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  1. Sounds awesome, especially as camera phones usually have poor mics!
  2. Rusty Crobar

    Got my 'F' Back

    Looks great, lots of presence 😎
  3. Rusty Crobar

    Carbon mirror covers

    Have you thought of just getting them wrapped in body colour or fake CF?
  4. Rusty Crobar

    USRS RR Racing

    I think I have mine somewhere, let me check...
  5. I like that Hyundai, if it came with an auto box I might be tempted to trade in the F!
  6. Nice to meet you too @DAW Cracking day out. Lovely selection of classic Toyotas at the dealership and loads of juicy stuff at Prescott. A trip up the hill in the Yaris was a personal highlight, thanks for sorting @Big Rat VID_34530603_024544_784.mp4
  7. Rusty Crobar

    USRS RR Racing

    I run quite high pressures, 46psi at the moment, seems to suit my car with wider tyres and coilovers.
  8. I say keep it standard and be proud of what is a very rare car! Most people who see you on the road will never see another carbon edition so you can't deny them the privilege 🤣 For the same reason you must drive everywhere at 6000rpm 👂
  9. Rusty Crobar

    Fox Exhaust - Lexus ISF

    Very nice. Looks a bit like mine only a bit more subtle in black 👍
  10. Rusty Crobar

    ISF Exhaust Cutout

    Nice 👍
  11. Really great shots and some cracking memories too i suspect. You lot must have made some noise going through london... 😉
  12. To play devil's advocate, most of the other cars listed have a lot more low down torque that make cars feel lighter on their feet. Also cars like the m4 are tuned to have a very responsive front end which also makes it feel lighter. I re-read evo's group test of the RCF against the m4, c63 and Alfa just last night. It had good things to say about the RCF but said the c63 and Alfa were just more special to drive at maximum attack. I think the RCF is the best long term choice for many reasons but magazine tests only focus on outright driving performance which mostly comes down to power and we can't compete without turbos 😒
  13. I've got another car meet in the morning on Sunday but I'll try and head up about lunch time 👍
  14. I Don't think they do the RC any favours. GSF wheels are my favourite lexus rims (although the design makes them look smaller than they really are), closely followed by the RCF carbon ones 😋
  15. Thanks @Big Rat, the Sunday sounds good 🖒