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  1. Bloody hell mate that's nasty, hope your well.
  2. That's Sullys ISF. Primary cat back custom made. No headers.
  3. Post your Pics

    No mate. It's Q Park First Street in Manchester. Recommend this car park if anyone is planning a trip up to Manc. Very nice and safe. Never busy. Big spaces and near Deansgate. Left mine over night here a few times no issues. Plus if you stay at the Inside Manchester hotel you get 25% off the parking.
  4. Had some time on Sunday so decided to take the airbox and intake off to have a look. Cars just ticked over 89k miles. There was carbon build around the bottom and top of the throttle flap, not a massive amount but noticable as attached. Cleaned out with carb cleaner. Checked the MAF sensor which was clean no real build up but gave it a spray with electric contact cleaner. Removed positive battery cable before I took it apart and reconnected after I finished to reset the ecu. Improved throttle response and car feels smoother overall. Only took about 30mins.
  5. From another forum https://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls-4th-gen-2007-2017/602438-ls460l-problems-after-warranty-expires-2.html#post6921203 First, the "Auto position" that you are referring to has nothing to do with the headlights Auto Off feature. It, the Auto position on the stalk on the left side of the steering wheel, enables the autonomous control of the headlights on/off in response to ambient light conditions and is only active when the ignition is on. It is that feature, when enabled, that turns on your headlights when you start your car in a dark garage and then turns the off when get into the day light. And it turns your lights on automatically in the day time when you drive into tunnels. And it automatically turns your headlights on when you are driving during the transition from day to night. It is that sort of feature. It pretty well takes over operation of the headlights so that you don't have to worry about ever driving in low light conditions without your headlights on. It is a great safety feature.The headlights Auto Off feature is an autonomous feature that can not be disabled - it is always enable. It automatically turns the headlights off any time the headlights are on when the ignition is turned off, after some conditions are met. The conditions that must be met are: at least one door opens after the ignition is turned off, followed by all doors and trunk closed, followed by a delay (the default delay is 30 seconds and can be customized by the dealer to 0 seconds or 60 seconds or 90 seconds). You can test this feature by turning the headlights on manually, or by setting the selector to Auto (testing in the Auto position has to be done in low light conditions) and then starting your car. Then turn the ignition off, open the drivers door (you can remain in the driver's seat if that suits you), close the drivers door and wait for the delay to expire (0-30-60-90 seconds depending on how it is set) - the headlights should go off automatically.The headlight Auto Off feature can be defeated by turning the headlights off manually and back on manually after the ignition is turned off. Or, if the headlights are off when you turn the ignition off and you turn them on manually the Auto Off will not turn them off. If you have some reason to do this, the headlights Auto Off feature is reenabled as soon as you start the car.I recently experienced a dead battery event that was caused by the headlights not turning off automatically. The root cause was a rear doorthat was not closed. I have the power door closers and by observation the door seemed to be closed. However, the power-close feature did not complete properly and the door was slightly ajar and prevented the headlights Auto Off from completing. When I got the car going I could see this open door status on my dash.There are a couple of ways to guard against the open door gotcha. One is to always lock your car when you exit by depressing the lock button on the outside door handle or by pressing the lock symbol on your wireless remote key. If you get a long beep when you do that then a door is open. Of course if you are out of hearing range that may not work for you. The other way is to turn the headlights off with the wireless remote key. To do that you press the lock symbol on the wireless remote key twice and the headlight will be extinguished, even at a considerable distance.
  6. You probably didn't lock/shut one of your doors properly. Next time it happens try pressing the lock button on you remote twice.
  7. Evening all

    Welcome, hope you enjoy it.
  8. Never been but would love to give it a go! Can you do a standing wheel-spin on the ISF to warm the rear tyres up? If so how would you do it? Manual, 1st gear, foot on brake, nail the throttle, let off brake ?
  9. Think your'e right there Only 891 were made world wide. Fair few more ISF's made world wide !
  10. Could the ISF reach these figures one day ....? https://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-spottedykywt/bmw-m5-touring-e34--spotted/36676
  11. Not sure on that kit. Get a set of Tein H techs and just install the front springs. http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/lexus/is-f/tein-s-tech-springs-supra-jza80-3955.html