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  1. Thanks! I wondered if it was that as I'd done some searching before posting and that problem popped up on other cars. Is it the cats on the manifold or the one in the exhaust that needs replacing in your case?
  2. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've owned my IS200 for 5 years and been really pleased with its reliability. Just recently, the engine light started flashing occasionally. I borrowed a fault code reader and this was shown as: - random misfire - misfire cylinder 1. Spark plugs were replaced not long ago - so I replaced the coil pack on cylinder 1 too. The problem came back... It seems to happen more in warm weather - and more when driving at lower speeds or stopping part way through a journey. Could this be because of a heat soak effect? I borrowed the fault code reader again: - random misfire - misfire cylinder 4 - misfire cylinder 1 (pending) - too lean bank 1 (pending) Coincidence that another coil pack has gone? Or some other problem like a catalyst or a sensor? TIA Nick.