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  1. I got 20% off the list price of my GS 300h Exec 18 months ago. I bought at the end of the sales quarter, so the dealer might have been aiming to reach his sales quota, and I took the zero mileage car off the showroom floor. I find the 300h to be powerful enough. I usually drive in 'econ' mode, as I find the car an excellent long distance cruiser. If i want a bit more acceleration, say at a roundabout or junction, I switch to 'sport' which gives the car a more immediate response. The Exec model has smaller wheels and higher profile tyres than you will find on the other specs, which gives a slightly more comfortable ride, which is my preference. I used Carwow to get prices from various dealers, then went to my local Lexus dealer as said can you match this else I'll go elsewhere. They matched the best price, plus about £600 more for taking the colour of the showroom car. Since the GS is no longer going to be made you might find a very good deal.
  2. The reviews of the FWD Lotus Elan of the early 1990's (M100 model) showed that a FWD car is not a barrier to performance driving.
  3. My Motorola G (3rd gen) works - but it was connected by the Lexus dealer when I bought the car, so I don't know exactly what was done. However, you now know it can be done...
  4. I have a similar noise on mine. If I remain in the car after I've stopped the engine, a minute or so later I hear a fan type of noise from somewhere in the dash. It's not very loud and stops after another few minutes. I put it down to some heating/ventilation thing that's meant to happen. Maybe heater flaps or whatever. It's not something I worry about as it sounds like a design feature rather than a fault.
  5. The eCVT does not whine in the slightest at any speed I've experienced. Max was approx 85mph in France for long distanced, and around town it's silent. The car can only run maybe 1-ish miles on battery alone, when the petrol engine kicks in. When it does it's so quiet you have to listen to notice, or watch the instrument panel.
  6. I get 50 mpg, and have done since buying the car. I generally run the car in Eco mode, since my driving is usually cruising around and Eco mode is better for passengers - they get a much smoother ride which is incredibly smooth and quiet. I sometimes briefly use Sport mode, say when entering a roundabout, since the throttle response is much sharper, but all other times I use Eco since I'm not into hooning around (I have a Lotus for that at the weekend!) I've had zero problems in my 12,000 miles of ownership. The GS300h is a 4 cylinder engine, as is the IS300h. Both the same unit.
  7. I bought my new GS300h Exec at the end of September 2016 and was able to get over 20% off the list price. Since it was the end of the quarter maybe the salesman wanted to make his quota? The Exec spec had all the options I wanted. I had expressed a preference for a particular colour, so they gave me another £610 off for taking the car they had in the showroom (zero miles). (That colour was Deep Blue, so quite acceptable to me). They also included a 'protection pack' - listed at £250 - at no extra cost. I used CarWow to get prices that other dealers would offer and simply asked my local Lexus dealer to match the best price - which they did, plus extra off for the colour and the protection pack was included for free. I was, and continue to be, very satisfied with my purchase. Tony
  8. I also get around 50 mpg, and recently got over 51 on a long trip to Scotland and back, travelling mostly on motorways at the speed limit. I tend to drive mine in Eco mode most of the time as it is relaxed and perfect for cruising around. I do switch to Sport mode when entering a busy roundabout, say, but otherwise it stays in Eco. I rarely use Normal mode.
  9. When I purchased my 2016 GS 300h six months ago the Lexus salesman said this was always the case, and the one thing he didn't like about the brake hold feature. I.e. you must turn it on every time. There is no setting to ensure it always works automatically.
  10. Having purchased a new GS300h Exec a couple of months ago I've been looking into a service plan. The local Lexus dealer gave me a 3 year quote, for 10,000 miles per year, which was the listed serving costs (£275 + £445 +£275) plus a £30 'admin fee'. i.e. £1,025 I was rather expecting some sort of discount - not having to pay extra. The price would avoid any inflation, tyres would be at 'cost' and 10% off consumables. Has anyone else purchased a Lexus service plan, and did you get a good price? Tony
  11. I have also owned a 2016 GS300h for a couple of months and agree: the GS 300h is a fantastic car! However, the sign recognition system is not great. I had a Garmin satnav in my old car and this would give speed limits via the GPS system, which was much more reliable. From reading the manual it appears that the Lexus satnav would use the GPS system unless you have the sign recognition system, in which case the satnav speed info is ignored. Is there anyway to disable the sign recognition system and use the satnav/GPS for speed data, which I suspect may be a better option?
  12. I believe the auto high beam only works at 30 mph, or above. Also, if the screen is iced up (as sometimes occurs early in the morning) the detection of on-coming cars may not works, so you may be on high beam until you manually dip your lights.
  13. After 6 weeks the one feature I would like is to be able to switch between Eco and Sport mode with the paddles. I drive around in Eco mode most of the time, as it suits my driving style. However, when entering roundabouts or leaving junctions I switch to Sport mode, as sometime you need to move off rapidly, and Eco mode doesn't lend itself to that. Having to move my hands off the wheel and turn the Eco/Normal/Sport dial is not great ergonomics. It would be so much better if, when in Drive mode, I could simply change from Eco to Sport, and back, using the paddles behind the wheel.
  14. I bought a new GS 300h Exec about 6 weeks ago and have now done some 2,300 miles. I get 51 mpg, but do daily commutes on the M3 & M25, so speed is limited. I got similar mileage on a long weekend to France.
  15. Thanks - the IS 300h info is what I needed. Now all I need to do is to remember to switch the auto high beam off when in France.