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  1. Front Strut Brace SC430

    Ah, no problem at all. It's never to late to buy another one. Allister's is up for sale ;)
  2. Front Strut Brace SC430

    If you are still interested, I know where to get high quality hand-forged ones. Just send me a personal message.
  3. Grinding on left turns from osr

    Replacing the rear splash dust shields, 4650330090 & 4650430090, should help. After eight years the might be a little bit rusty.
  4. Replacement rear shocks

    MeisterR's ZetaCRD is the right way to go. After 20.000 km across Europe, the Alps up and down, I can say with a clear conscience that I was never as pleased with the ride quality as now. Think about it and talk to Jerrick.