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  1. Been sat in my garage for a while now. Includes middle section with CATs and rear boxes. Anyone is welcome to collect, pay me what you think it's worth. Ray
  2. Looking at a daily estate car then saving my pennies for a Grey GS F in a couple of years.
  3. Gave her a clay bar and polish. (G3 clay mitt is very good). Up for sale very soon.
  4. Sounds and looks great. I had some work done by Styledynamics a long time ago if it's the same outfit, they used to be heavily into the modified vw scene specialising in alloys and arch rolling etc.
  5. Yes mate you are right, ignore me having a moment. As toothy said above, 068 is the one to get folks!
  6. Hi Toothy, the terminals are on the correct side on the 069, its just that they are at the front of the battery and not the rear. Looking at the 068 the positive terminal is towards the passenger wing so would not fit.
  7. So the battery on the F finally gave up the ghost, I did notice over the last few weeks slow crank on startup. On inspection turns out its the original battery ! so its done well to last 10 years. Removed the battery turns out its made by Panasonic. After a quick measure up sourced a replacement from Tayna online. The battery they have listed on their site for the ISF is incorrect, it will not fit as its too long. The correct size battery is the one they have listed under the IS250 https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/enduroline/069/ Fitment was straight forward, the battery fits perfectly, and the plastic casing which goes round the OE battery fits perfectly over this battery. The only slight variation are the terminals are situated on the front of the battery not the rear. Not much difference, and the cables are long enough to fit nicely. Just needed one of the clips on the positive wire moving along a few centimeters to clip on the battery case housing. Car cranks over much better now so job done. Took 15 mins.
  8. Bloody hell mate that's nasty, hope your well.
  9. That's Sullys ISF. Primary cat back custom made. No headers.
  10. No mate. It's Q Park First Street in Manchester. Recommend this car park if anyone is planning a trip up to Manc. Very nice and safe. Never busy. Big spaces and near Deansgate. Left mine over night here a few times no issues. Plus if you stay at the Inside Manchester hotel you get 25% off the parking.