowing if the aged rusting bolts will disconnect cleanly, if so more of the existing system can be reused, if not then other parts of the system we need to be replaced. Naturally I would want to utilise as much of the existing system as possible and thereby retain the most value. Thanks for your advice.
  4. Hi All Being so very pleased with my SC430 and a Dealer health check which didn't highlight the exhaust system but other bits, I was a surprise to be told when the engine light came on and I took her in, that a hole in the pipe in bank 1 CAT would mean a new CAT and possibly tail end exhaust system, by Lexus Bolton - £1500 if some of the exhaust system could be reused if lucky, and £2500 if not lucky If the whole system from manifold needed replacing, this would be over £5000 - and if both sides then presumably £10,000 Can you advise someone who could repair or replace, without needing a remortgage, a hole in a pipe on the CAT section? Thank you