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  1. andrew is that even if the car has not had warranty for last 2 years? i was under the impression that only BMW offered dealer warranty to such cars
  2. fair point...1 years production would explain it. Im not hung up on the badge...and tbh the Lexus brand is up there with the germans (in my mind anyway)
  3. ok guys...and maybe Rayaan is suited to answer this one...the is300h....just a smaller version of the GS but with much better mpg, much much lower road tax AND four wheel drive?....although other than the autotrader's spec sheet, i cant see anywhere else it says the uk version has 4x4? maybe im overthinking things on this car...honestly im not usually like this...its just with it being so rare but really appreciate the input guys...and hopefully if anyone in the future wants one these cars, they will have this thread to go by.
  4. thats part of the reason im willing to except a lower mpg...for the noise of petrol engine. I think i need to maybe see one locally to get a better idea of what this car is all about.
  5. Thanks for the above Rayaan. I have spoken to the chap this morning and raised your points, with answers as follows 1. The paint work is all original, the front bumper, bonnet and front wings were protected by some clear wrap film (ive since googled this and it seems to be the same material they use to change the colour of cars these days, but of course its clear in colour. it was removed last year but the paintwork is pretty much blemish free...he did say that there some tiny 'dots' on the front bumper which if you go up close, you would see..but nothing visible from more than a couple of metres away. 2. didnt say anything on this point! but good to know they are meant to be good, thanks 3. Permit is for Ilkley Grammar school where his missus is a teacher, she takes the car on occasion and parking is in designated single file bays against a wall. Hes adamant that there is not a single ripple nevermind ding on the car. 4. The car is actually his fathers who is approaching 70 and is moving to the Lexus NX hybrid, hes stopped driving this one. To be fair i was concerned about this point and questioned why hadn't it been mentioned in the ad and could it be that he was selling the car on (what i was really asking was whether he was a secret trader and had acquired the car!) he told me that the car will be viewed at the registered address on the v5 and i was free to speak to his father if i required. Relief! i went on to ask about the speakers and such and he said he would amend the ad accordingly. He seemed genuine enough. He did say the price is just about what they want for it, he claims that their local dealer has advised that it would be up at around 17k with them, but with the benefit of dealer warranty. I just have to make the decision now and then work out how i'm going to arrange to travel 4 hours up the M1 to good old yorkshire! It seems to tick every single box one could ask for...but i have this niggle in the back of my mind that why do we not see more of these cars on the road?! if they specced to the brim with stunning looks, surely there would be more about? what the catch guys? oh and the baby seat...its been in a few weeks and has a thick plastic sheet under it for protection...leather underneath is fine.
  6. Wow...well spotted about the protection under the baby seat. I'm guessing the seat will be fine underneath if they've gone to those lengths to protect it but will check anyway. Back of seats look as though they would just wipe down if there were any marks caused by kids footwear? I haven't had a call back ayet....not going to make contact again as I don't want to look too eager! Lol
  7. i have indeed, but its not the F sport so visually not as appealing and then the mileage is a tad on the high side for me. Thanks for pointing it out though i've looked everywhere to try and compare this car to others, i think its rarity is its downfall, if that makes sense
  8. Im struggling to work out whether the price is reasonable? there are non for sale privately currently and the few that are for sale are silly high price (imo) One things for sure though, i wont get that level of spec for the price with a 530d m sport nor the aggressive looks Having said that, would the running costs be lower? and id have more mpg and more power. hmmm
  9. Excellent reply Paul mate, thank you. Exactly what i was looking for! In terms of looks its a no concern is to do with depreciation and something that you've touched costs. We dont seem to have may Lexus specialists out there. and if something was to need replacing, it would most likely be Lexus themselves...having said that every time ive gone to pick a part up, its been round to corner to the Toyota dealerships parts dept! which gets my goat every time. I've given the chap a call, just waiting for a return call. Will take things from there
  10. Hi guys, been a while since ive been active on this forum but was just wanting some advice on this GS250 i have come across and rather like. Can i have some feedback from any owners please? theres not a lot out there on these cars so its proving difficult for me to make a decision Heres the car: thanks in advance