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  1. I use Lexus link to send to car navigation destinations. Works fine, easy to set up routes in advance using my smartphone. The only query I have is that when I first open the app it says "one more thing to do before you can enjoy all of our connected services. Please contact your local dealer to help set up the process" Has anyone done this? What are the connected services? Haven't bothered the dealer yet.
  2. I'v used Android auto in the States and look forward to it - much better than the present system.
  3. Mine is the same, seems to be a light sensor behind the screen or somewhere. Example, a short period of reduced light (under a bridge for example), the headlights come on. A longer period of darkness ie a tunnel, lights on and screen dims with black background.
  4. Can anyone tell me if there are any apps which should appear when I take the option App store? All I get is an apparent search which results in nothing? What's the point of this option? I have wifi enabled - close to my house and using my phone as mobile hot spot.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Not long after sending the question I had a relevant experience. On the A30 requiring go to Truro the sat Nav said take the A39 but Google maps directed us off at an earlier B road which avoided the roadworks on the A39. Later we found there were 15mins delay on the A39. My conclusion - about time Lexus adopted Google maps as their Nav system, as we have used with hire cars in North America.
  6. On a recent trip to Cornwall the Nav system came up with 5/6 recalculate route messages. Anyone any idea how the system gets the information?
  7. Used the Lexus app. to send to car a route from Google maps. No problem provided WiFi is enabled in the car and you have a Mylexus account.
  8. Trying to source a rear bumper protector for my UX (Sonic Titanium). Anyone know if, and where from, this is available?
  9. Will European Lexus adopt Google maps as a navigation option? Just back from the USA where with my hire car - not Lexus, I was able to use Google maps via my smart phone linked to the car's navigation screen via Google Auto app. It was far superior to the system on my UX (and my former CT200h).
  10. An update. Since the recent high temperatures my mpg has increased by around 10% to 54/55mpg - using the M5 at around 70/72 mph. I assume this to be less cold weather driving?
  11. Had the need to take more luggage than boot space allowed. Had a look under the lift up floor and took out both the plastic box and spare wheel location moulding. Used my boot liner (from Lidl) to re-line the space, bingo, almost double capacity. Probably keep this configuration.
  12. I have covered about 1200 miles and averaging 50 mpg. Motorway driving about 48mpg at 70/74mph, urban driving 53mpg. My previous CT200h averaged 53mpg over 30000 miles.
  13. Just to add a comment. First trip on the M5 today - used cruise control with lane keeping and the radar speed control. Absolute magic, perhaps rather unnerving at times, steering wheel moves under your hands to keep in lane, car slows and accelerates keeping distance to the vehicle in front. A dream of a car.
  14. Took delivery of my UX Thursday (From Bristol). In Sonic Titanium with Premium pack. Very pleased, major improvement on my CT200h. So quiet and refined. Plenty space for us (also in our 70's!!).