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  1. Contact lexus UK and arrange a drag race at the 10 year party! We can throw the ISF, GSF and 220d too 😊
  2. They all look lovely! Just check the paint on the black ones very carefully at the front and the side sills. Lexus paint is very soft and scratches very easily when being cleaned. Good luck.
  3. I like the idea of these but the details aren't quite right. Black out the chrome trim, lower the suspension and fit some special forged wheels and they would look great 😎
  4. Would that be the same stunning car that featured in Modern classics magazine? 😁
  5. Fox isF exhaust

    It's a fairly complicated area of regulation and not really my area but I believe if the manuacturer simply extends the cover they have to give legally to new cars then this is not treated as an insurance contract so doesn't need to be regulated. Obviously lexus have their reputation to protect so they will probably cover most reasonable situations especially if you kick up a fuss on social media 👍
  6. Fox isF exhaust

    I've just read the lexus warranty t&cs (it's how I relax on a weekend! ). Here's a few observations about this poorly worded document: No car will be covered if modified in any way except with authorisation from lexus. It doesn't explain what this means but I would guess it would only cover situations where lexus uk have teamed up with an external provider for something like an 'official' sports exhaust rather than any modification on a 2nd hand car sold through the dealership. The standard exhaust is covered but subject to the usual exclusions so not covered for rust or wear and tear etc. It appears to be an unregulated warranty. This means your only route for complaint if the warranty company (called TWG) does pay out is to lexus customer relations and then through the courts. Most non-manufacturer endorsed warranty products are FCA regulated so you can complain to the ombudsmen who should be more sympathetic. Overall I think you have to go on what the t&cs say and don't get the warranty if your car is modified in any way. With the growing numbers of F cars in the UK more and more owners will be wanting louder exhasts this may put pressure on lexus to take another look at this exclusion. 😁
  7. F recall

    They are great cars but running costs are high for the performance. I didn't mind as it ticked all the boxes for my needs at the time but as soon as I had the money to get the F it was an easy choice. As a daily driver I suppose a 2.5 legacy is more interesting to drive than a is250 (no offence meant to is250 drivers!). Great in the winter too.
  8. V8 for me every time! I think the depreciation will be massive in the first few years (not an issue for PCP buyers) I think values for these will hold up better than other sporty lexi. They are very special looking.
  9. F recall

    My old 2005 3.0 legacy auto never achieved 30mpg on any trip! The isf will, but not when you enjoy listening to the 2nd intake opening... 😉 @Flytvr dont forget to fill up before you go to the garage or you might not make it home 🤣
  10. Hi Couldn't agree more. I'd suggest waiting for a forum member to put theirs up for sale. Play the long game if you want a good deal. Mine has done 110k miles now and still drives like a dream 😊
  11. Aftermarket wheels

    Have you seen the JR24 wheel? It's a nice clean 5 spoke. I have Japanracing wheel (a different design) so the should be available in the correct staggered sizes. They're only £1000 and seem decent quality.
  12. Beauiful car and the right colour finally 😉. Glad you'v stuck with lexus so you'll be sticking around making the forum look busy 😁. Looking forward to a ride in KITT B.O. already 👍
  13. Vanishing point starring @Mark G in @Warrington guy's white isf.
  14. Looks nice, would love for you to keep the standard green paint though, my favourite 😍
  15. Purists - Look away now!

    Looks really nice 👍 What spacers did you use? I' be interested in some if I ever put the standard wheels back on.